Mubarak Al-Sulaiti

Leaders in Law endorses Mubarak Al-Sulaiti as our exclusively recommended Civil Law expert in Qatar. If you wish to get in touch with Mubarak, please use the contact information provided above.

Mubarak Al-Sulaiti is the founder and Chairman of Al Sulaiti Law Firm.

  • Mubarak Al-Sulaiti acquired a bachelor of law from Beirut Arab University in 1997 and is currently admitted to the Qatari Bar Association as a “Cassation Advocate.
  • Mubarak Al-Sulaiti founded Al-Sulaiti Law Firm in 2002.
  • Since then, Al-Sulaiti Law Firm has become one of the most reputable law firms in Qatar.
  • Mubarak Al-Sulaiti is a certified arbitrator in Qatar
  • In 2014 Mubarak Al-Sulaiti became one of the members of board of the Qatari Bar Association.

Practice Areas

  • Civil Law
  • Arbitration
  • Litigation
  • Sports Law
  • Real Estate, Construction & Projects
  • Criminal Law


Mubarak Al-Sulaiti enjoys an extensive network in Qatar, in the Gulf Region and internationally. He is a member of: The Arab Lawyers Union, The International Bar Association, The Italian Business Center in Qatar, RexSport Association, and was formerly a member of FIFA Players’ Status Committee.

Mubarak Al-Sulaiti complied and organized all Qatari and Egyptian laws in addition to the judgments and principles of courts from the two nations into a digital and annotated code that can be used a reference by students and practitioners.

Relevant Experience

Mubarak previously headed the Legal Affairs Department in the Ministry of Transportation in Qatar.

Mubarak served as the general secretary of the Doha International Airport’s board of directors.

Mubarak has extensive experience in the different fields of the Qatari law, especially in commercial, civil, criminal, labor, real estate, sports law, and arbitration.

Firm Description:

Al Sulaiti Law Firm is one of the largest law firms in the region with partnership offices across 17 countries. Established in 2002 by Mr. Mubarak bin Abdullah Al-Sulaiti, we are a full-service renowned law firm combining knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure our clients have access to the best legal solutions, cutting-edge legal services and solutions to local, national and international clients. With more than eighteen years of experience, Al Sulaiti Law Firm has fast become one of the most prominent and reputable law firms in Qatar.

Our capable team is combined of regional and western qualifications and in-depth knowledge of government institutions, local laws, regulations and their application, together with technical and legal expertise and best practice. Our team is comprised of lawyers that speak both English and Arabic in addition to French and Italian and we are placed to navigate our clients through all their requirements.

Practice Areas

  • Arbitration
  • Litigation
  • Constructions
  • Corporate and Commercial
  • Public – Private Partnership and Procurement Contracts.
  • Data Protection and Privacy
  • Information Technology and Telecom.
  • Intellectual Property
  • Cyber Crime
  • White Collar Crimes Defense
  • Criminal Cases
  • Employment
  • Sports, Media and Entertainment
  • Competition and Antitrust
  • Real Estate
  • Tax
  • Aviation and Air Travel.


Alexander C. Van Hook

Leaders in Law endorses Alexander Hook as our exclusively recommended Civil Law expert in Louisiana, USA. If you wish to get in touch with Alexander please use the contact information provided above.

Acting United States Attorney

Western District of Louisiana

Alexander C. Van Hook is the Acting United States Attorney for the Western District of Louisiana.  As Acting U.S. Attorney, Mr. Van Hook oversees the investigation and litigation of all criminal and civil cases brought on behalf of the United States in the Western District of Louisiana.  The Western District consists of 42 of the State’s 64 parishes and geographically encompasses two-thirds of the State of Louisiana.

Prior to becoming Acting United States Attorney on August 3, 2020, Mr. Van Hook served for ten years as the First Assistant U.S. Attorney, the second most senior official in the U.S. Attorney’s Office, helping to oversee both Criminal and Civil Divisions of the Office.  Prior to becoming the First Assistant U.S. Attorney, Mr. Van Hook served as Deputy Criminal Chief for three years.  He also served as the lead Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force attorney for two years, and from 1999 to 2006, prosecuted virtually every type of criminal case with a concentration on public corruption, asset forfeiture, money laundering, and other white-collar crimes.

