Steven Wilhelm

Leaders in Law endorses Steve Wilhelm as our exclusively recommended Trusts & Estates Law expert in USA, California. If you wish to get in touch with Steve please use the contact information provided above.

Practice Areas

  • Contract Review, Preparation and Negotiation
  • Litigation in State or Federal Court
  • Patent, Copyright, and Trademark Issues
  • Partnership Contract Creation and Review
  • Corporation, S-Corp, and LLC Creation
  • Lease Review and Creation
  • Real Estate Matters and Issues
  • Limited Partnership Contracts
  • Basic Employment and Labor Law Issues
  • Turnarounds, Financial, and Tax Issues
  • Startup, New Venture, and IP Issues
  • Angel and Venture Capital Agreements and Negotiations
  • Trusts, Estate, and Related Tax Issues
  • Damage Control and Reputation Management
  • Opening, Expanding, or Franchising Your Operation

San Diego’s Trusted Business Advisor

Whether you are the CEO of a multinational corporation or running a small family business, you face the same business and legal challenges. Regardless of the size of your company or your revenue, your decisions and actions will always have an impact on the future of your business. The Law Offices of Steve Wilhelm is San Diego’s trusted business law firm. Offering a wealth of business expertise and a legal depth to handle all of your needs, we combine big firm resources with the personal attention and affordability of a boutique firm to offer you the best legal guidance for your business.

We help ensure you make the right moves and achieve exceptional results. Our firm has substantial experience serving both small business and larger corporate clients, from simple incorporation to mergers and acquisitions.

Helping you to stay within the lines

We help ensure you make the right moves and achieve exceptional results. Our firm has a substantial experience best San Diego Business Advisor, serving both small business and larger corporate clients, from simple incorporation to mergers and acquisitions.

  • Formation of corporations – limited liability companies (LLC), formation of limited liability partnerships (LLP), formation of general and limited partnerships, and assorted joint ventures and other associations and combinations.
  • Corporate governance issues, including annual meetings, resolutions, record keeping, and other requirements to limit personal liability.
  • Contract negotiation, drafting, and review.
  • Employment Law Issues and Resolution.
  • Business disputes and business litigation, including partnership disputes and shareholder disputes and other similar issues.
  • Stock option plans, stock purchase plans, and other employment incentives.
  • Promissory notes, security agreements, and other loan transactions.
  • Financing issues and Resolution.

Our lawyers have substantial expertise in business organization, tax law, employment law, commercial real estate, financing, and intellectual property law. Our attorneys provide transactional services as well as strategic advice for almost any legal issue a business may encounter.

The world of business is always changing. Our business lawyers read the updates and changes to the law, and combine a wealth of experience and knowledge of the most recent issue and developments as they relate to obtaining solutions for the client. Also, we have an extensive network of specialists in all areas of the law to include on your team, no matter what the legal issue. We are much more than just a law firm; we are a partner in your success. We represent your best interests to build and protect your business dreams.

What sets our firm apart from other attorneys who practice in the same areas?

Dogged Tenacity-We bring to the practice of law the same dogged tenacity that the owner of the firm, Steven H. Wilhelm, used in order to achieve ranking in the top two in the world in his sporting events prior to entering into the practice of law. This same drive and determination referenced is used and applied to secure the best possible results for our clients.

Our approach is passionate on our client’s behalf, yet rational through the use of the power of positive mental attitude towards achieving the best possible result in what is often times some of the most negative factual settings that a client will have to deal with in the client’s entire lifetime.

Awareness and Corresponding Preparation – We bring into our representation an awareness from many years of experience (going on 39, presently) that there is always someone else out there smarter, faster, quicker, more articulate, better at arguing, or more dogged and/or more tenacious than you are, and we use an approach that demands the kind of preparation to meet and deal with that exact opponent on each and every assignment.

We provide a customized representation at pricing that our competition, whether they be big firms, middle size firms or small firms, cannot match.


Emil Arguelles

Leaders in Law endorses Emil Arguelles as our exclusively recommended Trusts & Estates Law expert in Belize. If you wish to get in touch with Emil, please use the contact information provided above.

Managing Partner

With over 19 years of legal experience, Emil Arguelles is a veteran of hundreds of millions of United States dollars of real estate acquisitions, dispositions, financings and other transactions, has structured and completed numerous transactions in virtually all areas of law and related disciplines, and is particularly known for representing Fortune 500 companies operating or having interests in Belize. Some of these are listed under our Client List. He has also qualified as an International Arbitrator and is recognized by the Belize Supreme Court on its Roster of Arbitrators specializing in Commercial Arbitration.

