Karine Disdier-Mikus

Leaders in Law endorses Karine Disdier-Mikus as our exclusively recommended Intellectual Property Law expert in France. If you wish to get in touch with Karine, please use the contact information provided above.

Karine Disdier-Mikus is a partner at Fiducial Legal by Lamy and heads the firm’s IP practice. She holds a master’s from a French University and an LLM from McGill University, Canada. She is a former European trademark and design attorney and has more than 20 years’ experience in trademark prosecution and IP litigation, brand protection, anti-counterfeiting, brand enforcement and transactional intellectual property.

Ms Disdier-Mikus has also developed significant expertise concerning domain names, UDRP proceedings and new gTLD domains. She is an active member of INTA and other related association, such as the Association of Trademark and Design Law Practitioners and the Pharmaceutical Trademarks Group.


  • Intellectual property
  • Global Intellectual Property Portfolio Management
  • Anti-counterfeiting
  • Internet, domain names and new gTLDs
  • Licensing/R&D

Professional Activities

  • Lecturer in intellectual property law at the University of Paris-Saclay and at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
  • Member of INTA, ECTA, APRAM, LES and PTMG
  • Regular publications: Dalloz IP/IT, World Trademark Review,…


  • Date of admission to the bar: 2010
  • DESS Intellectual property law, new technologies law (University of Grenoble)
  • LL.M Comparative Law (McGill University, Montreal, Canada)
  • Former Industrial Property Attorney

Firm Description:


Above all, Fiducial Legal By Lamy is a specialist Business Law firm made up of men and women providing complementary areas of expertise, highly dedicated to team building and meeting the needs of companies and company Directors. Founded in 1965, with offices in both Lyon and Paris, Fiducial Legal By Lamy  ranks in the top tier of France’s leading Business Law firms and is a firm with international reach and expertise. Since its inception, the firm has strived to provide high quality services in the fields of advice, litigation and ADR within the ecosystem framework.


Because both you and your company have to face issues in areas where the mere application of legal texts does not suffice, Fiducial Legal By Lamy can take you much further. The firm’s lawyers provide bespoke counseling and assistance to claimants and defendants on the implementation of negotiation strategies and action plans spanning a very broad spectrum of core practice areas.


Ours is a Law Firm sensitive to movements in the economic world, ready to embrace the ever-changing needs of businesses. Be it for startups or fully fledged enterprises, Fiducial Legal By Lamy devises hallmark solutions for their clients.

Fiducial Legal By Lamy also have a second office located in Paris: 13 boulevard Bourdon 75004 Paris.

Our Background

Because Fiducial Legal By Lamy has been present in the legal arena for over 50 years, devising solutions and creating added value for businesses, its entrepreneurial momentum has ensured it withstands the test of time.

When the firm’s founding member, Bruno Lamy, set up practice in 1965 following graduation, his immediate goal was to give impetus to the firm’s development by preempting the reform of the legal profession and merging the professional expertise of legal advisors and attorneys. The dual expertise provided by these practitioners has been the mainstay of Fiducial Legal By Lamy reputation and renown throughout the years.

Fiducial Legal By Lamy has always been geared to the future. In the mid-1980s the firm hired a new generation of partners with an international outlook, which led the firm to join the international legal network of TERRALEX and act as the network’s primary representative in France.

Backed by this experience, today’s third generation of partners continues to innovate and provide bespoke solutions to companies seeking to optimize their flexibility in a business environment marked by the digital revolution.


To meet your needs, act in the digital environment and provide high quality service, Fiducial Legal By Lamy draws on the relevant expertise of its various support teams, comprising more than 30 people.

Fiducial Legal By Lamy is at the cutting edge of the law and legal innovation is its driving force. It has made significant investment in a documentations service resourcing the full set of legal works cited, more than 130 specialist or non-specialist reviews within all core practice areas and avails of practically the full set of legal databases available online.

They also have a second office located in Paris: 13 boulevard Bourdon 75004 Paris.

Meti Ketner

Leaders in Law endorses Meti Ketner as our exclusively recommended Intellectual Property Law expert in Slovenia. If you require any asistance in this area, please use the contact details provided by Meti’s profile below;

KETNER, Legal Consultancy, Representation and Protection, Ltd.
Tržaška cesta 134, 1000 Ljubljana, SLOVENIJA
T: +386 (0) 51 344 655
F: +386 (0) 599 42 142

or contact us at info@leaders-in-law.com & we will put you in touch.

