Marko Petek, PhD, Attorney at Law and Mediator

In 1994, he was employed by the police and at the beginning of his work, he graduated from the Higher School of the Interior (1997) and later from the Faculty of Law in Ljubljana (2002). In 2006 he received his MA in the same Faculty of Law, in 2007 he passed the state law examination and in 2013 he received his doctorate in the field of media law. In 2017 he became specialized negotiator and certified mediator.

He has performed numerous tasks in the field of traffic, protection of persons and objects, protection of money transport, and in the last years he worked at the economic police department of the criminal police.

He is the author of several articles, he also lectured at various seminars, and his goal in life is to solve people’s problems. Problems often begin with law, and the solution is always sought broader than merely in legal norms. Cicero said that the highest law can be the biggest injustice, so the problems need to be addressed in a comprehensive way and cum grano salis (with a touch of salt). Solving legal problems is often associated with a lot of nerves, stress, and last but not least, cost, so the wisdom of settling a dispute at the right time is sometimes the greatest victory!

Law Firm:

Petek Law Office, Ltd., is a Slovenian law firm established in 2010 by Dr. Marko Petek. The firm has a team of 6 people, two partners, one paralegal, two legal assistants and one administrative collaborator.

Dr. Marko Petek has 20 years’ work experience, he started his carrier at the Ministry for internal affairs, with the police department. He worked on areas traffic police, Bureau of safeguard and protection and Detective as criminal economic/business investigator. In the year 2003 he started working with an attorney as paralegal and became Attorney at law in 2007. He finished law school in 2002, masters in 2006 and PhD in 2013.


Petek Law office is specialized in areas of corporate law, media law, internet law, labor law, contractual law, terms and conditions, negotiation, damages. We also work in other areas like criminal law, civil law, public procurement, tax law, administrative law. Lately we have been doing a lot of work in negotiation and mediation.