Francesco Frattini

Leaders in Law endorses Francesco Frattini as our exclusively recommended Estate Planning Law expert in Italy. If you wish to get in touch Francesco, please use the contact information provided above.

Performed as a lawyer from 2005 to 2011 dealing with company law, inheritance, contractual and procurement, carrying out judicial and consulting activities. Founder of offices in Milan and Varese, provided consultancy to Italian companies abroad, through a network of professionals based in Geneva, London, Mexico City, Moscow and Bangkok.

He regularly assists Italian and foreign clients in national and cross border operations and transactions, as well as HNWI and UHNWI in the field of estate planning, succession and trusts. He also regularly assists investment funds, asset management companies and SICAVs in M&A and reorganization transactions, as well as in acquisitions and investments in the Real Estate sector.

Won the competition notary D.D.G. 2006 and assumed the functions of a notary in 2011.

Professor of civil law at the School of Legal Specialization of the University of Genoa and author of publications on the subject or family law, guarantees, corporate law and condominium.

Areas of Expertise

  • Civil law
  • Corporate law
  • Commercial law
  • International inheritance law
  • Estate planning.


  • Member of the International Studies Commission – “EUROPA 2020” of the National Council of Notaries.
  • He is a member of STEP – Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (membership n. 262286)
  • He is a member of the Scientific Committee of STEP – Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners

University collaborations and teaching activities:

  • 2012 he has been teaching, as a contract professor of civil and commercial law, at the SSPL of the University of Genoa
  • 2014 he has been teaching at the School of Notaries of Lombardy
  • 2016 he has been teaching in the Master in Asset Planning and Wealth Management – Ipsoa training school (Wolters Kluwer)
  • 2018 he has been teaching civil, commercial and international law at the Sole24ore, Step and Paradigma Masters in Wealth Management.


  • University of Los Angeles California (UCLA) – summer session 2000 – “Business Law” and “Theory of the firm” courses and exams.
  • LLM – Master of Laws – at King’s College London (KCL), master with specialization in Trust [course held by prof. Paul Matthews] , Finance I, II, III (International Finance and Syndicated Loans, International Bond Issues, Project Financing and Market Derivatives) [courses taught by prof. Ravi Tennekoon] and Mergers & Acquisitons [course held by prof. Tunde Ogowewo] – 2011/2013.


Michele Roma

Leaders in Law endorses Michele Roma as our exclusively recommended Litigation Law expert in Italy. If you wish to get in touch Michele, please use the contact information provided above.

Michele Roma is the founder and managing partner of Roma Legal Partners.

In 1982 he graduated cum laude from the Università degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza”, he is barrister of the Supreme Court of Cassation and he is registered at the bar of the bakruptcy trustees (“Albo dei Curatori Fallimentari”).

He is active in the field of business and insurance contracts in court and out of court and he assists companies and groups both at a national and international level.

Not only has he developed a solid expertise in the field of civil-commercial law and insurance law, but, together with the entire law firm, he works in close contact with the clients, constantly offering them the high-quality services that are typical of a “boutique firm”.

“I have always believed that the law firm should have a clear and well defined objective. Today, more than ever, some clients need the help of a professional in understanding the “big picture” behind every given problem. They need the ability to summarize and simplify that comes from years of experience in order to be able to choose wisely.

For this exact reason, I have decided to be always available in person and to aim at having a direct and transparent relationship with the client.”

Moreover, Michele Roma entertains scientific collaborations, as Adjunct Professor, with some Italian Universities.

Lastly, he is also the author of several publications concerning Civil Law, Insurance Law and Competition Law.

Areas of Expertise

  • Civil right
  • Commercial law, contracts and distribution
  • Insurance Law
  • Bankruptcy Law and Bankruptcy Procedures
  • Petroleum law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Administrative and regulatory law
  • Labor law

Firm Description

Roma Legal Partners (RLP) was created with the goal of serving business companies and private clients offering a high profile combination of extensive experience in handling litigation and giving legal advice in different areas. These two activities are increasingly connected and we believe that offering advice based on our litigation skills gives a pivotal added value to our clients. Our firm is a medium-sized structure: there is a core group of twelve lawyers in Rome and a “branch” in Milan.