Meti Ketner is a passionate and innovative lawyer and a businesswoman, European Trademark and Design Attorney, the CEO and the founder of KETNER® Ltd. which is constantly progressing and expanding and following the key trends of Intellectual Property Protection to which clients can rely on.

Meti Ketner is aware that the Intellectual Property Protection sector is constantly evolving. Ideas of the future are already changing the present moment. She is very proud to show the world the intellectual capacity of Slovenia – the rising star of this world.

KETNER® founded by Meti Ketner in 2008 focuses on industrial property protection (patents, trademarks, industrial designs, etc.) and offers a comprehensive and strategic approach to the Intellectual Property Challenges of modern times, both for corporations as well as individuals. To maintain strong market position KETNER® company represent their clients in Intellectual Property Proceedings at the national, European, and international levels.

KETNER®’s professional field extends from the personal touch of in-depth analysis of the idea itself focused on problem-solving inventions and related patent technical documentation, supported by legal advice, expert reports, IP searches, and monitoring, valuating, to the other specialist support in the field of industrial property rights and beyond. Operating with vision and optimism, KETNER®’s protected Intellectual Property is manifesting through brilliant industrial property rights reflecting the originality of its owners. The KETNER®’s coverage ranges from representation in the process of acquisition, registration, maintenance, to enforcement of industrial property rights in Slovenia and worldwide.

Prior to practicing law in her own company, Meti Ketner was working for the larger Slovenian professional legal offices and also for institutions of public importance and in the frame of international projects of great importance for Slovenia. Meti Ketner strives for success working together with the team of highly-qualified experts by doing the best for their clients. To maintain its strong market position KETNER® is reflecting its strength.

Work experience

Before practicing law in her own company, Meti Ketner was working for larger Slovenian professional legal offices and also for institutions of public importance in the frame of international projects of great importance for Slovenia.

  • 2008 onwards: KETNER, Ltd. – Founder, Director of the company, Trade Mark and Design Attorney, Expert for Patents
  • 2006-2009: AGENCIJA VEBO, družba za invencije, pravno svetovanje in nove medije, d.o.o. – Director
  • 2005-2006: HIGHER COURT IN MARIBOR – Judicial intern
  • 2004-2005: INSTITUTE OF SHAREHOLDERSHIP – Legal consultant and project manager
  • 2003: MIRO SENICA – ODVETNIK – Attorney, lawyer intern
  • 2001-2002: SCHOENHERR, d.o.o. – Head of Legal Department
  • During her studies, Meti Ketner worked as an Assistant in the framework of two international PHARE projects; “Further Alignment of Slovene Statistical Methodology with EC Requirements and Reinforcement of the Institutional Capacity of Slovene Statistical Office in View of Accession to the EU” (SORS) and “Approximation of Legislation and Enforcement Programme” (Government Office of the Republic of Slovenia for legislation).

Practice Areas

  • Corporate & Commercial
  • Intellectual Property

Educational Qualifications

  • CEIPI (Center for International Intellectual Property Studies), University of Strasbourg,Strasbourg, France – Basic Training in European Patent Law (2015/2016-2016/2017)
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, CBE -Training Programme for professional training of candidates for detectives (2015) – specialization in the field of intellectual property
  • WIPO, World Intellectual Property Organization, Innovation Division and The Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Slovenian Intellectual Property Office (2012) – Intellectual property valuation training
  • WIPO, World Intellectual Property Organization and The Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Slovenian Intellectual Property Office and The Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (2010) – Franchising and Licensing Agreement
  • European Patent Office, European Patent Academy (2009) – European Patent Academy Summer School AU47-2009 “IPR for researches”
  • The Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology, Slovenian Intellectual Property Office (2003) – Master examination for Trade Mark and Design Attorney
  • The Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of the Interior, Directorate for the Organization and Development of Administration, Administration Academy (2002) – Master examination for employees in the public administration and justice system
  • University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Law – International law/university degree in law (2000)

Firm Description:

  • We are Slovene legal office specialising in intellectual property, focusing on industrial property (trademarksindustrial designspatents, etc.).We provide legal advice, prepare expert reports, and perform searches and monitoring and other specialist support in the field of industrial property rights and beyond.
  • We provide representation in the processes of acquisition, registration, maintenance, and enforcement of industrial property rights (patents, trademarks, industrial designs…). We are official Patent Attorney entered in the Register of Patent Attorneys at the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office (No. 258) and the Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market (EU) (No. 46191).
  • We provide representation in domain names disputes.
  • We encourage the development of copyright, intellectual property and other rights deriving from the creative activities of human being.
  • We are the owners of ZASCITA.SI, PROTECTION.SI and KLIK TV trademarks, and the company founder, Meti Ketner, is the co-owner of VODA.SI trademark.
  • We are ambitiously tackling everyday tasks. Our goal is to raise awareness about the importance of intellectual property and intellectual property protection.


