Kenta Ikebe

Leaders in Law endorses Kenta Ikebe as our exclusively recommended White Collar Crime Law expert in Japan. If you wish to get in touch with Kenta, please use the contact information provided above.

Kenta Ikebe (Meilin International Law Firm) handles all aspects of corporate legal affairs, including the development of corporate structures, back-up of legal staff, training lecturers and crisis response, with a focus on white collar crime, labour law, personal data protection and other legal matters. He provides easy-to-understand explanations and services to company personnel and managers on specialised fields for a wide range of clients, including small and medium-sized enterprises and companies outside Japan.

Kenta is the author of the book ‘ Illustrated Introduction to Business – The Latest Power Harassment Prevention Law Measures ‘.

He is graduated from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Law in 2008 and from the University of Tokyo Law School (J.D.) in 2010.

Kenta has been registered as a lawyer in December 2012 and worked at Meilin International Law Office, which mainly serves corporate clients and provides comprehensive legal services, including international legal affairs.

Kenta has been a partner at Meilin International Law Office since 2019.

In addition, he is currently an external director of a company and a board member of a school corporation.

Main handling fields

  • Contract creation / contract negotiation agency
  • Inheritance / will support
  • Support for building a corporate structure
  • Public relations case
  • Corporate control dispute
  • Mental health related work
  • Intellectual property rights related legal affairs
  • Criminal case
  • SME-related legal affairs
  • Foreigner case
  • Personnel / labor management
  • Responding to consumer issues
  • Responding to labor issues
  • Startup legal affairs
  • Membership of professional institutions
  • Member of Fukuoka Bar Association
  • Member of the International Committee
  • Member of the SME Legal Support Center

Firm Description:

Meilin International Law Firm is an international law firm, which provides comprehensive legal services in numerous areas. We have domestic offices in Tokyo and Fukuoka, and overseas offices in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam, and are contemplating additional locations as our business expands. We work as specialty teams of lawyers and paralegals to provide appropriate legal services for foreign individuals and enterprises intending to reside, invest, or conduct business in Japan.

We are capable of communicating in English, Chinese, and Japanese. We have extensive knowledge of global business transactions across a wide range of legal services. We also provide assistance for individuals who seek to secure residence in Japan. In addition to general business experience, our expertise encompasses real estate, M&A, IT and content-related fields. We can respond promptly to the various needs of clients investing in Japan. To date, we have executed Advisory Contracts with more than 300 companies, and we continue to work with many of them on a long-term basis. We are newly entrusted with about 400 cases each year.


Mrs. Amala Mararu

Leaders in Law endorses Mrs. Amala Mararu as our exclusively recommended White-Collar Crime Law expert in Romania. If you wish to get in touch with Amala please use the contact information provided above.

Mrs. Amala Mararu is the law firm’s Managing Partner. She works with clients on issues of strategic counsel, crisis management and public relations matters, and regularly represents clients in front of various public authorities including courts of justice. Her practice encompasses a broad range of general corporate, commercial, insurance, labor, NGOs, commercial and criminal litigation matters, both domestically and cross-border.

Amala Mararu’s clients have included Nike Inc., in conjunction with McKenna Long & Aldrige LLP, Brussels, Belgium, on sportware, sport and electronic apparel consumer products and product marketing, labeling and safety issues, Convinus GmbH, Zürich, Switzerland on legal advice on social contributions, mother company to subsidiary financing, capital returns, personnel incentives, board of directors wages and compensations, special benefits and profit repatriation for a major Swiss print media corporation, one of Romania’s biggest media groups and, on an ongoing basis, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Switzerland on a number of representation and assistance matters concerning incorporation, administrative, commercial, financial and employment. Since 2004, Mrs. Mararu assists and represents on an ongoing basis Ericsson Telecommunications Romania, on corporate, labor, contract and representation in front of various public authorities, and since 2010, CSC Computer Sciences s.r.o. Czech Republic on contract matters.