We are able to assist our clients in litigation before the courts all over Italy through a network of local lawyers; we are well represented outside Italy through a network of law firms based in the main European countries. RLP provides dedicated assistance in close coordination with clients, this generates added value and results at affordable costs.


Saverio Signori

Leaders in Law endorses Saverio Signori as our exclusively recommended Tax expert in Italy. If you wish to get in touch with Saverio Signori please use the contact information provided above.

Saverio is involved in corporate, financing and tax advisory, in particular he focuses on civil and tax law transactions, drafting and elaboration of ordinary and extraordinary financial statements, management of business reorganisations and restructurings of target companies consisting of acquisitions, mergers and severances.

Saverio has substantial expertise in firm financing and is involved in the leading Italian and international capital markets transactions. He focused on advising clients on corporate transactions concerning favourable findings even for export credits.

Saverio was a member of the Working Team set up by the Ministry of Productive Activities for the Reform of regulations on extraordinary administration of the big companies in crisis.

In 1986 he founded the Studio Signori Company of Chartered Accountants with the head office in Rome and a secondary office in Milan.

Saverio Signori has been liquidator of several extraordinary administration procedures and has served as President or member of the board of statutory auditors for several firms.

Firm Overview:

Established in Rome in 1987, Studio Signori – Accountants & Lawyers has offices in both Rome and Milan.

Thanks to the solid reputation gained on the market, since more than twenty years the Firm acts as a privileged partner for both public and private companies and institutions.

The Firm Client commitment means that assistance and consultancy are rendered through long-term relationships, tailor made advisory and research of the best possible solutions for our Clients.

Thanks to more than 20 professionals with a strong expertise in different sectors, Studio Signori renders services in the financial, tax and Accounting areas.

Thanks to its offices in Rome and Milan, the Firm is ideally positioned to cover the whole Italian entrepreneurial scenery and to contact all the leading players in the Financial Community.

The Firm professionals enjoy outstanding academic records ad well as in-depth knowledge of their specific areas of expertise. Members of the Firm are in the Board of Directors, Audit Committee or Supervisory Board of leading Italian companies.

Furthermore, throught strong partnerships with leading firms around the world Studio Signori also offers integrated services on cross-border transactions.

Since 2013, Studio Signori was Partner of GGI (Geneva Group International AG).


Monica Di Oronzo

Leaders in Law endorses Monica Di Oronzo as our exclusively recommended M&A expert in Italy. If you wish to get in touch with Monica, please use the contact information provided above.

Thanks to my solid experience in tax and company law, with more than 25 years as Managing Partner at LDP, member of the Italian institute of Certified Public Accountants and of the Italian Official Auditors Bar, I have extensive experience in providing tax advice in favour of branches and affiliated companies based in Italy and belonging to multinational group domiciled all over the world.

In 1996, I proudly contributed to the foundation of LDP, with Giuseppe La Naia, a multidisciplinary professional Firm based in Milan with more than 27 years of experience in providing Tax, Legal and Payroll services to multinational companies.

For my Firm, I enforce the compliance to the best practices of the Italian legal framework. Along my career, as chartered accountant, I truly engaged and empowered the members of my Firm to support and develop the best expertise.

I provide assistance to listed and non-listed multinational groups and companies in tax, corporate and contractual matters. The main strong points of my work are:

  • advising new businesses on investments in Italy
  • M&A transactions and private equity deals
  • corporate finance
  • tax claim supporting
  • transfer pricing matters
  • application of International Treaty against double taxation
  • tax and financial due diligence


Assignments carried out for companies of the ENI group from 1999 to date:

  • liquidator of several consortia
  • fiscal representation
  • support in the preparation of tax returns of controlled companies
  • appraisals
  • assistance with tax disputes (appeals, tax settlements)
  • assistance with expatriates

Appointments to the Board of Statutory Auditors in companies of the ENI group

  • INDUSTRIA SICILIANA ACIDO FOSFORICO ISAF SPA IN LIQ. – Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors since 04/04/2019
  • HEA S.P.A. (ENI Rewind Spa – Herambiente Servizi Industriali Srl) – Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors since 03/03/2021

Appointment to the Board of Statutory Auditors in other companies:

