Thierry Afschrift

Leaders in Law endorses Thierry Afschrift as our exclusively recommended Tax Law expert in Switzerland. If you wish to get in touch with Thierry please use the contact information provided above.

Every taxpayer is entitled to reduce his tax burden

In 1994, the year in which the firm that bears his name saw the light of day, Thierry Afschrift wrote “L’évitement licite de l’impôt et la réalité juridique, un droit fondamental du contribuable” published by Larcier. The essence of his message, and also the basis of the firm’s values, is that taxpayers are under no compulsion to pay more tax than they are legally obliged to.

“The administration cannot compel a taxpayer, whether a company, a natural person or a legal entity, to place himself in an unfavourable position. Provided that he acts within the law, every taxpayer is entitled to reduce his tax burden inasmuch as possible. Successive governments have been trying to abolish that right for 60 years now. But as long as the legality principle of taxation remains enshrined in the Constitution, the legislator will find it hard to argue that citizens, who abide by the law, are suddenly denied the benefit of its application because they may have tried to use it to their advantage.”

Ever since the firm was set up, Thierry has asked all the lawyers at the firm to act as consultants and in disputes. “Even though this format is fairly unusual, it seems indispensable to me if we are to realise our objectives. Our message to taxpayers must be crystal clear: we are confident enough in the advice we give to defend that advice, if need be, against the administration and before the competent courts.”

Bar Associations

  • Member of the Bar Council of Brussels since 1976
  • Member of the Bar Associations/Councils of Madrid, Antwerp, Luxembourg and Geneva
  • Foreign Lawyer, member of the Law Society of Hong-Kong
  • Deputy Justice at the Court of Appeal of Brussels


  • French
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Italian


  • Master’s in Law – Université libre de Bruxelles, Special Master’s in Economic Law, Special Master’s in Fiscal Science,
  • Award, as per decision of the Board of Governors of the Université Libre de Bruxelles, for exceptional scientific merit equivalent to a doctoral thesis (1992)


Academic activities


  • Head of the 3rd year Bachelor’s programme Tax Law (30 hours) at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management (since 1987)
  • Chairman of the Executive Master’s programme Fiscal Management (which confers the Diploma of Special Studies in Fiscal Management ) at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics & Management
  • Co-manager of the course In-depth Corporate Tax Issues – Case Studies in the Executive Master’s programme Fiscal Management


  • Introduction to Law course assistant at the Faculty of Law of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (from 1 October 1978 until 30 September 1982)
  • Tax Law I course assistant at the Faculty of Law of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (from 1 October 1982 until 30 September 1988)
  • Head of the course In-depth Study of VAT at the Faculty of Law of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (1992-1997)
  • Head of the course E-commerce and Tax Law in the D.E.S. in E-commerce at the Polytechnic School of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (2000-2001)
  • Head of the course Complements to Taxation in the 4th year of the Solvay Brussels School of Economy and Management (1991 – 2005)

Firm Description

Our Approach

Law Firm Afschrift stands for unparalleled versatility. This claim stems from two essential elements, i.e. a personal relationship and qualitative advice.

Our team: multi-skilled professionals

Your lawyer is honour-bound to assist you with anything that requires his skills, be it of a tax-related or any other nature. This is why all our lawyers are multi-skilled and fully au fait with all the aspects of the tax and judicial system.

You can count on them for guidance and to represent your interests towards tax authorities.

Your lawyer: your privileged partner

The relationship between a lawyer and client is a long-term personal relationship. This relationship is based on mutual trust and becomes stronger as time goes on.

What does that mean?
Your lawyer has the relevant competences to guide you through your financial files.

All our lawyers are specialised in tax law. That does not mean that our firm is subdivided into “departments” however, for each of us is able to resolve your taxation and related issues.
Unless you expressly ask otherwise, you will never have to deal with more than two people.
Your lawyer knows you personally and, as he has an overview of your situation, your assets, he is able to answer all your tax-related questions.

Our lawyers are both consultants and litigation lawyers

As we see it, tax advice should be based on the firm conviction of the lawyer so that, when push comes to shove, he is also able to defend the chosen solution in Court.
This firm conviction leads to legal security about the transaction and maximises your chances of a successful outcome.
This is why most of our lawyers are seasoned litigation lawyers and very much in touch with the reality of daily practice.
The expertise they gained in the course of legal proceedings allows them, realistically and without preconceptions, to assess the relevance of the solutions they present you with.

Afschrift and the bears

As symbol of our vision of what the profession of tax lawyer stands for, we chose the bear for its strength, valour and image of kindness.

