Business today is fiercely competitive and ensuring the selection of a knowledgeable and cost-effective lawyer when and where you need them is crucial to business success. The Leaders-in-Law platform provides immediate access to Leaders in their practice area throughout the world.

Users of Leaders-in-Law search engines vary from large multi-nationals to successful entrepreneurs. All with one aim: to quickly and easily find the Leader-in-Law they need with the correct expertise in their location.

The selection process for Leaders-in-Law lawyers is rigorous and many applicants are eliminated during the vetting process. The successful lawyers who join the Leaders-in-Law database all have a proven track record of success, with their own unique attributes and knowledge of their practice area and local requirements.

Once selected a Leader-in-Law is able to update and amend their profile in the database to ensure the very latest information about them is available. They can also promote themselves on the website by sending in news articles that will appear on the news page.

Each month every Leader-in-Law gets feedback on how many times their profile has been viewed and so gain an appreciation of the benefits of being included in the Leaders-in-Law database. Each month 10 lawyers will be selected and appear as Featured Leaders-in-Law thus gaining increased exposure.

We welcome inquiries from lawyers who meet the Leaders-in-Law profile. If you are interested in being considered as a Leader-in-Law or wish to recommend someone else please contact us.