  • DECATHLON PRODUZIONE ITALIA SRL – Statutory Auditor since 30/04/2018
  • PLATI ELETTROFORNITURE S.P.A. Statutory Auditor since 07/06/2019
  • BRW SPA. Statutory Auditor since 08/07/2020

Other assignments:


Education and Training

  • 2007 Registration to the Order of Statutory Auditors
  • 2000 Registration to the Order of Chartered Accountants of Milan
  • 1995 UNIVERSITY DEGREE IN BUSINESS ECONOMICS – 110 Summa cum Laude Faculty of Economics and Business, Bocconi University of Milan
  • 1988 HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA IN ACCOUNTANCY – Vote 60/60 Technical Institute E. MATTEI Rho (Milan)

Firm description:

LDP is multidisciplinary professional Firm established in 1993 and offering a full range of professional services – Tax, Legal, Payroll, M&A, Transfer Pricing and Global Mobility – to companies based in Italy. At LDP, we work with a number of Clients from different industries, mainly multinational groups, which include 20 listed companies. As a Managing Partner and Founding member of LDP, my mission is to support my team – which counts more than 40 professionals – in helping foreign companies to step into the Italian business and guarantee them a professional support in Tax, Legal and Payroll compliance. Our services are delivered by three legal entities: LDP Tax & Law, LDP Payroll, and LDP Lab. LDP is also quality certified ISO 9001-2015.

At LDP, we strongly believe in the importance of constantly providing fast and professional feedback to Clients. That’s our mission towards our Clients: provide them with high quality services and ensure constant proximity. Moreover, we work constantly in the name of innovation thanks to Robot Process Automation.

LDP offices are located in Milan, Via Michelangelo Buonarroti 39, close to the City Life district area. The 1600square meter building hosts our different professional divisions and includes a co-working area dedicated to innovative start-ups, a meeting room and an amphitheatre. LDP has also offices in Bologna, Rome, Florence, and soon in Turin.


Giuseppe La Naia

Leaders in Law endorses Giuseppe La Naia as our exclusively recommended M&A Law expert in Italy. If you wish to get in touch with Giuseppe’s please use the contact information provided above.

As a Managing Partner at LDP, that I founded in 1993, I am on a mission to help multinational companies step into Italian Business and guarantee them a professional support in tax, legal and payroll compliance.

My feedback is always fast and proactive and I work with a varied range of Clients from different industries, from 1 million to 10 billion revenue, and what remains constant and efficient is the high quality of services that we at LDP offered to multinational groups, where about 20 are listed companies.Â
I support the clients in the application of Transfer Pricing Policy, I coordinate my staff to M&A operations, which include Due Diligence, the drafting of Share Purchase Agreement and I also support in negotiation phase.

Through international network LEA I can provide professional consultancy in over 100 Countries.

I am involved in attracting top talented professionals, to build a great and competitive organization motivated and working with passion and innovation.



Managing Partner specialized in M&A

Dates Employed: 1993 – Present

Location: Milan, Italy

LA NAIA, DI ORONZO & PARTNERS is a tax & law firm established in 1993 offering a full range of professional services for multinational companies based in Italy. These services include M&A, Tax Compliance, Accounting and Reporting, Legal Services, Payroll and TP compliance.


Dates Employed: 2008 – 2017

Location: USA

The Leading Edge Alliance is the second largest alliance of major independently CPA Firms with more than 600 Offices in 110 Countries.


Investment Advisory Board Member

Dates Employed: Sep 2015 – Dec 2016

Business assessment of potential disruptive or leading edge startup investments to be presented to the investors of the fund.


  • Milan University

Degree NameEconomic Degree

  • Univerisit Cattolica di Miliano

Degree NameEconomia e Commercio




Firm Description:

LDP offices are based in Milan via Buonarroti 39, close to City Life district area. The building of 1600 sm host the different professional’s division and includes a co-working area dedicated to  “innovative start-up”,  meetings room and one amphitheater at Client disposal.

LDP has more than 27 years of experience in providing  Tax,  Legal, Payroll, M&A, Transfer Pricing and Global Mobility services. These services are delivered by three legal entities: LDP Tax & Law, LDP Payroll, and LDP Lab which provide Robot Process Automation consultancy.