Strength and valour

Bears have the name of being powerful animals, fierce in their defence of their young and in protecting their territory from intruders.

As tax lawyers, it is our job to defend our clients and to protect their assets from the State. We do so with the same strength and energy as a sow defends its cubs.

Gentleness and kindness

But a lawyer’s task also includes guiding and advising his clients so as to enable them to manage their assets and business. We help our clients with the same thoughtfulness as a sow watching her offspring taking their first steps.


Finally, teddy bears are a child’s first confidant, a confidant that knows how to keep a secret.
To ensure that our clients get the most appropriate advice, they will have to accept that there are certain things we have to know about. We give you an absolute guarantee that anything you share with us in confidence is safe with us.

Protecting bears

To show you exactly how fond we are of bears, the embodiment of everything we stand for, we decided to do take some concrete action by supporting associations that protect bears across France and Spain.

Burçin Gözlüklü

Leaders in Law endorses Burçin Gözlüklü as our exclusively recommended Tax Law expert in Turkey. If you wish to get in touch with Burçin please use the contact information provided above.

Burçin Gözlüklü is the founder of Centrum Sworn-In Financial Advisory and Consulting Inc. and he serves as the managing partner. He also serves as the chairman of ETL Turkey Office, which is a part of Germany based ETL Group, one of the top Tax and Audit companies in worldwide. Centrum has been listed as Best Tax Firm in Turkey for 2018 by International Tax Review, a leading International Publisher in tax world.

Before establishing the Centrum Group, Burçin has worked as a tax inspector within the Turkish Ministry of Finance Tax Inspectors Board for 10 years.

Beginning from the mid-2008, he was appointed as the Secretary General of the Turkish Accounting Standards Board (now named as Public Oversight Board), and took the leadership role of adopting the international accounting standards (IFRS/IAS) into Turkish legislation for 3 years. During this period, he participated as a member in the Asian – Oceanian Standard Setters Group (AOSSG) and as an observer member in the World Standard Setters (WSS) Group.

During his duty as Secretary General, he actively participated in the preparation of the New Turkish Commercial Code (TCC) as well as he represented our country regarding accounting and audit legislations of new TCC during the negotiation process of EU Acquis’ Company Law Chapter with EU Commission.

The European Union acquis represented our country in terms of accounting and auditing regulations of the new TCC during the negotiation of the Company Law chapter with the EU Commission.

After he left public sector in 2010, he became the Group Audit Coordinator of Koç Holding Inc., which is the biggest conglomerate and the only Top 250 Fortune’s Global Listing company in Turkey. For three years before establishing Centrum, Burçin served as the Tax Management Coordinator of Koç companies responsible from the tax advisory and management of the group firms.

Burçin Gözlüklü has received his BA degree in Business Administration from the Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences. He has a Ph.D. degree in finance and accounting from Başkent University.

Between the 2011 and 2014 years, he served as the member of Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD) intellectual rights sub-study group. Between 2011 and 2013 years, he represented TÜSİAD in the Commissions of Public Oversight, Accounting and Auditing Standards Authority.

He has been the executive board member of the International Financial Management Association of Turkey since 2013.

In 2020, he was elected as the executive board member of the Istanbul Economy Summit and as the independent member of the board of director of a listed company, Yeni Gimat GYO A.Ş.

He holds Sworn-in CPA and independent auditor degrees and he is fluent in English.

Specialty Areas

Firm Description:

Centrum provides services to many international and domestic companies in the fields of tax, independent audit, corporate finance, internal audit, corporate risk, management consultancy. In addition to the corporate services that it specializes in, it also offers comprehensive tax consultancy and tax compliance services.

Since its establishment in 2015, with more then 400 customers and 50 employees, it has become just one of Turkey’s fastest growing consulting firm within 5 years. It provides consultancy services to a large number of corporate firms, with partners consisting of 5 people, each of whom are experts in their fields, and a staff, 40% of whom hold a master’s degree. Centrum has achieved a unique place in sector since It is Turkey’s first firm specializing in international consulting and transfer pricing.

Centrum has received the “European Tax Awards of the Year: Tax Firm of the Year 2018” award by the International Tax Review, which is considered as the most reliable international publication in terms of evaluating tax firms. It is also listed as “Top Tier Transfer Pricing Firm” and “Top Tier Tax Firm” in the World Transfer Pricing 2019 and World Tax Guide 2019 issues published by International Tax Review.