Mrs. Mararu had counseled and successfully represented various major clients in Romanian first or appeal courts up to the High Court of Cassation and Justice, such as in a series of over 80 commercial, administrative, tax, and criminal court cases concerning an industrial and property dispute over Archim SA Arad, a major Romanian chemical and fertilizers plant, the Financial Investments Company “SIF Transilvania” SA (SIF3 on the BVB, the Romanian Stock Exchange), in Romania’s biggest securities market series of trial cases involving over 7M shareholders and over 17M Euro share capital increase issue against shareholder’s complaint, Cocor S.A., Frigotecnica  Industriale Chiavenna s.p.a. in debt collection issues, Ovidiu Tender, one of Romania’s wealthiest businessmen, UGIR-1903 (the General Confederation of the Romanian Industrialists), the biggest employers confederation in Romania signing 9 of the 14 Collective Labor Agreements at national level, in numerous administrative, labor, contract, insolvency, NGO formation and administration, accounting and taxation matters, as well as trial cases.

As member of the Social Dialogue Committee with the Justice Ministry and Labor Ministry, Mrs. Mararu had actively participated in the drafting of and the debates over the Romanian Labor Code and the Insolvency Law, some of Romania’s most debated pieces of organic legislation during the 2003 and 2004 legislative reforms.

Practice Areas

  • Securities
  • Insurance
  • Commercial Litigation
  • White Collar Crime
  • Criminal Litigation

Mrs. Mararu’s other recent transactions include representing:

  • BayFront Capital Partners and Roman Copper Corp. on the acquisition of Cupru Min SA Abrud, the state-owned operator of Rosia Poieni world-class copper deposit with evaluated reserves of 900 million tones (60% of Romania’s copper reserves) and a current commercial value of around Eur 5.7 billion;
  • Ericsson Telecommunications Romania, in connection with the appointment of the new Country Manager, the takeover of the commutation/switch and electrical supply departments of Romania’s biggest landline telecomm operator, Romtelecom SA, implicating a personnel transfer of 400 employees and hundreds of business locations throughout Romania, and the share transfer from Ericsson Holding International BV, Holland to LM Ericsson AB Sweden;
  • Frigotecnica Industriale Chiavenna s.p.a. in an insolvency trial against Farmer Logistics Romania;
  • Betclick Ltd., London, on gaming and betting matters concerning the launch of its online platform in Romanian language;
  • Legal counsel, assistance, and representation in front of AVAS, the State Assets Agency, in connection with the annulment of a tender notice and correspondent state title against her client, involving an industrial park as collateral, valued 800,000 Euro;
  • Dispute resolution over some industrial parts finalized with a 2 million Euro settlement;
  • Dispute resolution over 1,4 million Euro financing and further investment for industrial technologies and production process lines for Skiadopoulos Bros. Church Supplies;
  • Complex court case won against Azomures SA, the biggest Romanian producer of chemical fertilizers, in connection with a technology transfer followed by acquisition, 4,000 pages documentation, case valued at 220,000 Euro;

Mrs. Mararu was born in Fagaras, Romania. She received a LL.B. magna cum laude in general practice of law in 1999, a postgraduate diploma in criminal sciences from the Law Faculty of the Bucharest University in 2002, and a  MBA in business communication from the British Academy of Business and Communication in 2006. She is one of the two founders of Mararu & Mararu in February 2004.

Firm Description:

Mararu & Mararu SCA is a premier Romanian boutique law firmspecialising in cross-industry and cross-practice digital and technology law, from IT&C to finance technology, marketing technology, e-commerce, distributed ledger technology (DLT) & blockchain, industrial property & patents, intellectual property, cybercrime, aerospace, and to computer and data science, with a long-standing legal practice in corporate and M&A, litigation, energy and natural resources, public private partnership and procurement, international private & public law, NGOs and white collar crime.   

For 20 years, Mararu & Mararu’s English-speaking lawyers in Bucharest have dedicated themselves to a quality and successful legal practice, continuous legal training and legal risk management for Fortune 500, start-ups and multinational private or public corporations, working at the forefront of technological, industrial, financial, social and regulatory changes, bringing value, clarity and opportunity to its clients in an ethical, adaptive, integrated, clear, and sound legal manner, with affordability and efficiency.

The lawyers at Mararu & Mararu have dedicated themselves to detailed and personalised service, committing wholeheartedly to their clients’ needs and education, and preferring each to handle a few clients well rather than many with mediocrity, its expertise and ethics quickly giving the firm, one of the oldest law firms in Romania, a reputation for long-term client commitment that foregoes short-term profit if necessary.

Mararu & Mararu practicing attorneys are High Court of Cassation and Justice qualified, being licensed to appear before all Romanian courts.  