As Speaker of Parliament, Emil Arguelles presided over the Belize National Assembly when some major events in Belize’s history occurred:

  • The replacement of the UK’s Privy Council with the Caribbean Court of Justice as its final Appellate Court; Act #5/2010
  • Recall of Representatives Act which came into historic use for the first time in 2013


  • Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI, U.S.A.
  • University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Barbados
  • Norman Manley School of Law, Kingston, Jamaica

Professional Memberships

  • The Belize Bar Association
  • Member, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (UK)
  • New York State Bar Association (NYSBA)
  • International Tax Planning Association (ITPA)
  • International Trademark Association (INTA)
  • Intellectual Property Caribbean Association (IPCA)
  • UK Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners (STEP)
  • Interamerican Association of Intellectual Property (ASIPI)
  • International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI)
  • European Communities Trade Mark Association (ECTA)
  • Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO)
  • International Bar Association (IBA)
  • Belize International Financial Services Association (BIFSA)
  • MARQUES – Association of European Trademark Owners
  • Association of Real Estate Brokers of Belize (AREBB)
  • Belize Tourism & Industry Association (BTIA)
  • Martindale-Hubbell
  • Chambers Global / Chambers Latin America
  • Various directorships with fiduciary responsibility on many large and successful local companies with references upon request.

Past Posts

  • Speaker of the House of Representatives of Belize 2008-2012
  • Vice President of the Belize Bar 2013-2014
  • 2012 – Founding Member and Executive of STEP Belize Chapter
  • Board Director of the Belize Tourism Board
  • Former Member of the Board of the Social Investment Fund
  • Member of The New York State Bar Association
  • Honorary Consul of Poland in Belize (2004 – 2019)
  • Member, Belize Trade Licensing Board
  • Member of the Qualified Retired Persons Incentives Program Committee of the Belize Tourism Board
  • Executive Member, Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • Member, Association of Real Estate Brokers of Belize
  • Crown Counsel, Office of Director of Public Prosecutions with a success/conviction rate of 100%
  • Belize Chess Champion

Firm Description:

Arguelles & Company – Belize Lawyers that have developed high calibre and specialized staff and expertise in all aspects of structuring quality legal solutions for straightforward as well as complicated matters resulting in increased savings for the client coupled with savings in time. The firm places special professional emphasis on the importance of confidentiality between Attorney-Client relationships as well as within the structures themselves and absolutely in regard to third parties and other entities.

The firm specializes in select areas of Belize law and thus has the support staff and contacts to expedite and facilitate client transactions. As the working relationship is long term and mutual, the firm prides itself on securing a few good clients rather than to seek out bulk work requests which result in the loss of personal contact and efficiency. Please contact us for a rate quote depending on the type of work and complexity required as we are bound by certain Belize Bar fee schedule considerations depending on the matter and experience of the Belize Attorney involved.

Regulatory Regime

We highly regard and are bound by the Legal Profession Act, Chapter 320 of the Laws of Belize, 2000, various local and International Codes of Conduct resulting from strict admissions and enrollment in the following:

Local Contacts

The firm has established and maintains continued productive working relationships with all departments of government dealing with select areas of expertise including the Department of Lands and Surveys, Belize Intellectual Property Office, The Registrar General, Belize Trade and Investment Development Service, The Companies Registry, The International Business Companies (IBC) Registry and the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) together with various Governmental Ministries. The firm has previously been recognized by the Mayor and City of Belize for valuable contribution, support and legal advice to the City. Arguelles & Company has also from time to time, advised the Association of Professional Architects of Belize (APAB) and the Association of Professional Engineers of Belize (APEB). Arguelles & Company has also assisted in drafting of legislation in regard to foreign investment and has intimate knowledge of parliamentary process and committees.

International Experience – Immediate Results

Since its inception, the firm has constantly used technology and adapted to meet the specific requirements of large multinationals, differing time zones and high net worth individuals. Service has now become immediate. Color copies of documents/Certificates & Titles can now be delivered the same day of receipt via scanning and email in line with the demands of international expectations.

