Giuseppe Celli

Giuseppe Celli è Managing Partner dello Studio e fornisce consulenza ad imprese nazionali e internazionali in materia di diritto commerciale e societario, incluse M&A, joint ventures, incorporazioni societarie, ristrutturazioni societarie, controversie commerciali e societarie. Giuseppe è consulente di imprese che si stanno quotando sulla Borsa Italiana. La sua esperienza in diritto immobiliare include la consulenza nell’acquisto in catene alberghiere italiane e costruzioni commerciali, negoziazione e stesura di accordi di vendita e locazione.

Giuseppe is Managing Partner of the Firm and advises Italian and international companies on a wide range of commercial and corporate matters, including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, company incorporation, company restructurings, as well as in relation to commercial and corporate litigation. Giuseppe has also advised companies in relation to listings on the Italian Stock Exchange. His experience in real estate includes advising in the acquisition of Italian hotel chain and commercial buildings, negotiating and drafting of sale and lease agreement.

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