Simon Costain

Leaders in Law endorses Simon Costain as our exclusively recommended Podiatry expert in the United Kingdom. If you wish to get in touch with Simon, please use the contact information provided above.

Simon Costain is the owner and senior partner in the Gait and Posture Centre LLP and has more than 45 years of practice experience in Podiatry. He held a Consultant Podiatry post in the NHS and has worked in Harley Street since 1985. Simon is one of the founders of Podiatric Surgery and Podiatric Sports medicine in the UK, but for many years has specialised in non-surgical gait evaluation techniques and, where possible, offers alternatives to surgery for foot problems. He divides his time between his private practice and expert witness work.

His expert witness work involves mainly personal injury evaluation both for plaintiffs and defendants, with a ratio of 75% Claimants, and 25% defendants. He has been involved in criminal cases calling on his expertise in gait analysis of CCTV footage and footprint analysis but
concentrates more now on personal Injury and medical negligence cases. These deal with injuries to the feet, ankles, and lower legs, considering the long-term effect those injuries have upon mobility, gait and posture. These cases can arise from an injury sustained in the workplace, a road traffic or cycling accident, negligence in surgery, or other causes.

Where a patient has an injury that impacts their ability to walk, to be mobile or has continued pain Simon can get involved. The cases often require the use of bespoke made specialised insoles called “orthoses” which often help to optimise foot leg and back function and can include referral to a bespoke shoemaker if necessary. Simon has completed his official expert witness training and holds a (CUBS) Bond Solon
certificate. He was first registered with the Legal Services Commission as a Podiatric expert in
1985. He holds full Expert Witness institute insurance indemnity cover.

Firm Description:

The Gait & Posture Centre LLP consists of several highly qualified and experienced HPC registered Podiatrists, who offer both a full range of footcare treatments, and the latest in advanced Gait Analysis to identify the mechanical cause of musculoskeletal problems of the foot, leg and back. In addition due to our well established team, we have fast track access to a number of other healthcare therapists and specialists where other treatment is required to compliment Podiatry.

We remain an “Accredited Practice” within the framework of our professional governing body ensuring the highest standards available.

The Practitioners all undertake to maintain their CPD (continual professional development) and regularly spend their time out of hours with Multi Disciplinary Teams (MDTs) to help share challenging clinical problems with the goal of being able to help resolve foot, leg and back problems that may require input from other disciplines. We enjoy a symbiotic relationship in this respect with a number of excellent Orthopaedic, Rheumatological, Osteopathic Consultants, Physiotherapists and GPs.