In 2002, Mr. Van Hook received the Executive Office of U.S. Attorneys Director’s Award for Superior Performance as an Assistant U.S. Attorney for the prosecution of a United States national who contracted for the murder of his wife in Haiti.  He was awarded the Director’s Award again in 2010 for the successful public corruption prosecution of two state court judges.

In 1997, Mr. Van Hook received a Juris Doctorate from the Paul M. Hebert Law Center at Louisiana State University.  Honors and activities include The Order of the Coif, Louisiana Law Review, and Chancellor’s List.  After law school, Mr. Van Hook clerked for the Honorable Tom Stagg, United States District Court for the Western District of Louisiana, and for Chief Judge Henry A. Politz, United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.  Mr. Van Hook is also a 1993 graduate of Centenary College of Louisiana.

Firm Description:

Created by the Judiciary Act of 1789, the position of United States Attorney provided for the appointment in each judicial district of a “[p]erson learned in the law to act as attorney for the United States… whose duty it shall be to prosecute in each district all delinquents for crimes and offenses cognizable under the authority of the United States, and all civil actions in which the United States shall be concerned…” This same act also established the position of Attorney General of the United States, specified the structure of the Supreme Court of the United States, and created inferior courts, including a district court system which make up the United States federal judiciary.  Prior to the creation of the Department of Justice in 1870, the U.S. Attorneys were independent of the Attorney General and did not come under the Attorney General’s supervision and authority.

The U.S. Attorney is appointed by the President of the United States for a term of four years or at pleasure of the President, with appointments subject to confirmation by the Senate.  A U.S. Attorney shall continue in office beyond the appointed term until a successor is appointed and qualified.

The United States Department of Justice is called “the largest law firm in the world” and “the people’s law firm.”  Each United States Attorney represents the Department of Justice, serves as the chief federal law enforcement officer in each judicial district and is responsible for coordinating multiple agency investigations within that district.

Most of the trial work in which the United States is a party is conducted by the United States Attorney’s Office.  The Office has three primary statutory responsibilities under Section 507 of Title 28 of the United States Code:

  • the prosecution of criminal cases brought by the federal government;
  • the prosecution and defense of civil cases in which the United States is a party; and
  • the collection of debts owed the federal government which are administratively uncollectible.

The United States Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Louisiana is one of 94 United States Attorney’s Offices nationwide.  The Western District is the largest of the three districts in the State of Louisiana.  The U.S. Attorney’s Office has staffed offices in Shreveport and Lafayette with unstaffed branch offices in Alexandria, Lake Charles and Monroe.  The office is organized into two legal divisions – Criminal and Civil, and one non-legal division – Administrative.

The Western District of Louisiana consists of 42 of Louisiana’s 64 parishes.  The District is bordered by Texas to the west, Arkansas to the north, Mississippi and the Mississippi River to the east, and the Gulf of Mexico to the south.  With a population of over two million people, the District represents 47.23% of the state’s population and covers two-thirds of the state’s land area.  It has five of the seven major urban centers in the state:  Shreveport/Bossier, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Monroe, and Alexandria.  Three major interstate highways cross the District, Interstate 10 (in the southern part of the district running east to west), Interstate 20 (in the northern part of the district running east to west) and Interstate 49 (in the center of the state running north to south).

The Western District is also home to two of the largest military installations in the state.  Barksdale Air Force Base (which includes Global Strike Command, 8th Air Force, 2d Bomber Wing, and 917th Wing) has 17,000 employees and covers 22,000 acres, and the U.S. Army Post at Fort Polk has 10,971 permanent residents and covers approximately 100,000 acres.  Fort Polk houses the Joint Readiness Training Center which trains approximately 50,000 additional troops annually.  The U.S. Attorney’s Office has exclusive jurisdiction over criminal and civil matters involving civilians at Barksdale and Fort Polk.

There is a Federal Penitentiary and Correctional Center located in Pollock, Louisiana, a Federal Detention Center and Federal Correctional Institution located in Oakdale, Louisiana, and an Immigration Detention Center located in Jena, Louisiana.  Major Veterans Administration Hospitals are located in Shreveport and Pineville, Louisiana.  There are also large national wildlife refuge areas, national forest areas and other significant federal assets throughout the District.  The U.S. Attorney’s Office is actively involved in all of these federal enclaves.