Enduring Partnership

Our Belize Attorneys create an enduring and personal relationship which we consider vital to understanding the client’s long term needs and protection. We have in the past worked together with numerous clients and professional intermediaries to create and identify a range of solutions second to none. We pride ourselves in delivery of prompt responses and results. On request, testimonials to the above are available from CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and many U.S. accounting, banking and legal private client advisors. See Representative Client List.


  • English
  • Spanish
  • Mandarin


Karen A. Perreira

Leaders in Law endorses Karen A. Perreira as our exclusively recommended Trusts & Estates Law expert in Barbados. If you wish to get in touch with Karen please use the contact information provided above.

Karen has over 25 years’ experience as a practicing Attorney at Law, in the Caribbean. She spent her first seven years in the field of law in her native country, Guyana, South America at the law firm deCaries Fitzpatrick and Karran where she became a partner. In the year 2000, she migrated to Barbados and joined the law firm Aequus Chambers in Bridgetown Barbados where she specialized in banking, property, offshore and trust and estate matters. She then merged with Hastings Attorney-at-law until 2011 when she started her own firm, Perreira Law that in 2015 rebranded and is now known as InterCaribbean Legal.

Karen has developed a very large commercial litigation and international business practice. She has attracted a clientele of individuals, family businesses and private and public companies. She works for various financial institutions advising on banking law and loans for both domestic and offshore borrowers and private investors. Her portfolio of clients includes international insurance companies, large construction companies, property developers, and HNWIs seeking investment opportunities in Barbados.

Her area of specialties are Trust and Estate Planning, Compliance (AML), Securities; Private Banking; Loan Documentation; Mergers & Acquisitions; Real Estate Transactions and Construction Contracts; Intellectual Property; Commercial Contracts; Procurement; Commercial and Trust Litigation; Licensing (regulatory and compliance); Maritime Law and Arbitration and Mediation.

She obtained a Diploma in International Trust and is currently the only practicing Attorney in Barbados who can boast of holding a STEP Advanced Certificate in Trust Disputes. This invaluable qualification has equipped her with the expertise to advise and safeguard international clients and investors in the preparation of trust instruments, structuring and administration of trusts.

She is also a certified anti-money laundering specialist with the Association of Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (ACAMS) and has obtained a CIArb Certificate in the Introduction to International Arbitration.

She is a member of the International Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, and an executive Committee member of the Barbados Branch. She joined the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists and The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. In 2015 she also became a member of the Barbados International Business Association and the Barbados Bar Association.

  • Trust and Estate Planning
  • Compliance (AML)
  • Securities
  • Private Banking
  • Loan Documentation
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Real Estate Transactions and Construction Contracts
  • Intellectual Property
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Procurement
  • Commercial and Trust Litigation
  • Licensing (regulatory and compliance)
  • Maritime Law and Arbitration and Mediation.


  • Certificate in Foundations (STEP)
  • Certificate in Anti Money Laundering (ACAMS)
  • Certificate in Introduction to Arbitration (CIArb)
  • Step Advanced Certificate in Trust Disputes (STEP/CLT)
  • Step Diploma in International Trust Management (STEP/CLT)
  • Legal Education Certifcate, Hugh Wooding Law School
  • Bachelors of Law (with Honours), The University of the West Indies


  • Chartered Institute of International Arbitrators (CIArb)
  • Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners (STEP)
  • Barbados International Business Association (BIBA)
  • Member, Barbados Bar Association (BBA)

Firm Description:

We are a full-service Barbados Law Firm and Trade Mark Agent located in Bridgetown, Barbados, with affiliates throughout the Caribbean. We also offer company formation (domestic and international), regulation and maintenance through our Corporate Service Division, InterCaribbean Corporate Services.

International Financial Services

Providing comprehensive wealth management solutions for discerning investors in Barbados. We have extensive experience in Foundations, Captive Insurance, IBC’s, Trusts, Bilateral Treaties and Double Taxation Benefits.

Intellectual Property

We work closely with the Barbados Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office, to ensure your intellectual assets are securely protected. Your inventions & ideas are our business. Keeping your Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights safeguarded.

Trust & Estate Planning

With a collective 30+ years of experience, we are best positioned to advise you as to the most effective solutions for you and your family’s best interest.

Company Formation

InterCaribbean Legal specialises in company formations. Some of the most commonly formed companies include: International Business
Companies (IBC), Regular Barbados Companies (RBC), Exempt Insurance Companies, International Banks, and domestic/local companies.

