Christer A. Holm
Name: Christer A. Holm
Firm Name: Advokatfirman NorelidHolm
Jurisdiction: Sweden
Practice Area: Dispute Resolution Law

Telephone: +46-8-4630460
Fax: +46-8-4630470

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Professional Biography:

NorelidHolm is a full-service international business law firm which provides legal services covering corporate and commercial law, insurance and reinsurance, marketing law, company law, EU and competition, dispute resolution, litigation and arbitration. The client stock comprises of a vast range of Swedish and international clients, including many of the largest insurance companies in the world.

Thus NorelidHolm is very experienced in dispute resolution, both domestic and international. The partners of NorelidHolm have more than 30 years’ experience of international business law and dispute resolution.

Commenting on the main advantages of mediation as opposed to litigation and arbitration, Christer A. Holm, partner, noted a significant lowering of legal costs and, normally, speed.

“If the concept of ADR also includes arbitration and not only mediation it is normally quick and secret but more costly than litigation,” commented Mr Holm. “It is sought mostly by big corporate clients, often in cross-border disputes.”

Mr Holm has witnessed a significant increase in litigation and commercial disputes in Sweden in the last ten years, which is continuing.

“In order to stop this trend the new law on mediation, the one-instance court procedure and the mandatory mediation before the district courts have been introduced,” said Mr Holm.

“The general trend is that prior to any meaningful mediation is initiated, the parties almost always initiate litigation first, this in order to try to clarify each others’ legal position. Another driving force is the existence of third party financing of legal costs, (normally by insurance cover), which is increasingly the case,” concluded Mr Holm.

Mr. Holm has more than 30 years of experience from international litigation/arbitration/mediation and the latter has been in increasing demand during the last ten years.

Mr. Holm represented AIG in Scandinavia during more than 25 years and handled numerous litigations and arbitrations on AIG´s behalf during “Hank” Greenbergs leadership of AIG.

In the insurance sector he has also represented such international players as Chubb, CNA, ACE and Willis. He has also handled numerous cases regarding re-insurance litigation.

In the general business sector he has represented BMW Group in Scandinavia for more than 20 years handling many EU-competition-law-related disputes in the motor vehicle distribution and services sector.

The law firm NorelidHolm is a member of the international network Insuralex, a world-wide network of law firms that all have special knowledge and skills within the international insurance sector.

In addition to this, his partner colleague and Managing Partner of NorelidHolm, Ms. Susanna Norelid is personally a member of the exclusive (by invitation only) lawyers-club International Association of Defense Counsel (IADC), a Chicago-based organization whose members all are international top-lawyers, many with great experience from international arbitration/litigation.