Mari Benkow

Leaders in Law endorses Mari Benkow as our exclusively recommended Public Procurement Law expert in Norway. If you wish to get in touch with Mari please use the contact information provided above.

Mari has extensive experience in public procurement, ICT contracts and general contract law. She has previously contributed both operationally and strategically to several procurement processes for the Norwegian Police Service. Mari assists both suppliers and purchasers with advice on all stages of the procurement process, in compliant processes and legal disputes. Mari finds practical approaches to legal challenges and is committed to value creation for our clients.

Mari has honed and managed the State Standard Agreements on behalf of Difi and sits on several committees, including the Norwegian Computer Society’s board of directors and the technical group for ICT contracts. By virtue of these positions she holds special expertise in standard agreements in the market as well as extensive experience in drafting and adapting contract terms. She has extensive experience with cloud computing issues and provides legal, market oriented and commercially-minded guidance.

Mari has solid litigation experience and is an experienced speaker.

Practice area

Firm Description:

Advokatfirmaet Berngaard was founded 2007, as an innovative employer in a rigid profession. A clear alternative to the status quo. That is our history, and our future.

Our destination – our vision 

Berngaard aspires to be a recognised, attractive provider of cutting-edge expertise in our chosen fields; Real estate and Construction, Media and Technology, Public Sector and Start-ups and SMB. We strive to be cost-effective, not to maximise our own profits.

Our primary goal is always to help you, the client, to reach your goal. This requires a commercial understanding of the client’s actual requirements and a deep insight into the business and the legal framework. It’s that simple – and that hard.

We would get nowhere if we didn’t place people front and centre – either it’s our clients or our employees.

We’re ambitious and we want to create something great – which we all believe in and are passionate about. We want to grow, improve and get stronger – but not at any cost. Our employees are our most important resource. Happy employees who are proud of where they work provide the best legal services. We emphasise knowledge development and personal integrity. We will neither exploit our employees, nor those who come to us for advice.

In other words, Berngaard is a value-based law firm. Not just to be different for differences sake, but because we believe it pays off in the long run. We believe that the lawyers and legal talents of the future are motivated by more than just professional pride and money.

Our values

Our vision, our story and our values inform everything we do – how we hire and treat our employees, how we find new clients and how we treat those clients. We believe this way of thinking is the most sustainable in the long term. And it’s also fun.

Our values are balance, integrity and engagement. We believe these are the recipe for better results; for Berngaard, for our clients and finally, for society as a whole.


Enthusiasm, playfulness and drive are qualities we seek out and encourage, because they foster engagement. Personal and intellectual engagement, in turn, foster an inspiring environment for employees and clients alike. We believe this is the recipe for better results; for Berngaard, for our clients and finally, for society as a whole.


We strive for balance: Between lawyer and client, between work and home and leisure time, between career and personal development, between men and women, between partners and employees, between experience and youthful spirit, between legal minutiae and business sense, between the scope of a case and the work put into it, between helping existing clients and seeking out new clients.


Berngaard aspires to be a recognised, attractive provider of cutting-edge expertise in our chosen fields. This requires a high degree of personal and professional competence and integrity. Professional integrity flows from personal integrity. Its the basis and premise of everything we do, for everyone who works here. Seeking advice from Berngaard should feel safe and valuable. We are not afraid to speak our mind, but we are always looking for solutions.


Sébastien Palmier

Palmier-Brault Associés is a French law firm specializing in public procurement and in particular in law of public contracts. The firm is made up of experienced and reactive lawyers, able to deal with the most complex issues in short timeframes, providing solutions adapted to the needs of its customers. Their particular expertise makes it possible to ensure legal security of decision-making and to provide assistance of very high quality both in advice and litigation.

Mr Sébastien PALMIER holds a certificate of specialization in Public Law and is a member of the Commission for the Exercise of the Law of the National Council of French Bars as an expert in public procurement. He is also graduated from the Institute of Public Business Law (IDPA) and holds a DESS in Public Legal Litigation (Paris I).

Mr Sébastien PALMIER is mainly active in the field of public contracts (public contracts, public service delegations, etc.) but also in the field of private contracts. Its competence at national level in respect of interim measures Pre-contractual and contractual reference allows him to have a perfect knowledge of the rules to be respected and the pitfalls to be avoided to participate in the procedures of publicity and putting in competition and to assert the rights of the competitors evicted.