Real Estate

Providing comprehensive wealth management solutions for discerning investors in Barbados. We have extensive experience in Foundations, Captive Insurance, IBC’s, Trusts, Bilateral Treaties and Double Taxation Benefits.


Dr. Sylvia Freygner, LL.M.

Leaders in Law endorses Sylvia Freygner as our exclusively recommended Trusts & Estates Law expert in Liechtenstein. If you wish to get in touch with Sylvia please use the contact information provided above.

Sylvia has been a licensed attorney in Liechtenstein, Austria and Switzerland since 2007 and is an expert in European competition and international tax law. For more than ten years, Dr. Freygner has specialised in trademark law, vertical distribution channels, as well as concession and licensing models. Further, Dr. Freygner focuses on tax arrangements regarding assets, companies and international licensing systems. She also lectures in the Masters Program in International Tax Law at the University of Vaduz.

As a certified expert in fiscal criminal law, Dr. Freygner provides clients with professional and empathetic support in sophisticated and challenging fiscal criminal cases.

For the last five years, Dr. Freygner has led an independent research institute in Vienna that addresses topics related to European competition, liberalisation, and privatisation of state services.

In establishing the first Public Social Responsibility Institute for government services in Europe, Dr. Freygner initiated a new school of thought in the field of European business, competition, and procurement law. The resulting Public Social Responsibility Charta and the Public Social Responsibility Code provides the impetus for a European dialogue with all stakeholders. Furthermore, Dr. Freygner supports the Committee of the Centre of Excellence for the Public Economy, Infrastructure and Public Service e. V. at the University of Leipzig.

In 2017, she completed the Course on Strategic Leadership held by the Austrian Ministry of the Interior.


Hélène Anne Lewis

Hélène is a national of Trinidad and Tobago and English qualified lawyer of more than twenty-five years who has been practising in the BVI since 1990. She is the Founding Partner of SimonetteLewis a boutique law practice that serves as BVI legal advisers to private banks in Europe and Asia as well as to private wealth advisers and high net worth individuals onshore. Mrs Lewis’ practice includes advising on property, trust, probate and corporate matters involving BVI structures. With her Litigation Partner, she has also appeared in several high value trust and civil litigation matters in the Supreme Court of the Virgin Islands and the OECS Court of Appeal. She has presented to several conferences on Trust, Compliance and Corporate issues and is a member of the organising committee of one of the trust industry’s most successful conferences – the STEP Caribbean Conference which she has chaired twice in her capacity as Chairman of the BVI Branch of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (“STEP”).

After admission to the Bar at Gray’s Inn the former Hélène Anne Simonette returned to Trinidad where she was at various times, State Counsel in the Attorney General’s Chambers, Legal Advisor to the Ombudsman and to the Leader of the Opposition. After having been the Senior Crown Counsel and sometimes Acting Attorney General of the Turks and Caicos Islands, she joined a prominent BVI law firm but established her own practice (SimonetteLewis) in February 2007. Mrs Lewis has served as President of the B.V.I. Bar Association, of which she was previously Secretary for seven years and has also served as Vice President and Treasurer of the OECS Bar Association, a regional association of the Bar Associations of the nine countries which comprise the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States. She has served as a member of the STEP Worldwide Council and Board of Directors and had the distinction of being elected in November 2012 to be Chairman of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners. She was re-elected to the post in November 2013 and stood down in November 2014. She currently serves as a Vice President of STEP Worldwide and Chairman of the Branch Development Committee and Emeritus Member of the STEP Caribbean Conference Steering Committee which plans, organises and hosts the STEP Caribbean Conference annually.

Trusts & Estates Law Practice:

At the core of our practise is the Trusts and Probate Group. We offer trust formation services to commercial and private clients.

Services include:

  • Estate planning
  • Establishing Trusts for commercial and investment purposes
  • Wills and Probate

To act on behalf of trustees, beneficiaries, we offer 360 degree advice on the on the establishment of trusts. SimonetteLewis also has a wealth of experience in trust related litigation and contentious trust and estates matters.

“We rely on the advice and on prompt, personal and effective service offered by Mrs. Lewis and her team. We are always pleased by their prompt efficient and cooperative attention.”


Kieron O’Rourke

Kieron joined Harneys in 1995 and has been a partner since 1998. Kieron is Global Head of Investment Funds and Regulatory and recently relocated to the Cayman Islands to spearhead Harneys new Cayman operation. Kieron is qualified as a lawyer in England & Wales and is admitted as an attorney in the state of New York. Harneys has the largest Investment Funds practice in the British Virgin Islands, and is consistently ranked as the leading authority on the British Virgin Islands Investment Funds Industry by the major legal and funds directories.