Dogukan Berk Aksoy

Leaders in Law endorses Dogukan Berk Aksoy as our exclusively recommended Intellectual Property Law expert in Turkey. If you wish to get in touch with Dogukan Aksoy please use the contact information provided above.

Dogukan Berk Aksoy, LL.M., a registered attorney-at-law, trademark and patent attorney and court expert in IP matters in Turkey, is the founder of Aksoy IP.

Prior to founding Aksoy IP in Ankara, Dogukan had worked at the Istanbul office of an international law firm with respect to the filing and prosecuting of intellectual property rights.

At Aksoy IP, Dogukan now advises his local and international clients from various sectors on a wide range of intellectual property matters, files their registration applications and oppositions against third party applications before the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office and negotiates assignment and license agreements with counter-parties on behalf of his clients.

Apart from the services mentioned above, with his extensive experience in litigation, Dogukan regularly represents his clients before the Turkish Courts in all kinds of disputes related to trademarks, patents and designs. He also carries out seizure proceedings and customs measure applications against counterfeit goods.

Firm Description:

Aksoy IP is a boutique and dynamic intellectual property firm in Turkey.

With our team composed of trademark and patent attorneys and lawyers, we are a one-stop-shop when it comes to the protection of intellectual property rights in Turkey.

We represent our local and international clients before the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office in registration and opposition procedures and before the Turkish courts in lawsuits and advise them in their intellectual property-related contractual relationships.

We are committed to offering to our clients high-quality work with our local expertise and always being very responsive.

Aksoy IP is located in Ankara, where the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office is established, and lawsuits against the decisions of the Office shall be exclusively settled.


Dr Nikolaos Lyberis

Leaders in Law endorses Nikolaos Lyberisas our exclusively recommended Intellectual Property Law expert in Greece. If you wish to get in touch with Nikolaos please use the contact information provided above.

Dr Nikolaos Lyberis is an attorney admitted at the Athens Bar Association (1984). He is the Managing Partner of VAYANOS KOSTOPOULOS Law Firm, specializing in Intellectual Property Law in Greece, Cyprus and worldwide. He is a litigator before the Supreme Courts for civil and administrative matters, representing prestigious clients in trademark, patent and other IP rights conflicts from all branches of industry and commerce.

Nikolaos is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Law School of the European University Cyprus (EUC), lecturing Greek and Cypriot Intellectual Property Law and Trust Law. He holds a PhD in European economic and banking law from the Law School of Hamburg University and has served as legal advisor (Referent) at the Max-Planck-Institute for Foreign and Private International Law in Hamburg for 11 years, delivering legal advices to inquiring German courts.

Nikolaos was selected in 2020 as an ordinary member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Industrial Property Academy, an institution operating in the frame of the Greek Patent Office, responsible for education and training of IP counsels, thus fostering innovation and patent protection in Greece. In 2014-2015 he was appointed as an ordinary member of the Board of Directors of the Greek Patent Office (OBI). In the years 2005-2010 Nikolaos worked as an active member of the Legislative Committee of the Ministry of Development and Investments for drafting the Greek Trademarks Law 4072/2012, resp. Law 4155/2013, for the implementation of the Intellectual Property Enforcement Directive EC 48/2004 in the Greek legal order.

Nikolaos is a member of numerous Greek and international associations focusing on IP law and related legal fields. He is the author of various contributions, inter alia on aspects of European Trademarks Law, Unfair Competition, Patent and Design Law. He has conducted IP seminars for the post-graduate program of the Medical School of Athens University, educational programs for Examiners of the Greek Trademarks Office and other entities.

Firm Description:

Why Choose Us

In an intensively globalized economy, creation, protection and enforcement of innovation is based on key factors, such as applied expertise, profound analysis of client’s business interests, state of the art knowledge of domestic, European and international legal and procedural framework and support by customized IT tools. If you need an expert to advise and implement the appropriate IP strategy for your business, you are in the right law firm.

