Liliana Bakayoko

Leaders in Law, the leading platform in its field, is delighted to welcome Liliana Bakayoko as our exclusively recommended & endorsed International Business Law Expert in France.

Liliana Bakayoko is an Attorney at Law at the Paris and Sofia Bars, a Doctor of Law and a former Professor of Law.

She has 20 years of experience as a lawyer and ten years of experience teaching law.

She has been chosen as the International Business Lawyer of the Year in France — 2024 under the Global Law Experts Annual Awards. She has been named Leading International Business Lawyer of the Year — Paris under Acquisition International’s Leading Adviser Awards 2023. Advisory Excellence has endorsed her as France’s exclusively recommended International Business Law expert for 2024.

Her international business law firm provides comprehensive legal services tailored to the needs of its clients operating in a global business environment.

Liliana Bakayoko’s law firm specializes in international trade law, IT law, corporate law, and intellectual property law, and its services in this area encompass:

  • Legal Advisory Services: It provides expert legal advice on a wide range of matters pertinent to international business law, including contract drafting and negotiation, regulatory compliance, risk management, corporate governance, and strategic business planning.
  • Transaction Support: The law firm assists clients in structuring and executing various transactions, such as strategic alliances, joint ventures and corporate reorganizations. It ensures that these transactions are conducted efficiently and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  • International Expansion and Compliance: For clients looking to expand their operations into new markets, the law firm offers guidance on international expansion strategies and compliance with international trade regulations.
  • Intellectual Property Protection: The law firm helps clients safeguard their valuable intellectual assets through trademark registration, patent and copyright protection, trade secret management, and enforcement of intellectual property rights.
  • Dispute Resolution and Litigation: The law firm offers efficient dispute resolution services, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation.

Leveraging her profound expertise and unwavering dedication to quality, Liliana Bakayoko collaborates closely with businesses to navigate complex legal landscapes, minimize risks, and realize their strategic goals in the ever-evolving global marketplace.


  1. International Business Lawyer of the Year in France — 2024 – the Global Law Experts Annual Awards.
  2. Leading International Business Lawyer of the Year — Paris – Acquisition International’s Leading Adviser Awards 2023.

“Liliana Bakayoko: A visionary of international business law and digitalization

Highly qualified in international business law, Liliana Bakayoko has built solid experience as a lawyer, teacher and consultant. Her exemplary career and ability to adapt to the digitalization of the legal sector make her a key figure in this field.” – FORBES.

John J. Camozzi

Sometimes a business may find itself in an an unfamiliar position of growth or of transition into a challenging new phase of the business or product life-cycle.  John holds an MBA in international management with an emphasis in banking and has been called upon by his clients to provide leadership to create and preserve shareholder wealth while helping the ownership and management teams grow into the company.  His business experience includes:

  • President of technology driven industrial materials handling equipment company managing growth from startup to $15M in two-years and $50M in four-years.
  • President of industrial sales company responsible for the wholesale trading of industrial equipment, recovered recyclable industrial metals and precious metals.
  • President of corporate aircraft holding company responsible for fleet of business jets including acquisition, acquisition financing, FAA registrations and compliance, dry leasing, time-share leasing, flight log audits, tax reporting and audits, pilot and maintenance crews, hangar leasing and jet engine maintenance service plans.
  • Board member appointed by technology partner in multiple joint venture operating partnerships with public companies and private equity firms in automobile and electronic scrap recycling and landfill reclamation projects.
  • Interim Chair of cash-flow insolvent party-plan merchandising company in managing the company through a liquidity event to protect over 8,500 jobs across the United States and Canada, conducting the acquisition transaction, winding up all international operations, and returning capital to the shareholders on dissolution.


Bay Venture Law builds and grows privately held companies. We focus on the business and legal affairs of early stage, growth and middle market companies with an emphasis on complex business transactions in the fields of industrial recycling, clean energy and disruptive technologies. We understand the nuanced interrelationships of ownership, finance, management and operations. Our unique combination of business and legal expertise enables us to build lasting relationships, manage risk and create wealth.


Mariola Arenas

We help businesses handle complex and innovative transactions. We work with IBEX 35 companies and important local and multinational clients with high-profile operations in Spain and the rest of the world, providing them with national and cross-border legal advice.

We design, coordinate and manage bespoke teams best suited to each transaction and each client, drawing on the extensive expertise of our global network and our on-the-ground experience.

Firm Overview:

Herbert Smith Freehills is one of the world’s leading professional services businesses, bringing together the best people across our 27 offices, to meet all your legal services needs globally. We can help you realise opportunities while managing risk.

Understanding your requirements, objectives and operating environment is important to us – we listen and take time to do this. You have ready access to our deep global sectoral expertise, as well as our local market understanding, to help you achieve your commercial objectives.

Operating as one global team, we use innovative systems and processes to ensure your work is delivered intelligently, efficiently and reliably. We care about the markets and communities we work within and constantly strive to make them better.

What does it all add up to? When you work with Herbert Smith Freehills, you are partnering with a world-class and diverse team of client focused professionals who can ensure you achieve your best results.

At Herbert Smith Freehills, we aim to be the leading global law firm for the attraction, promotion and retention of women as part of our commitment to inclusion across the spectrum of diversity.

Dr. Manoj Kumar, D. Litt

Leaders in Law endorses Dr. Manoj Kumar as our exclusively recommended International Business Law expert in India. If you wish to get in touch with Dr. Kumar please use the contact information provided above.

Best lawyer in the Corporate M&A, Strategy and Policy & Regulation practice space in India, Dr. Kumar is known for his innovative, out-of-the box strategies pertaining to most critical and complex matters related to FDI, Cross-Border Transactions, Negotiations, Structuring, Re-structuring and advising on the multitude of international agreements. Lawyer, Policy Expert, Independent Director, Author, Strategist, Columnist, Philanthropist, Thought Leader and Guest Faculty (at top of the line Law Schools & the prestigious Indian Institute of Management (IIM)), Dr. Manoj Kumar has many introductions apart from being one of the ‘100 Legal Luminaries’ in India, as per the report published by LexisNexis 2016. 

Dr. Kumar has been representing various leading Indian and international Corporates, Government Bodies and International Law Firms. An alumnus of prestigious world class institutions such as the Harvard Business School and the National Law School (NLSIU), Bangalore Dr. Kumar received his professional and leadership skills from distinguished & globally renowned Professors such as Padma Shri (Dr.) NR Madhava Menon and Prof. Nitin Nohria, presently the Dean of the Harvard Business School. 

World’s best Publications and research agencies have awarded Dr. Kumar and his team as the best in India for Policy and Regulation practice for 3 years in a row (Asia’s leading research handle, IBLJ Award  in 2013, 2014 and 2015). Dr. Kumar has also been conferred as highly recommended attorney for International Business by Global Law Experts and Most acclaimed legal expert in Corporate M&A by Asia Law Leading Lawyers. The Government of India, the World Bank (WB), the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Observer’s Research Foundation (ORF) and the Institute for Competitiveness have leaned on Dr. Kumar for his thought leadership.

Dr. Kumar has been involved in the drafting of several regulatory and policy documents as well as legislations notably, Media Regulation, Fast Track Commercial Courts, land Acquisition Bill, India as a hub of International Arbitration, Opening-up of the legal services sector in India. Apart from spearheading the support by legal fraternity in India to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (UNMDGs) and then the implementation of UN’s Sustainable Goals in India, Dr. Kumar has also been mentoring ‘Doctors For You’ as its Patron to provide critical medical care during disaster management and natural calamities & to prevent Neo-natal deaths in rural & tribal areas.