The state’s four federally recognized Native American tribal communities, the Chitimacha Tribe, the Coushatta Tribe of La., the Jena Band of Choctaw Indians, and the Tunica-Biloxi Tribe of La., are located in the District, each operating a casino.  Jurisdiction in Indian Country is based upon the unique sovereign relationship between the federal government and Indian tribes.  Congress has criminalized certain acts that take place in Indian Country.  The U.S. Attorney’s Office prosecutes cases arising in Indian Country involving felonies where either the defendant or the victim is an Indian or both the defendant and the victim are Indian.  The U.S. Attorney’s Office also prosecutes cases involving misdemeanors where the defendant is a non-Indian.

The office is responsible for the prosecution of federal criminal statutes for the Western District of Louisiana, for all types of crimes ranging from acts of terrorism to public corruption, complex white collar crime, investment schemes, organized crime and gang activities, civil rights, internet-related crimes, drug trafficking, firearms violations, violent crimes, environmental crimes, tax evasion, illegal immigration and alien smuggling, and many other criminal acts.

The office also is charged, through its Civil Division, to represent the interests of the United States where the federal government is a party in defensive matters including employment disputes, medical malpractice, wrongful death, auto accidents, other tort actions, judicial review of agency decisions and cases challenging the constitutionality of federal statutes and regulatory schemes.

United States Attorney’s Offices represent over 200 federal agencies in civil litigation.  Most of the civil suits handled by the Department are defensive in posture and often have huge sums of money or significant federal policies at risk.  Defensive litigation encompasses a wide array of matters, including, but not limited to:  federal tort claims (including a large number of medical malpractice cases at VA’s, military hospitals and community health centers); employment discrimination; immigration; Bivens; commercial; Social Security disability appeals; bankruptcy; and federal program litigation.

“The United States Attorney is the representative not of an ordinary party to a controversy, but of a sovereignty whose obligation to govern impartially is as compelling as its obligation to govern at all; and whose interest, therefore, in a criminal prosecution is not that it shall win a case, but that justice be done. As such he is in a peculiar and very definite sense the servant of the law, the twofold aim of which is that guilt shall not escape or innocence suffer. He may prosecute with earnestness and vigor — indeed he should do so. But, while he may strike hard blows, he is not at liberty to strike foul ones. It is as much his duty to refrain from improper methods calculated to produce a wrongful conviction as it is to use every legitimate means to bring about a just one.”

— Mr. Justice Sutherland in Berger v. United States, 295 U.S. 88 (1935)


Marta Duarte

Leaders in Law endorses Marta Duarte as our exclusively recommended Civil Law expert in Portugal. If you wish to get in touch with Marta please use the contact information provided above.

Marta Duarte is CCA’s partner of the Litigation & Arbitration Department, having started her collaboration with the firm in 2007 as a trainee and developing her activity in Lisbon and Porto. Her experience focuses on the area of civil and criminal litigation, with a wide experience in disputes arising from press activities, industrial property disputes, and also in the area of insolvency and company recovery. Over the years she has also gained experience in insurance litigation. She represents one of the largest Portuguese media groups, as well as several national and international companies in the areas of insurance, industrial property and insolvency, and company rehabilitation.

  • Postgraduate Degree in Commercial Litigation by the University of Lisbon (2017)
  • Law Degree from the Universidade Católica Portuguesa (2007)
  • JusPrático Sociedades por Quotas e Sociedades Anónimas 2013, Wolters Kluwer (co-author), 2013
  • JusPrático – Sociedades por Quotas 2010/2011, Coimbra Editora and Wolters Kluwer (co-author), 2011
  • English
  • Spanish

Firm Description:

In a world updated to the second, we must be able to constantly adapt to change. CCA relies on a responsive attitude of adaptability to several scenarios and activity areas.

We focus on the future and helping organisations to achieve the best, boldest, and most effective solutions for 70 years. Innovation is in our blood. Our culture helps us to take down barriers and stereotypes and create a great work atmosphere that attracts the best talents. We are brave enough to find new ways of adding value and know-how to our clients and partners.

We support innovation and work with people and companies driven by great ideas, regardless of their size or industry. Our clients are multinational companies, SMEs, and Startups supported by venture capital or even family businesses or private clients.

Since 2020, we have been a partner of the international GBL Alliance network, a platform that allows our clients to access quality legal professionals around the world.

With offices in Lisbon and Oporto and a network of partners in Europe, Latin America, and North America, our real location is near our clients.

We are a team of business-oriented professionals with a common goal: to change the way legal work is made.