At the beginning of 2019, Centrum has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Germany-based ETL Global in order to strengthen its activities worldwide, and has received the status of Turkey Office of ETL Global. ETL Global operates in more than 50 countries with more than 40 years of history and more than 1000 offices. ETL Global is ranked among the top 5 tax and audit companies in Germany and has an income more than 810 million Euros only in Germany. Its combined worldwide income is at the level of 1.3 Billion Euros. The company has around 850 offices in Germany. ETL Global operates worldwide with more than 9,000 employees and more than 200,000 customers.


Neil Smith

Leaders in Law endorses Lucie Blažková as our exclusively recommended Business Law expert in Czech Republic. If you wish to get in touch with Lucie please use the contact information provided above.

Qualifications: LLB (Hons); Diploma in Legal Practice.

Experience: Neil is a Scottish lawyer with extensive experience in corporate structuring and general commercial matters.

Neil is on the BNA International’s committee for its online service. Out of the office Neil’s interests include sport and politics and he is an accomplished after dinner speaker.

Firm Description

The Nordeq group of companies provides independent, cross-border financial solutions to a global client base. With offices in Copenhagen and Auckland, we offer professional services to the private and institutional investor, tackling challenges arising from cross-border investments, structuring and financing-related issues.

The dynamic global environment in which we operate demands ever-increasing levels of understanding, planning and agility. Trust is the cornerstone of our business and we work closely with our clients and partners for the best solution. At Nordeq, relationships – just as investments – are nurtured in order to grow to their full potential.

Our team of specialist lawyers and accountants represent a range of nationalities and work across languages, specialising in corporate law, M & A,  tax, financing, accounting and banking. Our services range from the provision of international tax advice to the implementation of international corporate and trust structures, company domiciliation and administration, accountancy, and specialist project management. We have the ability to offer in-house solutions across jurisdictions spanning the globe.


LY Tayseng

Well-connected and with international experience, Mr. LY’s practice focuses on banking and finance, tax advisory and commercial litigation.

He has been appointed as panel lawyer for banks and MFIs in Cambodia and leads HBS’s team in numerous major financing projects, equity investments, IPOs and M&As, involving foreign banks and other types of investors.

Mr. LY obtained his Master of Laws from Nagoya University, Japan, a Bachelor of Laws from the Royal University of Law and Economics, Cambodia, and Bachelor of Laws from the University Lumière Lyon 2, France.

He acted as Legal and Political Researcher and Analyst at the General Secretariat of the Supreme National Economic Council (SNEC) under the auspices of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet from 2005 to 2012. Mr. LY served as the Secretary General of the Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia from 2004-2008, and has been a Labor Arbitrator for the Arbitration Council of the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training since 2003. He is a lecturer at the Royal School of Administration where he teaches business law, labor law and dispute resolution to senior government officers, and at the Royal University of Law and Economics since 2003. He was appointed as a Notary Public and as the Director of HBS Notary Public in 2008.

Mr. LY has been accredited by the Securities and Exchanges Commission of Cambodia (SECC) to advise on securities laws and regulations. In addition, he has also been recognized by Ministry of Commerce as Legal Mark Agent of Cambodia.

Mr. LY is fluent in English, French and Khmer, and has conversational Japanese.


– Executive LL.M, The King’s College London, UK
– Leadership in Law Firm, Harvard Law School, USA
– Master of Laws, Nagoya University, Japan
– Bachelor of Laws, University Lumière Lyon 2, France
– Bachelor of Laws, Royal University of Law and Economics, Cambodia


– Director of HBS Notary Public
– Bar Association of Cambodia
– Legal, Political Researcher and Analyst, General Secretariat of the Supreme National Economic Council
– Labor Arbitrator for the Arbitration Council, Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training
– Lecturer, Royal School of Administration

Firm Overview:

Established in 2005, HBS Law is a highly regarded multi-service law firm. We work with a broad client base which includes major international and Asian companies. Our team has solid expertise to assist foreign and local clients in a wide range of sectors. We also assist educational institutions, international organizations, Government agencies and senior Government leaders.

A combination of teamwork, specialist skills and cooperative relationships with Government means that we are at the forefront of Cambodia’s rapid legal development. HBS Law is frequently called upon to participate in precedent-setting deals and advice on new legislation and regulations.

By building our business in response to clients’ needs, HBS Law has become a significant and credible practice in South East Asia. Our philosophy of developing relations of trust and honesty with our clients is profoundly important. Consequently, our clients entrust us with their most complex legal matters.