David Hansom

Leaders in Law endorses David Hansom as our exclusively recommended Public Procurement Law expert in the United Kingdom. If you wish to get in touch with David please use the contact information provided above.

Global law firm Clyde & Co has recently announced the appointment of David Hansom as a Partner in its Infrastructure group, where he will lead the firm’s public procurement offering.

David is a leading procurement lawyer with over 15 years’ experience. He specialises in public procurement law with sectoral expertise across transport, energy, education, health, technology and waste. He joins from Veale Wasbrough Vizards, where he was Partner and National Head of its public sector team. He was previously at Eversheds.

David has significant expertise in procurement structuring of real estate development projects as well as advising on public sector funding, trading and state aid issues in the context of procurement projects. He also has procurement litigation experience.

Clyde and Co’s infrastructure group comprises over 150 lawyers world-wide. It advises on the full project pipeline – from planning and investment to construction and post-delivery. The group works across all asset types: social, energy, transport and commercial development and is proud to have advised on iconic projects across the UK and worldwide.


Yasin Beceni

Mr Yasin Beceni is the managing partner of BTS & Partners. He advises clients on a wide range of commercial transactions including outsourcing agreements and other procurement arrangements as well as advising generally on contentious, non-contentious and transactional information and communication technologies and intellectual property law issues including information security, investments, privacy, new products and services, digital media, payment services, e-commerce. He also has significant experience on information society issues at a national and European Union level and in advising on ICT market legal risk analysis, product and services deployment and development in Turkish market, engagement strategies with governmental, academic and non-governmental institutions. He advises clients in drafting and negotiating ICT infrastructure and services contracts, joint venture/company agreements as well as agreements relating to acquisition of significant stakes in telecom and IT companies. Mr. Yasin Beceni’s clients include multinational audit companies, technology services and outsourcing companies, NGO’s, holding companies, telecommunications companies, financial institutions, software and hardware suppliers and other information society service providers.

Mr. Yasin Beceni is the author of numerous papers on information society, intellectual property, regulatory risk assessment, innovation incentives and supports, privacy, e-government, cyber crimes, electronic signatures, information security, electronic commerce and e-contract, knowledge economy and trade practices issues and speaks regularly on e-business, IT outsourcing, information society, electronic and mobile signatures, information security and contracting issues. He also participates to the activities at a government, private, NGOs and academic levels such as conferences, trainings, conventions, seminars, councils, panels, legislation committees, workshops and strategy studies. Mr. Yasin Beceni is also part-time lecturer at Bilgi University, ICT Law Masters Program. He gives a lecture titled as “Information and Communications Technology Law Policies, Economic Affects and Practices_” to postgraduate level, LL.M. students of that Program.

BTS & Partners:

BTS & Partners was founded by Attn. Ruşen Türkekul in the 1950s under the name ‘Türkekul Law Office’. When Attn Erdem Türkekul joined the firm in the early 1990s, the focus of the practice was directed into intellectual property rights.

By the beginning of the millienium, when Attn Yasin Beceni joined the team, Türkekul Law Office had become a well-established legal practice specialising in intellectual property rights (IPR), entertainment, media, performing arts and cinema industries.

Attn Yasin Beceni spearheaded the firm’s expansion into information and communication technologies (ICT). The firm reinforced its team with the addition of Attn Tuğrul Sevim in the mid-2000s, and continued to focus its practice on technology.

In 2010, the firm went through a period of transformation. Erdem Türkekul left the firm and continued his private practice under the name of Türkekul Law Office. Yasin Beceni and Tuğrul Sevim began rendering their services under the name of Beceni Türkekul Sevim Attorney Partnership (BTS & Partners).

BTS & Partners continues to cooperate with Erdem Türkekul as a cooperative partnership, in which Mr Türkekul’s expertise and experience in the field of IPR guides BTS & Partners’ practice in this field.

Having expanded its capacity with the addition of a further 12 attorneys, the highly academic and specialised staff has led BTS & Partners to become one of the market leading legal boutique services in the Turkish ICT sector.