LDP provides multi Countries services thanks to LEA Global, the second-largest international association in the world that operates in 110 different countries with 607 offices, 2.321 Partners and 17.116 Staff.

LDP is quality certified ISO 9001-2015


Federico Allavelli

Leaders in Law endorses Federico Allavelli as our exclusively recommended Employment Law expert in Italy. If you wish to get in touch with Federico, please use the contact information provided above.

Employment and Labour Lawyer with experience in litigation, out-of-court and contractual assistance. Federico gained experience for ordinary daily business activities as well as for extraordinary operations (collective dismissals, transfers of company or branch, restructuring and reorganizations, also in business crisis context). He also offers advice on Privacy & Data Protection; in particular issues concerning Employment and Labour Law.

Employment Law

Employment Law represents the core of the Studio which has gained experience providing legal services and supporting both Italian and foreign clients.

Our approach

The assistance covers transactions and the provision of day to day general employment advice. It is based on continuous updating, specific experience, knowledge and skills, maintaining an international and multicultural vision, in a constantly awake scenario.

We offer support to domestic and foreign companies both through judicial and non-judicial assistance.

The method is client oriented in order to completely understand the business, consequently offering a better service to enterprises, tailored to the each different client’s peculiarity.

Throughout the different areas of the matter, the Studio has gained experience in contractual assistance.

We fully cover all sectors of employment and labour law, with peculiar experience in managing, from the labour law perspective, across restructurings and reorganisations.


Alberto Batini, PhD

Leaders in Law endorses Alberto Batini as our exclusively recommended Shipping Law expert in Italy. If you wish to get in touch with Alberto please use the contact information provided above.

Alberto manages the firm’s London office, which was opened in the City in early 2014 to assist the London insurance market with its Italian exposure. He travels between London and Milan.

His main areas of expertise are shipping law, P&I assistance, hull and machinery work, ship arrest, arbitration and litigation, domestic and international transactional work, transport and logistics and marine cyber risks.

He speaks English and Spanish.

Professional experience

Alberto graduated in Law in 1990. In 1991-1992 he spent a long training period with the London firm Sinclair Roche & Temperley (now Stephenson Harwood) in their Admiralty and Litigation Department.

At the end of 1992 he moved to the Standard Steamship Owners P&I Club, Charles Taylor & Co in London, as claims handler in the Club’s Italian Syndicate.

In the same year, Alberto joined Batini & Associati as an equity partner, and later the firm Batini Traverso & Associati in Italy.

Academic background and memberships

Faculty of Law degree from Pisa University in 1990 with a final dissertation thesis on “The European Economic Interest group: an application to the shipping industry”.

Registered as a qualified lawyer at the Livorno Law Society on 21.10.1993.

Registered at the Milan Law Society on 21.10.2010.

Admitted as advocate at the Italian Supreme Court.

In 1993 Alberto obtained the “18th Maritime Law Degree” at the University of Southampton, Faculty of Law, Maritime Law Institute.

In 1995 he obtained a postgraduate doctorate (PhD) at the University of Trieste in shipping and transport law, submitting a thesis on “Towage contracts – public and private law profiles”.

In 1998 Alberto was appointed Vice President of the Ibero American Maritime Institute (IIDM), Italian Section, a position which he retained until a few years ago. He has been a permanent Member of the Steering Committee of the Italian Association of Maritime Law (AIDM) and a member of the working group on maritime liens and mortgages at the CMI Centenary Conference hosted in Antwerp in 1997, as well as in the CMI Plenary Sessions in Singapore in 2000 and in Vancouver in 2004.

Alberto has been International Professional Partner of IUMI (the International Union of Marine Insurers) since 1.1.2017, following an IUA proposal.

Alberto has also been recently appointed as Global Leader of the Marine Special Interest Group within the Global Insurance Law Connect international network (, of which he is also the executive board member for Europe. He is a founding member of the International Yacht Lawyers Network ( and a member of the Insurance Committee and of the Transport Committee of the IBA.

He is a regular panelist in international seminars and events on international, shipping and insurance law, and the Honorary Consul of the Netherlands for coastal Tuscany.