HBS Law is particularly proud of its role as a corporate citizen. We provide a pro bono service for people who cannot afford legal services, focusing on aid to children, victims of domestic violence and other vulnerable members of our community. We provide a learning forum for law graduates, junior lawyers, judicial officers and law enforcement officers throughout the country.

We are thankful to all our colleagues who are striving to maintain HBS Law as a leading law firm and all our valued clients who have trusted us as their business partners. We look forward to welcoming new clients to benefit from our experience and honest, balanced services.


Dominique Pepin

Leaders in Law endorses Dominique Pepin as our exclusively recommended Tax Law expert in Barbados. If you wish to get in touch with Dominique please use the contact information provided above.

Dominique Pepin is an attorney-at-law with a Master in taxation. She was formerly a Tax Partner with Ernst & Young in Barbados and founded Tailored’s group in 2015.

Dominique served as a director on the Board of the Barbados International Business Association (“BIBA”) until recently and was Chair of BIBA’s Tax Committee for several years. She was a member of the Task Force which advised Government on the new tax regime implemented in January 2019. Dominique still represents BIBA on the Barbados Treaty Negotiating Team.

Dominique has gained wide and in-depth knowledge in Barbados and Caribbean tax matters generally. Her experience includes advising on cross-border transactions, international, regional and local corporate structuring, assistance with audits conducted by the tax authorities, relocation of High Net Worth Individuals, etc.

Dominique has authored a number of articles on various tax topics. Her extensive experience has allowed her to be a speaker at many conferences in Barbados, Latin America and Canada.

Firm Description

Tailored Tax Solutions is a boutique firm specialised in tax and immigration matters. Our team is composed of experienced legal and accounting professionals, who can assist you with all tax aspects in relation to your activities in the Caribbean. Specifically, our services include, but are not limited to:

a) Tax advisory services, including, corporate and personal tax, withholding tax, value added tax, property transfer tax and stamp duty;
b) Assistance with Immigration matters, including applications for Special Entry Permits and Work Permits;
c) Preparation of corporate and personal tax returns as well as Value Added tax returns and assistance with other compliance matters;
d) Assistance with tax audits, objections and appeals; and
e) Generally, provide tax advice in respect of Barbados tax law and practice.

We also render tax services in regard to other Caribbean countries such as, but not limited to, Antigua, Dominica, Grenada, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

As a member of Prime Global, we have access to resources in over 80 countries, which allow us to provide seamless global solutions.


Farid Nabili

Leaders in Law endorses Farid Nabili as our exclusively recommended Tax Law expert in Azerbaijan. If you wish to get in touch with Farid please use the contact information provided above.

Managing Partner at Caspian Legal Center. He possesses LL.B degree from Baku State University and LL.M degree from Central European University. Mr. Nabili has more than 12 years of experience in commercial and business law. He has worked as in-house legal counsel and legal director for a local holding group, legal adviser for the Central Bank of Azerbaijan, head of tax law reforms unit at the Ministry of Taxes and a local law firm. Mr.Nabili is well experienced in international transactions, company law, real estate and construction, financial and tax law.

Firm Description

Caspian Legal Center is a Baku-based full-service Azerbaijani law and tax consultancy firm. We mainly specialize in commercial and company law matters, as well as wide-range legal support and consulting to businesses regarding the establishment and operation of commercial entities in Azerbaijan.

As a one-stop-shop consulting company, we provide corporate law services and business-set ups, immigration consultancy, employment law services, intellectual property services, law and tax services related to oil-gas industry, contract drafting and negotiations, construction law support, tax and accounting services in Azerbaijan. , dispute resolution and litigation services (including debt recovery), consultancy legal services in real estate and purchase of property in Azerbaijan. 

We also provide legal advice and representation services to foreign individuals regarding family relations, employment, immigration, inheritance, recognition and enforcement of foreign judicial judgments in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Apart from specializations, we provide full and general legal services in Azerbaijan, law consultancy, tax consultancy and advisory, immigration services and accounting services for businesses.

The majority of our clients are multinational companies, operating in Azerbaijan or having business transactions with local companies, including FORTUNE Global 500 companies. We operate in diverse industries, including oil and gas, energy and natural resources, renewable energy, ICT, construction, hospitality and HORECA, industrial manufacturing, machinery, agriculture, food industry, education industry, services industry, import and export, wholesale and retail industry, as well as consult to public and government entities. Please contact us for updated company and clients profile documents.


CLC law firm was established by lawyers and tax consultants with extended experience in practical business law in Azerbaijan. Our team has a western legal education and are skilled in international standards and international law aspects of business operations. We are fluent in English, Russian, Azerbaijani and Turkish languages.