Miguel A. De Puy III

A graduate of the Universidad Santa María La Antigua and Franklin Pierce Law Center (now University of New Hampshire), Miguel De Puy worked for twelve years as a senior associate for the prestigious law firm Morgan & Morgan before opening his personal law practice.

Mr. De Puy´s main field of expertise is Intellectual Property law, specializing in the registration and protection of trademarks, patents of invention, utility models, industrial designs and copyrights. He is an expert on trademark applications, nullities and cancellations and criminal actions against infringers. Mr. De Puy drafts contracts and trademark patent licenses, and handles matters regarding franchising and technology transfers.

His practice area includes the filing and obtaining of approvals according to the local regulatory requirements, relevant for products such as for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food/beverages. Mr. De Puy is also experienced in real estate, corporate, tourism and immigration matters.

Mr. De Puy has lectured for many years as an intellectual property law professor at his alma mater, where he wrote an highly praised thesis regarding Debt-or-Nature Swaps in Panama’s legislation. He also holds regular seminars for customs personnel and other organizations.

As a lawyer, he has been identified by Who´s Who as an expert in patents and trademarks in Panama and has been recognized for his work in business and international operations of intellectual property.

The IP Law Practice:

Panama´s rapid economic growth, its central geographical location and the constant movement of goods through the Panama Canal and the Colón Free Zone make it imperative to secure your IP rights in this country.

Intellectual Property (IP) includes trademarks, copyrights, patents and related interests. It is key and valuable business asset for both natural and juridical persons.

In today´s increasingly interconnected world, it is vital to protect your IP rights. The better you protect your property, the easier it is to enforce your rights.

Our law team at De Puy & Asociados is regarded as a local expert in IP matters. The firm is a member of the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA), the Asociación Interamericana de Propiedad Intelectual (ASIPI), the International Trademark Association (INTA), the Intellectual Property Panamanian Association (APADEPI) and the International Anti Counterfeiting Coalition (IACC).

De Puy & Asociados:

Many large law firms treat clients as mere case numbers, having their valuable assets often managed by secretaries and assistants instead of qualified, professional attorneys. As a boutique law firm, De Puy & Asociados prides itself in personal, effective and efficient service from top-rated lawyers to each one of our valued customers.

Established in the Republic of Panama, the firm´s experienced attorneys specialize in Intellectual Property (IP) matters and offshore corporations in both Panamá and Belize.

De Puy & Asociados has ample experience in immigration and real estate transactions. It also counsels clients on regulatory affairs, provides ship registry services, and organizes private interest foundations.

Arístides José Trejo Liranzo

Leaders in Law endorses Arístides José Trejo Liranzo as our exclusively recommended White-Collar Crime Law expert in the Dominican Republic. If you wish to get in touch with Arístides José Trejo Liranzo please use the contact information provided above.

Before joining MGA as Partner, Arístides José Trejo Liranzo was partner of Núñez Trejo Diaz Law Firm, which he founded in 2007 with Ramón Núñez and Luz Díaz Rodriguez. He has experience in private practice as an associate of several well-known law firms, as well as in the public sector, where he served as Adjunct Prosecutor for the Fiscal Prosecutor’s Office in Santiago for a short period of time in 2004.

He has concentrated his practice to litigate cases concerning criminal economic law, employment and social security law and constitutional law. He has participated as counsel in the most relevant criminal cases of this jurisdiction regarding banking crimes and environmental disputes. Furthermore, he has a consolidated practice in the assistance of victims of white-collar crimes, as well as vast knowledge and experience in employment law. Nowadays, Mr. Trejo works as an external consultant for important companies on labor, social security and employment law.

In addition, he has been a Professor of Special Criminal Law and Criminal Procedural Law, in the campus of Santiago and Santo Domingo of the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM). Currently he´s a faculty member at the Escuela Nacional del Ministerio Público (ENMP), where he teaches Case Processing and Functional Investigation in the various training programs for prosecutors. He´s also a member of the Educational Committee of the ENMP.