Alberto has written several articles and publications on international and shipping law, and has delivered several congress papers, including:

  • Il contratto a favore di terzo nel trasporto terrestre (Ipsoa), 1996
  • Lifting of arrest of foreign ships in Italy (, Marseille), June 2006
  • The hidden costs of Customs clearance of goods (Interlegal, Ukraine), September 2010
  • The broker’s role in negotiating and fixing charterparties (Novorossiysk), 2010
  • The Italian section of Shipping Law for the international legal magazine “Getting The Deal Through” until 2013
  • The P&I Club’s right of action against a Classification Society (Vincenzini Batini Insurance Events, London), November 2015
  • The Italian section of Enforcement of Foreign Judgements and Awards (Thomson Reuters) in 2015-2016 and 2016-2017

Firm Description:

The “Sisters” or the Sisters Olive Trees of Noah are a grove of sixteen olive trees in the Lebanese town of Bechealeh. Some 6,000 years old, they are probably the oldest olive trees in the world. According to common folklore and some Bible scholars, these are the trees from which the dove took the branch back to Noah when the deluge subsided.

In fact, these “trees of Noah” are considered by locals to be a living miracle, because they have managed to survive 6,000 years of climatic shifts, plagues, wars, diseases and changing civilizations.

The firm of Batini & Associates was established in 1960 by the founding partner Giuseppe Batini, who is still acting as of counsel. Some Partners left in 2009 to set up Batini Traverso & Associates.

Nowadays, the resulting firm of BTG Legal is an independent Italian law firm providing a full range of services to assist and advise Italian and multinational insurers and corporations, in different classes of business such as insurance and reinsurance, shipping, transportation and dispute resolution.

The firm now has over 30 experienced professionals spread over the main offices of Milan, Rome, Genoa, Leghorn, Ravenna, Naples and London, plus an extended network of local correspondents in the main Italian ports, and in the more important international business centres, with a special focus on the United States and the eastern countries of Russia and the Ukraine.

With its in-house skills and extended network of correspondents, the firm provides worldwide specialised legal services, including general liability, professional liability, medical malpractice, D&O, marine and related insurance, arbitration and litigation, sale and purchase of ships, real estate and commodities, shipbuilding, sales, purchase and building of pleasure yachts, taxation, international finance, property, environmental liability and alternative energies such as PV and solar, wind and geothermal.

On regulatory matters the firm provides assistance to domestic and overseas operators throughout the whole business chain (the authorization process, corporate governance, product development, distribution and special transactions).

In dispute resolution, the firm assists clients in handling complex and sizeable disputes in the pre-contentious phase and throughout all the various procedures, including mediation, ADR, arbitration and litigation (including before the Supreme Court).

The firm also gives advice and assistance on the establishment and management of limited liability companies, both in Italy and in many other European and non-European countries, as vehicles for local and international investments.

The firm participates in the international business market with a complete and flexible structure which has been developed over the years, always true to the vocation of a boutique firm which can provide a tailor-made and customised service to clients.

The international and educational experience of our partners and associates ensures creativity, rapid response and a clear understanding of our clients’ business objectives.

The touchstones of our professional service are thorough dedication to the highest standards of quality, a global responsiveness to the client’s needs, a cost-effective service and a pragmatic attitude in facing complex and cross-border matters.

A considerable amount of work is international in nature. We can assist clients within Italy and in other countries. We service our clients through our network of best friends in key jurisdictions – in particular, North America, North Africa, the European Union, Russia and Asia.

That is why we are the unique Member for Italy of the exclusive international legal network Global Insurance Law Connect (GILC).

* * *

We know that, for our clients, our understanding of the different legal systems and business cultures of these regions is a critical aspect of the advice we offer and the solutions we provide.

Our philosophy has always been focused on building and maintaining a long-term professional relationship with clients, founded on mutual trust and respect.

BTG Legal has expanded recently, recognising and adapting to the changing market. The increase in overseas and international clients and the need to respond to globalisation have resulted in many additional professionals joining the firm.

Most of our lawyers have obtained postgraduate degrees from leading universities in Italy and abroad, and have accumulated much overseas experience, particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom. The firm is able to provide assistance in other languages such as English, French, German and Spanish.

A notary is available for anything which must be publicly registered in Italy or England and Wales, including as to transfers of property, the formation of a business, and wills and other documents concerning inheritance.