Strong knowledge of local legislation, case-law and court practice, and approach of government institutions, involvement in the business-friendly legislative reform initiative and representing businesses before state authorities have been a key aspect of our experience. Our team members have previously worked and provided services for several local holding groups, plants, import/export businesses, construction companies, banks (including the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan), ministries (Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Taxes, Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and law firms.

CLC advisers and attorneys are well experienced in contract negotiation (representing and accompanying client), drafting, analysis of multi-million contracts, including FIDIC contracts, and dispute resolution and debt recovery cases.

CLC intensively follows legal reforms and business incentives and advises clients on relevant opportunities, including tax and duty exemptions, free zones and other business promotional incentives.

Our Legal Practice has been ranked by IFLR 1000 as Recommended Law firm for 2020 and as one of the leading law firms in Azerbaijan by Legal 500, alongside with other international awards and listings of western diplomatic bodies in Baku.

CLC Tax Practice is ranked by World Tax 2020 as the only reviewed consultancy company from Azerbaijan. Moreover, our Managing Partner, Mr Farid Nabili has been appointed by the International Bar Association as Tax Reporter from Azerbaijan. We constantly update our clients about tax reforms and amendments ongoing in the country, as well as, proposing tax amendments in order to comply with the best international practices for improving the business environment in Azerbaijan.


Eugene Martis

Leaders in Law endorses Eugene Martis as our exclusively recommended Tax Law expert in Aruba. If you wish to get in touch with Eugene please use the contact information provided above.

Eugene H.J. Martis (Curaçao, 1960) obtained his civil law and tax law degree at the University of Leiden. He also completed a vocational training for company lawyers of the Association of Company Lawyers in the Netherlands (Nederlands Genootschap voor Bedrijfsjuristen). After having worked several years in the Netherlands as a legal/tax consultant and afterwards as general counsel with an insurance company, he joined Brown Lawyers in 1992 and became a partner in the firm in 1998. He provides legal advice to mostly corporate clients and to semi-governmental companies, insurance companies, financial institutions and to several other local businesses. He is a member of the Aruban Bar Association and the Inter American Bar Association. He is a board member with several business, community and service organizations.

Firm Description

Brown Lawyers is a top-tier Aruban law firm, having accumulated 25 years of experience and knowledge in Aruban, regional and international legal affairs. We provide the legal services which are most important for today’s businesses and individuals in need of counseling. We provide our local and international clients with a full range of expert legal services, such as advice and counsel on all legal and regulatory matters, advocacy, representation in litigation and collection of claims.

We endeavor to find the most effective solution for our client’s needs and to accomplish the desired goals and results in an efficient but thorough and well thought out manner, while ensuring that the chances of success are constantly evaluated and optimized.


Irina Neves Ferreira

Irina Neves Ferreira joined the firm in 2013. She is a lawyer with considerable international experience, especially in the Angolan jurisdiction. In this market she has been involved in operations concerning private investment, insurance law, real estate (including the support to the negotiation of lease contracts for petrol companies), tax law, foreign exchange law and customs. She is also highly experienced in corporate compliance attained throughout her experience as counsel for the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region in the international compliance team of a multinational company in the IT area.

In the area of corporate and commercial law she has acted as legal advisor in several mergers, acquisitions and disposals of companies, including the acquisition and disposal of companies with head offices in Portugal and Angola, on behalf of domestic and foreign clients in various sectors, such as the oil sector, construction, information technologies and communications. Irina also provides general legal advice to numerous national and foreign companies in the areas of commercial and corporate law.

EducationLaw Degree (Law Faculty of Nova University of Lisbon, 2003). Postgraduate Studies in Information Society Law (Law Faculty of the University of Lisbon, 2007). Specialization course: “Introduction to the common law” (ISCTE and Law Faculty of Nova University of Lisbon, 2008).

Firm Description

We are a leading company in the Angolan market, as we believe in a truly independent advocacy focused on the client. We have a strong and multidisciplinary team of lawyers and combine solid local knowledge with vast international experience, thus enabling us to provide excellent legal services in the Angolan market.

We work with national and international clients, offering highly relevant assistance in strategic sectors such as banking and insurance, energy and natural resources, real estate, construction, industry and services. The high quality of our work, combined with effective availability, allows us to be fully committed to our clients in the most challenging transactions in their sectors of activity.