Alejandro Tello

Leaders in Law endorses Alejandro Tello as our exclusively recommended Civil Law expert in Peru. If you wish to get in touch with Alejandro please use the contact information provided above.

Alejandro specializes in Civil Law and Civil Procedural Law, advising various clients before the Judicial Power and Arbitral Courts in various controversies such as civil, contractual, constitutional, administrative, covering sectors such as energy, hydrocarbons, fishing, real estate, retail, among others.

In addition, he has experience in arbitration related to infrastructure projects, both in public service concessions and in public works.


  • Universidad de Lima (2018) Lawyer
  • Universidad de Lima (2018) Bachelor’s Degree


  • English
  • Spanish

Specialization Studies

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Perú
Advanced Specialization Course in Civil Property Law


Lima Bar Association

Firm Description:

DLA Piper Peru provides comprehensive legal advice on projects and infrastructure; energy and natural resources; corporate and M&A; litigation and arbitration; banking, finance and capital markets; real estate; labor and immigration; taxation and foreign trade; insurance and reinsurance; corporate criminal law and compliance, among other areas of practice.

Since our establishment in 2005 as a young spirit firm with an in-depth knowledge of the industries we offer services for, we have had an uninterrupted growth, which has placed us among the most solid firms in the Peruvian legal market.

We have been recognized by Chambers, the International Financial Law Review, Latin Lawyer, Leaders League, The Legal 500, Who’s Who Legal, and other prestigious publications that classify the world’s most prominent firms based on experience and transactions.


Mohammed Al Sheaily

Leaders in Law endorses Mohammed Al Sheaily as our exclusively recommended Civil Law expert in Oman. If you wish to get in touch with Mohammed please use the contact information provided above.

Mohammed is the name partner of Mohammed Al Sheaily Attorneys and Legal Consultants. He heads the office’s Dispute Resolution Practice Group and is licensed to conduct advocacy for clients in both the primary and appeal courts in the Sultanate of Oman.

Since the inception of his practice, Mohammed has gained experience handing a wide range of civil, commercial, administrative and employment cases. He advises and represents a portfolio of leading national and international companies across a broad spectrum of industry sectors on the settlement and defense of claims before the courts and tribunals in the Sultanate of Oman.

Mohammed has developed a niche practice advising international companies operating in Oman on recovery and resolution of disputes and is a member of the firm’s dedicated commercial/corporate group.

He has an extensive array of high level, prominent Omani citizens and corporates for whom he is a trusted advisor.

Prior to founding the firm, Mohammed worked for the Court of Appeal and the Ministry of Justice. He is active in community and social responsibility initiatives to enhance the role of lawyers in civil society.

Firm Description:

Al Sheaily Attorneys and Legal Consultants is a leading full-service firm of experienced lawyers dedicated to providing exceptional legal services tailored to the client’s circumstances. Supported by a capable team of administrative staff and state-of-the-art technology, the firm has the support in place to meet the demands of major corporate and institutional clients while also offering highly personal and cost-effective services to private clients.


Myrthe Franken

Leaders in Law endorses Myrthe Franken as our exclusively recommended Civil Law expert in Aruba. If you wish to get in touch with Myrthe, please use the contact information provided above.

Myrthe Franken started at VanEps Kunneman VanDoorne on Aruba as a junior associate in October 2019. She works at the Corporate Litigation section of our firm.

In August 2019 Myrthe completed her Master’s degree in Civil Law at the University of Amsterdam. During her study she enrolled in several internships, among which one at our office on Aruba. This internship confirmed for Myrthe that after her graduation she wanted to start working on the island where she lived several years during her youth.

During her study, Myrthe worked as a notary assistant for 3,5 years at a renowned notary office in the Netherlands. In addition to that, she worked as a legal assistant at the Legal Aid Store in IJsselstein for 2,5 years and during one year she was president there as well. She also held the position of assessor at the student association Bona Fide (Civil Law student association for master’s degree students at the University of Amsterdam).

Firm Description:

VanEps Kunneman VanDoorne is the leading Dutch Caribbean law firm. We provide our clients – regional and international – with practicable solutions that answer to their specific challenges and ambitions. Our passion is to tangibly contribute to our clients’ objectives, with advice and assistance tailored to their specific business, market and objectives.