White Collar Crime Law Practice:

Criminal Legislation in the areas of economic activities – such as, environmental law, tax law, corporate law, financial and business operations and administration, among others- are increasingly becoming complex and at times, incomprehensible. Because of its extensive knowledge of business transactions and procedures, as well as the technical support of a combined team of specialists, MGA offers its clients many years of experience in Criminal Litigation, specifically in offenses related to economic activities. Our team effectively deals with cases in a broad range of operations concerning the detriment of businesses, like for example, the criminal liability of members of a given company. In order to minimize the risks arising from inappropriate activities, behavior and allegations, the specialized attorneys in MGA counsel business administrators in difficult and complex matters related to white-collar crime and/or financial breach. MGA assist individuals and entities that have been victims of these types of penal violations, while consistently acknowledging the importance of a zealous representation in Criminal Process and Procedure.

Medina Garrigó Abogados:

Medina Garrigó Abogados (MGA) is a boutique law firm founded in the Dominican Republic by Fabiola Medina Garnes in 2004, under the name Medina Garnes Asociados. Since its inception, the firm has acquired extensive experience assisting clients in handling legal matters in the areas of telecommunications, administrative law, taxation, litigation and alternative forms of dispute resolution. Additionally, following a strategy of careful and steady growth in recent years, MGA has been able to expand its law practice to include new areas of the law, thus developing a broader and comprehensive practice, with emphasis in providing services with the highest standards of quality, cost-efficiency, and focused on client-based solutions.

Most recently, MGA welcomed Marielle Garrigó as a Partner and Head of the Department of Finance and Business, in order to expand the Firm’s Finance and Business Department. Ms. Garrigó has more than 20 years of experience in corporate law, project financing, mergers and business acquisitions, finance projects and capital markets. Her addition to the firm confirms MGA’s commitment to covering all its clients’ legal needs, and has established itself as the best offer in the market in terms of experience, knowledge and dedication.

MGA has the distinction of being recognized as one of the most prominent law firms in the Dominican Republic, and this merit has beget from it flawless performance and many successful achievements handling relevant cases for clients in the private and public sector. The Firm has been also distinguished by its constant and outstanding participation in recent and important legislative processes aimed towards the creation and reform of key legislative processes, which has provided its lawyers a unique perspective into the workings of the Dominican regulatory system and its effect on business activities and transactions. However, the most meaningful accolade for MGA, is the continued trust and confidence of its clients.

Dr.iur. Gerhard R. Holzhacker, M.B.L.-HSG

Leaders in Law endorses Dr.iur. Gerhard R. Holzhacker as our exclusively recommended White-Collar Crime Law expert in Liechtenstein. If you wish to get in touch with Dr. iur. Holzhacker please use the contact information provided above.

Lawfirm Holzhacker was established by Dr. Gerhard Holzhacker January 2006 and is devoted to give the clients excellent legal advice and to assist them in finding well founded solutions for their legal concerns. The clients served represent private and corporate ones of domestic and mainly international origin as well as foreign state agencies seeking legal advice on Liechtenstein law. While the intent is to assist clients on all legal issues the focus lays on white collar crime issues, including criminal and civil aspects, corporate law of any kind and law on financial markets. This as it has been the case for Dr. Holzhacker many years prior to the formation of Lawfirm Holzhacker (see professional positions below). Next to it the constitution and administration of companies and trusts handled by HOST Trust reg. as entity separate from the Lawfirm has become a major focus of activity, especially with all the legal questions surrounding the same due to the ever more closely knit network of regulations, among others concerning the due diligence (anti-money laundering), the AEOI and FATCA.

General Remarks:

  • Born in Vienna, Austria, on December 15, 1956; Austrian citizen.
  • Living in Liechtenstein since 1986.
  • Professional residence: Lawfirm Holzhacker, Josef Rheinberger Strasse 11, FL-9490 Vaduz, Liechtenstein, Tel. no.: 00423 239 66 33, Fax: 00423 239 66 44, e-mail:

Professional Positions:

  • Since January 2006 principal of Lawfirm Holzhacker.
  • Since 2004 also active as licensed trustee and principal of the trust company HOST Trust reg.
  • Since April 2004 to December 2005 managing partner of Lawfirm Holzhacker & Struth.
  • Since July 1997 managing partner of Lawfirm Meier & Holzhacker.
  • Since May 1996 Liechtenstein attorney.
  • January 1986 to May 1996 as foreign attorney associate of a lawfirm in Vaduz, Liechtenstein.
  • July 1981 to December 1985 associate in different lawfirms in Vienna, Austria.
  • September 1980 to June 1981 trainee at criminal and civil courts in Innsbruck and Vienna, Austria.