We are exclusive members in Angola of the Morais Leitão Legal Circle network, which also includes Portugal, Mozambique, Macau and Hong Kong. Our participation in international networks represents an outstanding advantage to our clients as we are prepared to follow them to different markets and jurisdictions.



Mulyono is the founder and managing partner of Mul & Co, one of very few law firms in Indonesia that specialises in tax law.

Mul & Co was founded by experienced practitioners with multi disciplinary backgrounds in tax, law, accounting, and finance. The firm’s services include tax dispute, tax advisory & restructuring, and tax compliance. The team is comprised of dedicated professionals with a deep understanding of taxation law regulations and business culture. The firm is also independent, meaning that it is free from time-consuming conflict check processes.

The Mul & Co team believe that their success depends upon clients’ satisfaction, therefore they always strive to provide clients with the best possible solution to their tax matters. The firm brings a rich understanding of Indonesia’s unique business and legal culture to provide tax services.

Mulyono has accounting, finance, and legal backgrounds. He has triple masters in finance (University of Indonesia), law (University of Padjajaran), and notary (Pelita Harapan University), as well as several professional certifications, including: Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Accountant, Certified Financial Planner, Certified Management Accountant, and Affiliate Wealth Manager. He is also a licensed legal counsel in tax court, licensed advocate and member of the Indonesian Advocate Association (PERADI), and a registered tax consultant. He is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in law.

Before setting up Mul & Co, Mulyono had extensive experience in tax and legal environments. His experience in taxation extends to tax disputes, tax due diligence, tax advisory, tax compliance, as well as company restructuring. Some of the well-respected companies in which he gained his experience include McKinsey & Company, PB Taxand (formerly known as PB & Co.), and Baker McKenzie (Hadiputranto Hadinoto & Partners). He serves a variety of multi-national clients from many industries, such as manufacturing, trading, real estate, mining & oil and gas, telecommunication, hospitality, and services.

His unique combination of technical knowledge in tax, accounting, finance and law, as well as his expertise of the Indonesian taxation system enable him to become a trusted advisor to clients. He is able to deliver holistic and practical taxation services to clients and to accomplish complex and challenging tax-related projects.

Enrique Rodolfo Escobar López

Leaders in Law endorses Enrique Escobar as our exclusively recommended Tax Law expert in El Salvador. If you wish to get in touch with Enrique please use the contact information provided above.

Enrique Escobar has extensive experience in the banking field, in which he has served as manager of legal departments and legal advisor of several local banks, including Banco Agricola, S. A., which is one of the largest banks in the region. He has also advised KPMG regarding taxes, has been a member of several boards of state entities such as ANDA (National Water Supply and Sewerage) and SIGET (Superintendence of Telecommunications and Electricity) as well as private enterprises such as CASALCO (Salvadoran Chamber of the Construction Industry).

Within his practice, he has also advised several corporate and individual clients, with particular emphasis on heritage structures and corporate governance, both locally and internationally.


Degree in Law, Lawyer and Notary, Nueva San Salvador University; Authorized by the Supreme Court of Justice of El Salvador to exercise as a Lawyer and Notary (1985); Diploma in International Business Legal Aspects, Georgetown University – INCAE (2004). Enrique Escobar has also participated in several conferences, courses and seminars offered by various national and international institutions, obtaining diplomas in the areas of negotiation, arbitration, alternative dispute resolution, management, policies on foreign trade, technology transfer contracts, Export credit insurance, securitization and secularization, banking and finance.

Tax Law Practice

At LEXINCORP we are committed to providing advice to our clients across the region. That’s why we pay special emphasis to creating corporate structures that are tax-efficient, minimizing the impact that taxation might have on a business.

Our team is highly trained in providing legal advice regarding both local and regional tax issues, which apply to exports, imports, and all sorts of tax-generating activities. In addition, we represent our clients in legal claims that the States of the region initiate against them. Some of our partners have served as judges in tax matters, even as Court of Appeals judges.


In LEXINCORP we specialize in providing legal advisory services to large and medium sized corporations operating in Central America.

For more than 40 years we have been learning from the market to reach the final objective of INTEGRATION…

At LEXINCORP, we evolved to integrate processes, services, knowledge, businesses, values and solutions to provide quality results to our customers, in each of the services offered and in all of our offices in the region.

With over 80 lawyers with the expertise to care and respond to the needs of our customers, as well as a network of 6 offices across 5 countries in Central America; LEXINCORP, is an enterprising and innovative Firm that has a robust and unique structure, which has enabled it to reach a leading position among all Firms in Central America, recognized by many of the most successful companies around the world.