This website is not just a mere website, but a way of bringing this belief in practice. In order for our clients to anticipate to opportunities and developments, they need to be informed. We help them in that regard through this platform, on which we share and exchange know-how with everyone that is interested in the legal landscape of the Dutch Caribbean and Suriname.

Corporate Responsibility

We are aware of the corporate social responsibility that our position as the largest law firm in the Dutch Caribbean entails. Our employees, our clients and the local communities in which we work, value the socially responsible manner in which we drive our business. For example, in 2011 we were appointed the most female friendly organization in Curacao. Our Excellence Program – which matches talents with competencies and thus enables targeted development of our employees – shows that we strive for the best when it concerns our human resources as well.

We support underprivileged groups in various ways. We donate to different charities and offer pro bono legal services to non-profit organizations. This way, our firm supports the development of education, social education and culture in the Dutch Caribbean region. When we sponsor events or other initiatives, we focus on the development of the local youth and on sustainability.

To conclude, we contribute to the legal system of the islands we work and live on, by holding positions in different bar associations, the Supervisory Boards for Lawyers, and the Appeal Councils on various islands.


We have been in business in Aruba since 1997, when we were the first regional firm to establish a branch on the island. We serve many of the local and international businesses on the island. We advise banks regarding financing, government(al bodies) in for instance tender procedures and legislative processes, and various companies in contracting and litigious matters. Furthermore, we have substantial practices in shipping and in aviation, as Aruba offers a favorable jurisdiction for arrest and judicial sale of vessels, and registration of aircraft.


Mohamed El Moncef Bengana

Leaders in Law endorses Mohamed El Moncef Bengana as our exclusively recommended Civil Law expert in Algeria. If you wish to get in touch with Mohamed please use the contact information provided above.

Curriculum Vitae Founding Member

  • 1968 to 1970 : Representative in Communication Law to the General Management of the Algerian Radio and TV and international relation with the UER (Broadcasting European Union) and the URTNA (Union of the National Radios and Televisions of Africa)
  • 1970 to October 1973: Appointed Magistrate at the Court of Algiers has held successively the positions of Public Prosecutor and President of Algiers Minors Tribunal
  • 1973: Swearing-in at the Bar of Algiers. Lawyer to the Court domiciled at the Law Firm of Me Mitidji- Belkacem-Ait Challal
  • 1983: 1990: 1992: Lawyer to the Supreme Court.2003: Lawyer to the Council of State.Founding Member of the Law Firm BENCHENEB-BENGANA- BENOUNICHEThe Law Firm integrates new members: Me Birady Darine and Me Hammad Wahiba

Practice Areas

  • Law relating to real estate
  • Civil Law (contract)
  • Commercial Law (Merger and Acquisition)
  • Law relating to Communication (Mobile telephony operator)

Firm Description:

Created in 1992, BENGANA Law Firm is a law firm called to the Bar of Algiers, made up of lawyers to the Court, the Supreme Court and the Council of State. Me BENGANA, founder member in office as Lawyer for more than 33 years, boosted by his experience, has decided to constitute a Law firm of specialized lawyers pooling their efforts in order to provide their clients with high quality services.The Law Firm includes also prominent and efficient assistant lawyers in order to meet as soon as possible and in exhaustive way, the expectations of their clients.The main concern of the Law Firm the members of which work as a team is, first and foremost, to provide its clients with quality legal assistance by meeting their needs both in terms of advice and litigation or arbitration.


Diego Yépez Garcés

Leaders in Law endorses Diego Yépez Garcés as our exclusively recommended Civil Law expert in Ecuador. If you wish to get in touch with Diego please use the contact information provided above.


  • Lawyer from the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador
  • Magister and specialist in Procedural Law from the Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar;
  • Trainer in oral litigation by the agreement between the University of Emory-USA, American bar Association and Judicial Council.
  • Advanced negotiation certification by the IDE Business School.
  • Advanced Program in Business Management IDE Business School (ongoing).


  • 13 years of professional practice in the Litigation area
  • 6 years of experience as an expert in the Judicial Function
  • 8 years of practice in Economic Crimes and Damages.
  • 3 years of teaching at the Simón Bolivar Andean University, Oral Litigation and Test Modules
  • 700 hours of training conducted in Oral Litigation


  • Author of the book “Civil Oral Litigation, transplantation and testimonial evidence”
  • Pichincha Bar Association for training in oral litigation.
  • Founder of the Ecuador Oral Litigation project.