Major Professional Training among others:

  • June 1999 to September 2000 executive master of European and International Business Law at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. Graduation as Master of European and International Law (M.B.L.-HSG) on November 25, 2000.
  • Admitted to the Liechtenstein bar on May 21, 1996.
  • Supplementary bar examination for lawyers of the EEA (European Economic Area) when first taken in Liechtenstein in May 1996.
  • Course on European Law, University St. Gallen, Switzerland, Certificate 1993.
  • July 1985 attendance of the Leyden-Amsterdam-Columbia Summer Program in American Law; Certificate of Achievement dated July 26, 1985.
  • Austrian bar examination, September 1984.
  • Graduation as Doctor of law (Dr.iur.) on July 3, 1980.
  • October 1976 to July 1980 studying of law at the University of Vienna, Austria.


  • English
  • German
  • French


Mr Dennis Miralis

Overview of Nyman Gibson Miralis- size and geographical reach:

Nyman Gibson Miralis is a specialist firm of criminal defence lawyers and advisors based in Sydney, Australia, with expertise in domestic and international white collar and corporate crime.

White collar crime encompass offences such as corporate crime, fraud, bribery (including foreign bribery), insider trading, embezzlement, taxation offences, money laundering and other dishonesty related offences which may be prosecuted by the Australian Tax Office (ATO), the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and the Commonwealth DPP (CDPP).

White collar crime also captures proceedings for the forfeiture and seizure of property declared to be proceeds of crime.

What are our main target markets?

Our clients are Directors of Corporations of all sizes, employees and contractors, government office holders, foreign executives and individuals who are seeking the expertise of lawyers who can operate in Australia but also globally.

Our clients seek us out for sound legal advice concerning negotiations with the regulators during the investigation phase but also for our experience in developing and providing legally sophisticated strategies for trial.

Representing clients in white collar crime investigations and offences requires a comprehensive understanding of the complex legislation and the practice and procedure of regulatory and investigative bodies

The investigation of complex white collar offences often involves multiple law enforcement agencies working across several jurisdictions to investigate, gather evidence, and prosecute, sometimes in more than one jurisdiction, whilst parallel civil and criminal proceedings are often permitted.

We offer specialist capabilities in these areas including providing legal advice about compliance with Australian Anti- Money Laundering legislation.

What are the outstanding services we offer?

Nyman Gibson Miralis has acquired expertise in working collaboratively across jurisdictions and formulating international defence strategies, covering international investigations and prosecutions (including extradition) and the sharing of information between foreign states.

Our major point of difference is our transnational legal work and the relationships we have built working collaboratively with international partners to achieve results aligned with our clients’ objectives.

Our lawyers have strategically collaborated with lawyers in the US, Cyprus, London, Singapore, China, Canada, Russia, South Korea, Mexico and Hong Kong.

Mr Dennis Miralis has practiced exclusively in the area of criminal law since 2001 with a specialist focus on international white collar and corporate crime.

Mr Dennis Miralis is a member of the NSW Law Society, the International Law Section of the Law Council of Australia, a member of Law Asia, a member of the Australian and New Zealand Society of International Law, a member of the International Law Association and is on the Legal Aid serious and complex crime panel.

Notable achievements in 2016: 

In 2016 Nyman Gibson Miralis acted in a high profile global investigation involving the US and Australia concerning allegations of foreign bribery, money laundering and shareholder fraud being investigated by the FBI, the US Securities Exchange Commission and other global law enforcement bodies. This case remains ongoing.


Juan Alberto Díaz López

As a specialist in White Collar Crime and Criminal Law, Juan Alberto Díaz has taken part and advised on several of Spain’s most complex White Collar Crime, Financial Disputes and relevant proceedings in recent years. He has also been selected by the prestigious international legal directory Best Lawyers (Criminal Law, Spain) and has been inducted as an Illustrious Correspondent Member of the Spanish Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation. Mr. Díaz combines his legal practice alongside his lecturing and legal research activities as a Professor of Criminal Law at the leading University of Madrid (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid). He also teaches graduate and upper-level courses in a number of higher learning institutions.

Holder of a Ph.D. in Law, Advance Studies Diploma in Criminal Law (DEA), Specialist in Victim-Offender Mediation, and Graduate of Laws and Political Science, Juan Alberto Díaz is bilingual in Spanish and French and fluent in English and German.

