IP | IQ: Bad Faith Filings in China and the Impacts of the New Amendments

Melvin Mei, Trade Mark Attorney, discusses the amendments to Chinese Trade Mark law and the impacts on the region.

In November 2019, amendments to Chinese Trade Mark law came into effect around bad faith filings, which continue to be a problem in China.

Melvin Mei, one of Rouse’ trade mark experts in Shanghai reflects on the practical implications of these amendments. He explores the underlying reasons for the large numbers of bad faith filings, the first to file system and what steps brand owners can take to protect themselves. Melvin also discusses the actions which authorities have been taking since the enactment of this amendment on trade mark agencies.


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WIPO Appoints New Director General

The World Intellectual Property Organization has appointed Daren Tang from Singapore as its next director general. Tang will be the first Asian to hold the top job at the United Nations specialized agency.

Daren Tang, who has led the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore since 2015, is the first Asian to hold the top job at the United Nations agency.