Matthew Harrison

Matthew Harrison is the founding member of Harrison Law and has been practicing law for over 20 years. Prior to forming Harrison Law, Mr. Harrison was an attorney with a nationallyrecognized surety, construction, and fidelity law firm in Phoenix, Arizona, where his practice focused on complex civil litigation. Previously, Mr. Harrison was a Deputy County Attorney with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office for over seven years where he held leadership positions and mentored less-experienced attorneys. Matthew Harrison has combined these experiences into a law firm that has established itself both locally and nationally as a highly-regarded law firm.

Mr. Harrison has extensive experience in both civil and criminal law. He also has significant trial court and arbitration experience, which includes being lead counsel in over 35 jury trials. He is rated as an AV© Preeminent™ Attorney by Martindale Hubbell and is a Sustaining Member of Arizona’s Finest Lawyers™. Mr. Harrison has represented clients on legal issues involving claims and litigation from a few thousand dollars to claims and litigation in excess of 100 million dollars. He is the author or co-author for several legal publications and is a frequent presenter at CLE workshops and other programs for business owners.

Mr. Harrison is involved in several volunteer and other legal opportunities. These opportunities include his continuing appointment as a Judge Pro Tempore for the Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County, where he is assigned to both civil and criminal matters. As a Judge Pro Tem, Mr. Harrison has successfully conducted Settlement Conferences, which have resulted in a resolution of the litigation. Mr. Harrison also served as a member on the Williams Air Force Base Restoration Advisory Board for five years.

Mr. Harrison graduated in 1997 from Arizona State University College of Law (now Sandra Day O’Conner College of Law) where he was a Pedrick Scholar and received CALI Excellence for the Future Award in Family Law. He is an active member of the Arizona State and Federal Bars, the Utah State and Federal Bars, the American Bar Association, and the Maricopa County Bar Association. He is also involved in several subcommittees within these bar associations.

Mr. Harrison lives in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area with his wife and children. They enjoy the outdoors and local art and culture, as well as other activities that Arizona has to offer.

Representative Cases/Matters

  • Represented a surety in complex indemnity actions in two jurisdictions against a group of corporations and individuals, which included allegations of fraudulent transfers designed to hide assets to be used to indemnify the surety client. After significant litigation and a settlement agreement with a portion of the individuals and corporations, Mr. Harrison obtained Judgments totaling over $2.72 million dollars against the corporations and individuals that did not settle.
  • Represented a surety who held a performance bond on a construction project on tribal lands. The construction company was terminated for failure to perform and a demand was made on the bond. Mr. Harrison was able to locate a completion contractor and successfully negotiate a tender agreement, which included the surety providing no payment on the performance bond. These actions eliminated over $1.25 million dollars of potential performance bond losses to the client.
  • Represented a surety who held multiple performance and payment bonds on a construction company that was terminated for failure to perform on projects in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah and had also failed to pay its subcontractors and suppliers. These projects involved municipalities or tribal entities. Mr. Harrison was able to evaluate and successfully resolve over 150 claims and lawsuits to the benefit of the client.
  • Represented a surety company in a complex civil dispute and claim in excess of $100 million dollars regarding construction of a regional wastewater treatment plant, which led to a successful outcome for the surety.
  • Provided a successful defense, including a jury trial, of an insurance company involving an injury claim where the plaintiff demanded over $1.5 million dollars in damages. The jury awarded less than $75,000 in damages to the plaintiff.
  • Represented a surety in an indemnification action involving an automobile dealership’s license bond where the indemnitors held assets and real property in Mexico. Through litigation and motion practice, Mr. Harrison was able to obtain a favorable settlement recovering the losses incurred by the surety for payment of claims on the bond.
  • Represented a surety who held multiple performance and payment bonds on a construction company that was terminated for failure to perform on several construction projects in Arizona and Utah. Mr. Harrison was able to evaluate and successfully resolve these multiple claims and lawsuits to the benefit of the client.
  • Represented a general contractor on its claims against a subcontractor for its failure to timely perform in the construction of a hospital in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. This litigation led to the general contractor recoupling losses it incurred for retaining another subcontractor to complete the subcontract on time.
  • Represented a national engineering firm from allegations of design and other defects on a multi-million dollar construction project in central Arizona.
  • Participated in a successful litigation team representing a surety who intervened in a multi-million dollar complex arbitration in Nevada between a contractor and developer. After a long and contentious arbitration, the Panel found in favor of surety client and the contractor. The Panel awarded damages in excess of $4.3 million dollars.