Director of the firm J. A. DÍAZ. Litigación Penal, Juan Alberto Díaz has authored numerous legal publications. He has been recognized as the first place winner of the III Edition Specialized Monographs Prix held by the Bar Association of Madrid (2011). Among his comprehensive works are his books on the Aggravating Circumstance of Article 22.4 of the Spanish Criminal Code (Civitas, 2013) and The Crime of Identity Theft (Dykinson, 2010). Mr. Díaz has authored research and scientific articles on various issues of Law. Selected works include: the Ne Bis In Idem (Diario La Ley, 2008), Victim-Offender Mediation And Criminal Liability of Corporations (Indret, 2011), Civil Liability Ex Delicto of Financial Institutions (Revista de Derecho Bancario y Bursátil, 2014/Journal of Banking and Securities Law, 2014) and issues surrounding the granting of Pardon (La Ley Penal, 2015), loan agreements and criminal liability (La Ley Mercantil, 2015) or the money laundering crime (Diario La Ley, 2015).


Nati Simchony

Nat joined HFN in 2014 as partner and head of the White Collar Crime Department.

Known as one of the top legal experts in this area Nati brings a wealth of experience in the litigation of white collar crimes.

His work includes the representation of clients in a wide spectrum of aspects with in the field of white collar crimes: fraud, theft, bribery, negligence, securities, money laundering, taxation, antitrust and security offenses, including administrative enforcement on all levels.

Nati started his legal career as an intern in Adv. Uri Slonim’s law firm and after being admitted to the Israeli bar, he worked with Adv. Yehuda Tunik. In 1992, he began working with Adv, GioraAderet, first as an associate and then as a partner.

In 1999, Nati opened his own firm which merged in 2004 with Adv. Aderet’s firm to form the Law Offices of Aderet, Simchony& Co.

Throughout his career, Nati has represented clients in complex and sensitive cases, of public and legal importance, and actively contributed to the establishment of significant precedents in a variety of legal issues.

White Collar Crime Law Practice:

As regulatory standards around the world become ever more complex and challenging to navigate, companies are increasingly recognising the need to ensure that their business practices conform to all applicable laws and standards of the countries in which they operate.

HFN is the first Israeli law firm to identify the necessity of establishing a dedicated Corporate Compliance, Anti-Corruption & White Collar Crime group to specifically address these diverse issues. The group assists clients from both an Israeli and international perspective, and provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive information regarding corporate compliance issues.

The scope of the Corporate Compliance, Anti-Corruption & White Collar Crime group’s work falls into three separate but inter-related fields: export control, trade sanctions and anti-corruption and bribery. The group strives to provide clients with creative and sustainable solutions to facilitate the operation of their international trade business.

Herzog Fox & Neeman:

Over the past 40 years, Herzog Fox & Neeman has grown to become Israel’s premier law firm, earning a reputation as market leader through its involvement in every major development that has shaped the Israeli Economy.

Since our founding as a boutique firm for international clients doing business in Israel, we continue to be the law firm of choice for prominent multinational companies. Our unrivalled experience in cross-border and domestic matters enables us to address our clients’ legal needs across all industries.

HFN is Israel’s most diverse law firm, with over 260 lawyers of whom more than 90 are partners. The firm has some of the brightest legal minds in the profession, possessing both intimate knowledge of local markets and a clear understanding of global business HFN employs over 50 dual-qualified, foreign-born lawyers who have worked at leading firms in the U.S., UK and Australia. In keeping with the firm’s global perspective, the majority of HFN’s business is conducted in English and lawyers work closely with leading firms in jurisdictions around the world.

HFN’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its prominent status in all major international and domestic publications. The firm has received top-tier rankings for consecutive years in almost all major practice areas in leading directories including: The European Legal 500, Chambers Global, IFLR 1000, BDI and Dun and Bradstreet. HFN is the mostly highly ranked amongst all Israeli law firms, and was selected as Israeli Law Firm of the Year by the Financial Times and mergermarket, IFLR, Who’s Who Legal and others.


Sergei Volfson

Sergei Volfson’s practice focuses on complex multijurisdictional litigation and arbitration. He has significant experience representing U.S., European, and Russian companies in international litigation and arbitration proceedings in Russia and other jurisdictions, including banking, securities, corporate, commercial, insurance, tax, competition, product liability, and employment matters. Sergei also has represented clients in numerous administrative proceedings, civil and criminal investigations, and internal compliance matters.


