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Kenra Parris Whittaker
Name: A. Kenra Parris-Whittaker
Firm Name: ParrisWhittaker
Jurisdiction: Bahamas
Practice Area: Commercial Litigation Law

Telephone: +242 352 6110
Fax: +242 352 6114
Email: kw@parriswhittaker.com

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A. Stevenson Bogue
Name: A. Stevenson Bogue
Firm Name: McGrath North
Jurisdiction: USA - Nebraska
Practice Area: Employment Law

Telephone: 402.633.1491
Fax: 402.341.0216
Email: info@mcgrathnorth.com

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Abdoul Mtoka
Name: Abdoul Mtoka
Firm Name: Trust Juris Chambers
Jurisdiction: Burundi
Practice Area: TMT Law

Telephone: +257 22 27 96 44
Fax: +257 22 27 96 43
Email: abdoul@trustjuris.com

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Adam K Levin
Name: Adam K. Levin
Firm Name: Hogan Lovells
Jurisdiction: USA - Washington
Practice Area: Commercial Litigation Law

Telephone: +1 202 637 6846
Fax: +1 202 637 5910
Email: adam.levin@hoganlovells.com

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Adam M. Mack
Name: Adam M. Mack
Firm Name: Mack & Associates, LLC
Jurisdiction: USA - Kansas
Practice Area: Bankruptcy Law

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Adi Seffer
Name: Adi Seffer
Firm Name: PrimePartners
Jurisdiction: Germany
Practice Area: M&A Law

Telephone: +49 69 87 00 208 -0
Fax: +49 69 87 00 208 -99
Email: a.seffer@primepartners.de

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Name: Adil Idrissov
Firm Name: Reed Smith LLP
Jurisdiction: Kazakhstan
Practice Area: Dispute Resolution Law

Telephone: +7 7172 790 735
Fax: +7 7172 790 730
Email: aidrissov@reedsmith.com

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Adnan Amkhan Bayno
Name: Adnan Amkhan Bayno
Firm Name: Mena Chambers
Jurisdiction: Bahrain
Practice Area: Energy Law

Telephone: +973 1783 0338
Fax: +32 471 24 24 60
Email: a.amkhan@menachambers.com

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Adriana Posada
Name: Adriana Posada
Firm Name: A & C Legal
Jurisdiction: Colombia
Practice Area: Commercial Law

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Adriana Zapata
Name: Adriana Zapata
Firm Name: Cavelier Abogados
Jurisdiction: Colombia
Practice Area: Administrative Law

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