Court Admissions

  • Utah State Bar, 1997
  • U.S. District Court, Utah, 1997
  • Arizona State Bar, 1998
  • U.S. District Court, Arizona, 2008

Publications and Legal Presentations

  • From 2012 to the present, Mr. Harrison is a regular presenter for various business organizations on topics concerning business organization, commercial law issues, construction law, both discovering employee theft and deterring future occurrences.
  • Regular Presenter at Lorman Building Codes CLE, January 2016, March 2012, and October 2010. Mr. Harrison also authored a portion of the manual provided at the seminars.
  • Mr. Harrison and Harrison Law were featured in Attorney At Law Magazine in the December 2011 issue as well as the March 2012 issue of Arizona Public Accountant Magazine.
  • Co-author of article: How Prompt Payment Laws Affect the Surety, which was presented at the Surety Claim Institute annual meeting, June 2011.
  • Co-author of presentation: Prompt Payment Laws and the Surety, which was presented at the American Bar Association Spring Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, April 2011.
  • Co-author of article: Recent Developments in Arizona Law of Implied Warranties, which was presented at Arizona Construction Law 2010 – Examining Trends Over the Past 10 Years State Bar of Arizona CLE, February 2010.
  • Authored law journal article: Legislative Delegation and Presidential Authority: A Discussion of the Antiquities Act and the Establishment of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument—A Call for a New Judicial Examination, Journal of Environmental Law and Litigation, 13 J. Env. Law & Lit. No. 2 (Winter 1998). The article is widely considered as an excellent history of the foundation of the Antiquities Act has been cited in several legal, environmental, and administrative law journal articles since that time.

Firm Description

After over 15 years of practicing law in both the public and private sectors, Matthew Harrison saw the need for a law firm that focuses on the requirements and goals of business clients. From start-up companies to multi-billion dollar organizations, along with individuals who were searching for high-quality and cost-effective representation, Harrison Law delivers what was not being provided at your classic large metropolitan law firm. To cater to our clients, Harrison Law, PLLC was founded with the goal of providing high-quality representation for the variety of legal areas that a typical corporation, its owners, and employees would encounter. The firm is based in the Phoenix Metropolitan area and represents clients in Arizona, Utah, and throughout the southwestern United States.

Harrison Law understands how businesses work and of the significant issues at stake when problems arise. Harrison Law has a highly favorable reputation for its discrete representation of high-profile business and individual clients whose legal issues may involve the media.. Harrison Law also understands the needs of individuals and families while navigating through legal issues. In all situations, the goal of Harrison Law is to provide effective representation while avoiding excessive and unnecessary expenses. The attorneys and legal support staff of Harrison Law accomplishes this goal by working closely with our clients to determine the quickest and most efficient route to dispute resolution.


John Markianos-Daniolos

John specializes in maritime and transport law (corporate and litigation, including charter parties, carriage by sea, collision, pollution, salvage, personal injury, foreclosure and arrests, sale and purchase) with particular experience in maritime accidents. He advises and represents maritime companies, P&I Clubs, insurance companies, classification societies and banks in all sorts of shipping related cases both in litigation and alternative dispute resolution (mediation and arbitration).

“John Markianos-Daniolos is widely regarded as a reliable and trustworthy shipping litigator. I would definitely entrust him with any maritime dispute.” says a client. – Chambers Global 2013

John is also involved in Shipping Regulatory Law having participated in the drafting and amendment of relative legislation.

Apart from shipping John represents clients in civil and commercial disputes and real estate transactions.

Daniolos Law Firm:

The firm is the historical continuation of the law offices founded by George Daniolos in 1923 who commenced his practice as the legal advisor of Stamatis Embiricos then president of the Union of Greek Shipowners. In the ensuing years since its establishment our law office has merged and grown several times. It became a partnership under the name Daniolos-Zagoraios until late 1930s and subsequently G. & N.L.Daniolos.

In 2002 it merged with Issaias Law Firm (established in the late 1920s) both primarily active in maritime law. In 2006 Daniolos-Issaias & Partners merged with corporate law firm Kyriakides-Georgopoulos forming KGDI Law Firm. In 2013 the shipping branch of KGDI continued its operation independently as Daniolos Law Firm.