Represented a multinational software corporation in Russian court in a €30 million dispute with its Russian customer.

Represented a leading global consumer goods manufacturer in several IP litigation matters in Russian courts.

Represented creditors in bankruptcy proceedings of a Russian airline.

Represented a Swiss company in Russian court proceedings in enforcement of an arbitral award rendered by the International Commercial Arbitration Court of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Represented a Russian brewery company in IP litigation in Russia against a Russian subsidiary of the global brewery group.

Represented a JV oil & gas exploration company in litigation with Russian Federal Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Represented a Japanese car manufacturer in tax litigation in Russia.

Represented European pharmaceutical manufacturer in an inquiry initiated by Russian law enforcement authority.

Represented US automotive manufacturer in several inquiries initiated by Russian law enforcement authorities.

Represented US IT company in internal investigation and global compliance review.

Jones Day Moscow:

Jones Day’s Moscow Office opened in 2004, following the Firm’s introduction to the Russian market through our representation of Alfa Group and Access/Renova Group in the formation of TNK-BP, the largest M&A transaction in Russian history at the time.

Today our Moscow Office team combines cross-border transactional capability with in-depth knowledge of Russian law and industry experience in such sectors as oil and gas, telecommunications, financial services, mining and metals, aviation, manufacturing, and retail.  We are fully integrated into our global organization of more than 2,500 lawyers in offices in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Australia.  This affords our clients not only a global reach, but also seamless access to substantial legal resources of the Firm’s practices, including Mergers & Acquisitions, Global Disputes, Banking & Finance, Energy, Intellectual Property, Business Restructuring & Reorganization, Antitrust & Competition Law, Private Equity, Real Estate, Tax, and Capital Markets.  A significant number of the Firm’s lawyers assigned to these practices have substantial experience handling matters related to Russia.

Despite the Firm’s relatively recent presence in Moscow, we have been involved in some of the most significant and high profile cross-border M&A, finance, and capital markets transactions in the region.


Nick Benwell

Nick is head of the firm’s Crime, Fraud & Investigations group. He advises on a wide range of corporate crime, corruption and fraud-related matters. He is experienced at dealing with large scale and sensitive investigations involving the handling of issues in multiple jurisdictions, and regularly advises on reporting to and communications with enforcement authorities including the Serious Fraud Office and National Crime Agency.

Nick also has over 25 years’ experience of a wide range of complex, high value commercial and corporate investigations and disputes.

White Collar Crime Law Practice:

Our corporate crime lawyers provide advice in business crime, civil fraud, money laundering (AML), bribery and corruption, investigations, extradition, cartels, regulatory and health and safety investigations as well as crime fraud and asset tracing. We have established the largest corporate crime group in Europe.

We have advised over 90 organisations globally on the UK Bribery Act and its implications. We are a leading authority on the Bribery Act and have been more closely involved in the development of the Act than any other firm. For example, Nick Benwell has given evidence before a Parliamentary Select Committee and he worked closely with the Ministry of Justice on this matter, as well as sitting on the CBI and BBA committees responsible for anti-corruption.

Simmons & Simmmons:

From our offices in major business and financial centres throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia, we view the world through the lens of our key sectors: asset management and investment funds, energy and infrastructure, financial institutions, life sciences and technology, media and telecommunications (TMT).

For our clients this means they benefit from a law firm fully focused on their sector, wholly understanding of the challenges that they face and completely tuned in to their needs.

Over the decades we have been careful to build our international presence using a combination of local lawyers with demonstrable local knowledge and fully integrated teams acting together at a global level.

We take a long term view and we take time to understand the distinct demands that each client faces. This allows us to build an innovative and bespoke service to suit each relationship.

Our approach means that we are consistent in the standard of excellence we bring to our service and flexible enough to build into each relationship value that is meaningful for each client.

We believe that one size does not fit all when it comes to adding value to client relationships. We listen to our clients and learn about the sectors in which they operate in order to understand what each client will find valuable. When partner level secondments were rare elsewhere in the legal world, they were a striking example of our commitment to building truly collaborative relationships with our clients. And new service delivery models, such as our navigator online services, or opening a second UK office in Bristol, were direct responses to feedback from clients about what they needed and the challenges they face.