The Investment Funds practice is comprised of a team of specialist investment funds lawyers headed by Kieron which, together with its affiliated trust company Harneys Corporate Services Limited, provides legal advice and related corporate services to approximately one third of all regulated funds and fund management companies established in the British Virgin Islands.

In addition to advising on private and professional funds and fund management companies for clients ranging from first time hedge fund managers to large institutional sponsors, the team is also the acknowledged leader in the specialised field of regulated public funds and acts for the principal sponsors of public funds domiciled in the British Virgin Islands.

Kieron is a member of the British Virgin Islands Mutual Funds Advisory Committee, a statutory body whose principal function is to advise the Financial Services Commission on matters relating to the mutual funds industry.

Ranked as leader in his field by Chambers Global 2005-2008.

Ranked as a leading lawyer by IFLR 1000.


Central Lancs (LLB Hons)

Queens University, Belfast (CPLS)

Bar Admissions

Admitted as a Solicitor in England & Wales 1990

Admitted in New York 1991

Admitted in the British Virgin Islands 1996

Admitted in Anguilla 2000

Admitted in the Cayman Islands 2008

Partner since 1998


Patrick Hamlin

Patrick’s practice focuses on trust and succession litigation including Inheritance Act claims, breach of trust actions and applications for construction of trust documents and wills. He also advises on removal of personal representatives and trustees.

He gives advice on all types of charity litigation, dealing with the Charity Commission and Attorney General in latter’s role as protector of charity, as well as fraud and asset tracing. He has a particular interest in SE Asia, having practised in Hong Kong for 16 years.

Law Practice:

As wealthy families get larger and issues become more complex, there is a growing need to resolve some of the issues by means of alternative dispute resolution and sometimes, by referral to the courts.

We have one of the largest international teams dedicated to dealing with such issues as they arise, or with such disputes where no internal resolution is possible.

We deal extensively with such claims before probate, surrogate’s and chancery courts in the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and certain offshore jurisdictions, and in other offshore jurisdictions, where we are not admitted to the courts, we work closely with local lawyers to provide a seamless service to our clients.

Claims take numerous forms, but areas of concentration include working with families to avoid these problems in the first place. In a number of circumstances, issues relate to the performance (or non-performance) of trustees, their relations with beneficiaries, or claims by non-beneficiaries with respect to trust assets.

In many cases we help clients resolve issues without the need for personal details to be made public through litigation.


Withers has been acting for successful individuals, families and institutions for over 100 years. We advise clients on their business and personal legal needs both at home and abroad. In this fast moving and increasingly regulated world the need for integrated and timely advice has never been more urgent.

2014 was book-ended by the opening of our San Francisco office, which was launched in January in order to better service the needs of our growing Californian client-base, and ended with the arrival of our first Australian office in Sydney. This coincided with the launch of Withers SBL, an alliance established by Withers, BLW and SBL Shmith to offer tax and estate planning, corporate and commercial and immigration law services.


Farah Deba Mohamed Sofian

Leaders in Law endorses Farah Deba Mohamed Sofian as our exclusively recommended Trusts & Estates Law expert in Malaysia. If you wish to get in touch with Farah please use the contact information provided above.

FARAH DEBA MOHAMED SOFIAN has been extensively involved in estate planning and inheritance work since year 2002 and is currently a partner of Messrs Wong Lu Peen & Tunku Alina. She has advised wide range of clientele including various financial institutions (both Islamic and conventional) on corporate banking and trade facilities, property developers in respect of mixed integrated development (residential, commercial and industrial projects), foreign clients on foreign acquisition and disposal of assets, body corporates on long-term lease and land development arrangements concerning infrastructure and privatized projects locally and internationally (including  in the Middle East).
Farah also has first-hand experience in setting up an Islamic financing unit of a co-operative society including the provision of training for the staff and preparation of the standard operating procedures for the financing unit.  She is also involved in advising clients on special projects for the development & construction of transportation hub, hotels  & medical centers. Additionally, she advises clients from time to time on various ad-hoc corporate and regulatory issues including the recently introduced regulatory regimes relating to competition, data protection and privacy issues.