Our policy is to be trustworthy and expert partners to business, recognising the vital role of integrity and endeavouring to satisfy our clients’ needs in the best way possible by:

  • the widest availability of all components of the firm (partners, associates and staff) who are reachable every day of the year, with the constant support of the appropriate structures to respond to the clients’ needs;
  • the use of modern technology (software and videoconference);
  • total confidentiality of the matters being undertaken and the information received during and also after the attorney-client relationship (such being protected also through strict rules governing access to files, both electronic and paper);
  • assistance beyond Italy by cooperating with firms and individuals in various regions of the world, always selected specifically for the matter being undertaken;
  • promptness in solving problems and quickness in scheduling meetings with clients;
  • a competitive billing structure and constant focus on client satisfaction.


Sergio Spagnolo

Born in Milan, Italy on 14/9/1962.

He graduated from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan. He started his professional activity in the law firm of Professor Federico Stella, in Milan, where he has been working for several years.
In 2001 he co-founded the associated law firm “Studio Legale  Brusa Spagnolo Tosoni & Partners”.

During the course of his professional activity, he specialized in criminal law in the field of financial and Corporate crimes (including laundering crimes, fiscal criminal law, bankruptcy), Public Administration crimes, intellectual property crimes and in general, in culpable crimes related to professional negligence (i.e. medical liability), and environmental legislation.

In particular, he hold defense counsel position in the main criminal court cases of the past years such as: the court case for bankruptcy and market rigging by Parmalat, the court case for banking crimes by Banca Popular di Lodi, the so-called “Telecom affair” case, the court case for bankruptcy against the Chiefs of Capitalia, and many trials related to environmental law and health legislation violations (in particular about asbestos exposition).

He co-operates with several Italian and international law firms (USA, UK, Switzerland and France) and he provides assistance and criminal counseling – as well as in relation to the above matters – also in relation to proceedings brought by CONSOB and Bankitalia.

He is a member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy and member of IBA (International Bar Association).

He regularly holds conferences on corporate administrative liability (ex D.Lgs. 231/01) and on public administration cases. He has been the supervisor president (ex D.Lgs. 231/01) of an international food/non food company, and continues providing legal opinions on 231 law and in general  231 crimes.

He speaks English and French fluently.



Dott. Francesco Senatore

Leaders in Law endorses Francesco Senatore as our exclusively recommended Inheritance Law and Real Estate Law expert in Italy. If you wish to get in touch with Francesco please use the contact information provided above.

Expertise and Practice

Francesco heads the Italian desk at our offices in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Milan. He has lead the international practice of our German-Italian firm since 2006. With his knowledge of the German and Italian legal systems, both languages and the corresponding intercultural competence, he is in a position to represent successfully our clients in cross-border legal matters between Germany and Italy. He uses his admission to practice law in both countries and his special dual qualification in particular for commercial, real estate, and inheritance law matters.

The focus of Francesco’s German law practice is on labor and employment law. He advises on employment agreements and termination, including warnings and actions for unfair dismissal in the field of labor law.

Additional Background

Francesco, our Italian partner and head of our Milan office, was born in Calabria in southern Italy. He spent his youth not far from Milan where he completed his legal studies with the degree Dottore in Legge. While looking for another challenge, he moved to Germany, learned German, and studied law at the University of Kiel. After passing the first state law examination, he participated in the postgraduate commercial law program in Hamburg. He completed his legal clerkship in Hamburg at the Fiscal Authority and Unilever Germany among other places. After passing the second state exam in law, Francesco first gained experience as in-house counsel before becoming a founding partner of ROSE & PARTNER.



Firm Description:

Law Firm Germany – Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne

English-speaking German Attorneys and Lawyers for Corporate, M&A, Commercial, Finance, Real Estate, IP/IT, Inheritance, Family and Tax Law

Established in 2006, ROSE & PARTNER is a business law firm with offices in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne and Milan. We advise and represent domestic and foreign private and public companies, private-equity firms, start-ups and high net worth individuals on both legal and tax matters.

Our approach is to provide comprehensive interdisciplinary support to our clients through a team of legal and tax experts.

