What is the Health and Care Worker Visa?

Caring for others is not just a calling; it’s also a profession. People who work as health and care workers are employed by the government and private sector providers to provide services for people who require help with their day-to-day activities.

Within the UK, there are many jobs available in this field across all different sectors. For example, you can be a home care worker, looking after elderly people in their own homes; a support worker, helping people with disabilities attend school or work; or a nurse, providing physical and emotional support to people in hospitals, GP surgeries, or nursing homes.

The Health and Care Worker visa is a UK work visa for people who want to work in the care sector. It only allows you to work in supported living accommodation, private homes, or hospitals as part of your job role. If you’re thinking of coming to the UK as a Health and Care Worker, to work with some of our most vulnerable people and make a real difference in their lives, then this visa is for you. Contact to know the requirements, timelines, and eligibility criteria for the health and care visa and for other visa types such as the remain to leave visa. If you get legal guidance from the experts that your chances of getting your visa approved will be increased significantly.

Health and Care Worker Visa

With the recent scenario of Pandemic, the UK urgently needs a lot of health professionals. These professionals provide essential care to patients in hospitals and homes and are vital to the NHS and social care system. This shortage of health and care workers is most acute in London, where there is one vacancy for every three applicants. The purpose of introducing The Health and Care Worker visa category was to cover this shortage

The UK health and care worker visa is designed to allow non-European Union (EU) nationals to come to the UK and carry out a job within the health and social care sector. It allows non-EU nationals to work in the UK for 2 years, as long as they are paid at least £35,000 a year.

Many people are taking advantage of this visa to get better jobs or to simply serve humanity. The latest figures from the Home Office reveal that the number of vacancies being filled by health and care worker migrants has increased by over 50% in just three years.

What skills are required?

There are several skills and qualifications, and also a certain level of experience that is required to qualify for a healthcare worker visa. Doctors, nurses, senior care, and other health care providers are eligible for health and care visas. Apart from basic qualifications, the applicant is tested for basic skills and mannerisms to ensure that they are professional and responsible in performing their duty.

 Requirements of the visa:

  • You must be older than 18
  • You must have acceptable health profession
  • You must work for Home Office approved employer
  • Sponsorship certificate from your employee
  • English proficiency certificate
  • Valid TB certificate
  • Financially stable
  • Criminal record certificate

Health care worker visa process cost

The application fee varies due to different factors.

  • If the certificate of sponsorship is issued for more than 3 years, the fee is £464.
  • If the certificate of sponsorship is issued for less than 3 years, the fee is £232.

A discount of £55 is provided for citizens of some countries including Turkey, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, etc.

A health and care visa is a great opportunity for foreign health care workers and other professionals to give their services to the people of the UK and build their lives in the UK. The UK authorities give a great priority to health care workers when it comes to giving visa opportunities. Providing health care is a noble profession and it is not only beneficial for the visa holder but for the country to be able to have skilled health care workers all around the world. Speak to Total Law immigration lawyers to get more information regarding health and care visas. You must get the best legal guidance to get acceptance to your health and care visa for the very first time. 

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