Special Focus

She was instrumental in establishing the Inheritance and Succession Practice Group in the Firm.  She formulated the idea of expanding the real property practice of the Firm to the provision of estate planning & business succession instruments to Muslim and non-Muslim clients.

The Firm now provides a full range of inheritance & succession advisory services with special focus in asset protection & preservation, estate & business succession planning, probate & administration affecting Muslims & non-Muslims. Her clientele include various high net worth individuals, trust companies, foundations (family holdings & charitable), professional will-writing companies & other body corporates.

Her team’s practice includes

Determining distribution computation for Muslims & non-Muslims; – determination of heirs (forced heirship rule); – attendance in Shariah courts; – Wills writing & review; – Structuring & preparing wealth and estate planning instruments including trusts & business succession instruments, preparation of buy- sell arrangements;  – Creation & formation of trust foundations (charitable or otherwise);   – probate & estate administration including assisting & facilitating legal representatives with the administration and management of the deceased’s estate, calling in of assets, attending to transmission  until distribution of assets to beneficiaries – application for letter of representation and resealing thereof including obtaining distribution order & order for sale

Qualification Graduated from International Islamic University, Malaysia; – Masters of Laws from King’s College, University of London; – Advocate & Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya since 1992; – Registered Mediator with the Bar Council Malaysian Mediation Centre ; – Full Member of Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners


Tugrul Sevim

Having graduated from the Faculty of Law of Ankara University in 1996, Turgay Kuleli was awarded a Master’s degree in Business Administration at Isik University, in addition to a Master’s degree in Economics Law at Bilgi University. He took a set of training and tests conducted by foreign and local establishments such as the New York Institute of Finance, the Swiss Finance Institute, the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners UK, the Capital Markets Board of Turkey and the Istanbul Securities Exchange, and was awarded licences and certificates.

Turgay Kuleli began his professional career in 1995 in the finance sector as a financial analyst and portfolio manager, followed by engagement in Arz Investment Securities Company, Oyak Asset Management Company, İş Investment Securities Company, İş Asset Management Company; and has been carrying on with his professional career at Kuleli Attorneys at Law, as the founder, consultant and attorney at law since 2005.

He has expertise in international wealth and tax planning, cross-border transactions, international trust law, international and Turkish capital markets law, corporate law, commercial law, and law of contracts. His portfolio of clients covers foreigners who invest in Turkey, as well as Turkish entrepreneurs who conduct business in foreign countries. He has a good number of articles published in local and foreign media organs.

Kuleli Attorneys at Law:

Kuleli Attorneys offer all kinds of legal services, mainly focused on tax and administrative law, commercial law, contractual law, labor law, foreign capital law, competition law, banking law and capital markets law.

In addition to these mentioned above: International tax planning and tax-efficient structure analyses, legal documentation, representative offices, branches and company foundations, formation of joint ventures, shareholder agreements, share transfers, service contracts, credit and lease contracts, due diligence processes, and corporate board meeting preparations are executed.

Raymond Davern

Leaders in Law endorses Raymond Davern as our exclusively recommended Trusts & Estates Law expert in Cayman Islands. If you wish to get in touch with Raymond, please use the contact information provided above.

Raymond Davern, Counsel, is Head of the Private Client and Trust practices in both the Cayman Islands and British Virgin Islands offices of Conyers Dill & Pearman. Raymond regularly works with leading onshore legal and accounting firms in the US, UK, Europe, Latin America, MENA region and South East Asia to establish and provide advice in relation to trust and related structures for high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals in succession, estate planning and asset protection contexts.

Raymond also undertakes specialist trust litigation in both jurisdictions at first instance and appellate levels, regularly appearing as an advocate. He also advises on the administration of Cayman and BVI situated estate of foreign domiciled deceased persons in both contentious and non-contentious contexts.

Raymond has over 25 years of experience, and joined Conyers in 2010. In addition to his private client and litigation experience, Raymond has served as a lecturer on the Law of Trusts at King’s College in London, UK.

Firm Description:

Founded in 1928, Conyers Dill & Pearman is an international law firm advising on the laws of Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands and Mauritius. With a global network that includes 140 lawyers spanning eight offices worldwide, Conyers provides responsive, sophisticated, solution-driven legal advice to clients seeking specialised expertise on corporate and commercial, litigation, restructuring and insolvency, and trust and private client matters. Conyers is affiliated with the Codan group of companies, which provide a range of trust, corporate secretarial, accounting and management services.