Our attorneys from our 5 offices across Germany work together as teams with each office having distinctive focus areas

One of our core practices is corporate law, including M&A, corporate and post-M&A litigation. A team of specialized corporate lawyers and tax advisors advises clients in small and mid-cap deals as well as in complex disputes. All of our corporate lawyers have gained valuable experience at large international law firms.

Our legal practice further focuses on real estate, finance and capital markets, anti-trust and distribution, employment, IT, data protection, and intellectual property law.

Our business law services are complemented by our private client services. Our specialists for inheritance and family law advise and represent heirs and spouses and safeguard their financial interests. This includes in particular advice on estate planning and prenuptial agreements.

All of our tax advisors are dually qualified as attorneys and certified tax advisors and are available to advise on all tax matters which may arise in our practice areas. In addition, they provide tax consulting services ranging from ongoing accounting, to tax declarations, annual financial statements, transaction related tax advise and tax structuring as well as representation in fiscal penal law matters.

Our expertise has been recognized; our lawyers publish regularly, lecture at universities and are sought after as interview partners.

English-speaking attorneys in Germany for international clients

Our English-speaking attorneys, many of whom have studied and/or worked abroad, render nationwide service from our offices in Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt. We represent and advise clients domestically and abroad as well as on selected areas of foreign law.

We are aware of the particular needs and demands of foreign clients and offer personal and clear advice.


Andreina Degli Esposti

Leaders in Law endorses Andreina Degli Esposti as our exclusively recommended Administrative Law expert in Italy. If you wish to get in touch with Andreina please use the contact information provided above.

Born in Bologna in June 1960, she graduated magna cum laude in Law from the University of Bologna in February 1984. She also studied at the University of Münster and was admitted to the bar in 1986. She has been involved in research and lecturing in the department of Constitutional Law at the University of Bologna and the departments of Administrative Law at the Universities of Milan and Pavia, publishing various essays and contributing entries to legal encyclopedias.

Throughout the course of her practice – which covers both judicial (predominantly before the Regional Administrative Tribunals and the Consiglio di Stato) and extrajudicial (stipulating agreements with Public Administrations and providing counsel in the administrative areas of M&A and joint ventures) work – she has gained expertise in the sectors of procurement (also concerning the German legal system), environment, telecommunications and town-planning. She also has extensive experience as a member of the Board of Arbitrators.

Currently, she is involved in the professional network of the online administrative law review “” and is a member of the Lombardy Association for Administrative Lawyers.

Chambers Europe and Legal 500 place her among the most prominent Italian lawyers in the field of public law.

Studio Legale Villata, Degli Esposti e Associati:

At Studio Villata, Degli Esposti e Associati, our primary objective is to meet the growing demand for specialist advice from public and private clients operating in the various sectors governed by Administrative Law. Having provided legal counsel across all areas of our expertise over the years, our extensive judicial and extrajudicial experience has shaped the Studio as a key consultancy in the current legal framework. We operate within the ever-strengthening relationship between the Administrative and Civil law sectors, and specialise particularly in Corporate and Financial law. The importance of this relationship has now extended across both national and international markets, particularly due to the influence of key independent authorities that regulate areas such as antitrust material, the Stock Exchange and financial brokerage, as well as other entities operating in the field of public utilities (e.g. energy, water, telecommunications and transport).

The Firm’s practice covers all areas of Public Law, either in courts of law (besides before civil and administrative courts, also in criminal proceedings involving public aspects and before Corte di Conti) or extra-judicially. In particular, the Firm is specialized in: Public tenders and Project financing, Real estate and Building Regulation (Commerce, Industrial sites, Malls, Stores and Infrastructures), Environment, Mergers and Acquisitions (i.e. Due Diligence activity), Energy, Public Utilities, Independent Authorities,  Oil and Gas, Waste, Privatisation;

We consider one of our fundamental strengths to be our ability to continually update and evolve our practice in order to accommodate for a constantly developing legal system. The Studio’s dynamic structure means that our lawyers spread across Milan, Rome and Bologna can satisfy our clients’ every need quickly and efficiently. 

The Firm is located also in Rome (00198, Via G. Caccini, 1, Tel.+39 06 48 90 67 66 – Fax +39 06 47 82 16 84) and in Bologna (40122, Galleria G. Marconi, 1, Tel.+39 051 23 11 56 – Fax +39 051 04 20 457).