Our Firm

With more than 120 years of IP focused legal experience, VAYANOS KOSTOPOULOS is the oldest and one of the leading IP law firms in Greece. Our philosophy is dedication and commitment to client-tailored needs of businesses coming from all branches of industry and services. Our clients and foreign associates enjoy state-of-the-art legal advice services in a timely and precise manner. Our clientele encompasses enterprises from multi-nationals to local businesses, including individual inventors, creators, designers, authors and other IP holders.

As from 1993 VAYANOS KOSTOPOULOS is headed by Dr Nikolaos Lyberis, Managing Partner, Attorney, as well as Patent and Trademark Attorney. He belongs to the fourth generation of lawyers in the same family running the Firm. Soon after becoming the Managing Director, he introduced the name VAYANOS & KOSTOPOULOS, which later changed to VAYANOS KOSTOPOULOS, thus maintaining the surnames of the previous two Office Heads. This decision symbolizes continuity with dynamic development as well as respect of long lasting professional principles.

Modernizing the organizational model of our offices and their three (3) departments (trademarks, patents, litigation), VAYANOS KOSTOPOULOS was transformed to a Law Firm in 2010.


Nico Halle

Leaders in Law endorses Nico Halle as our exclusively recommended Maritime Law and Intellectual Property Law expert in Cameroon. If you wish to get in touch with Nico please use the contact information provided above.

Senior Managing Partner | Attorney

Nico, the founder and Senior Managing Partner, was admitted to the Cameroon Bar in 1986. He provides legal and advisory services on Banking and Finance, Capital Markets, Commercial Contracts, Investments, Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures, Private equity, Project finance,  Public-Private Partnerships, and Restructuring.

His experience also includes Business Law, Corporate and commercial practice, Corporate Finance, Global mobility & Corporate Immigration, Intellectual Property & Innovation, Labour & Employment, Investment, Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution, and Tax.

Nico advises clients on a wide range of corporate/commercial matters and transactions in Africa, especially member countries of the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law (OHADA).

He advises clients in relation to the management and enforcement of their IP portfolios and manages several large trade mark portfolios in the African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI) as well as other African countries. His experience includes the registration, maintenance, commercialization, and enforcement of trade marks, industrial designs, domain names, patents and copyrights.

Practice Areas

  • Financial Institutions
  • Natural Resources (Oil & Gas, Power, Energy, Mining & metals)
  • Transport (Shipping & Maritime, Aviation, Roads)
  • Real Estate & Property
  • Telecommunications

Bar Admission

  • Cameroon

Industry Associations

  • Cameroon Bar Association | Member
  • International Trademark Association | Member
  • International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys (FICPI)|Member


  • Former President of the Cameroon Bar Association
  • Former Vice President of AMOAPI i.e. The Association of Accredited Attorneys at the African Intellectual Property Organisation (OAPI)
  • Former Member of the Scientific Committee of the Denis Ekani Intellectual Property Training Centre at OAPI


  • English
  • French

Firm Description:

Founded in 1986, we have  earned a reputation of  excellence pursuant to our track record of successfully managing large and complex multi-jurisdictional transactions, disputes and projects. Achieving your business objectives is important to us – thus we develop a deeper understanding of your business and deliver practical, commercially astute,  creative, and innovative solutions designed to help you achieve your legal and business objectives in the most efficient way.

The Nico Halle & Co. Law Firm provides tailored services, shaped around your needs. We combine specialist legal skills, industry experience and regional know-how, which enables us to consistently provide diligent, professional legal advice,  support, creative, and strategic solutions in an effective and efficient manner.  Every successful venture needs to grow, strengthen and defend its business; the transactional, regulatory, and risk assessment services we provide ensures this. In today’s competitive global market, we understand the importance of cost effective solutions, limiting risk, fast turn-around times, and compliance.

We deliver consistent services across our platform of practices and sectors in all matters we undertake. To enable us meet your expectations, we recruit the best people and develop them to perform to the highest level. Our lawyers are qualified to practice Common Law, Civil Law, OHADA law, and are fluent in both French and English.

We have extensive experience managing IP portfolios, advising and representing clients in strategic areas such as brand development and implementation, exploitation, protection / registration, maintenance and acquisition of Intellectual Property, due diligence, pre-litigation, and litigation processes. We also specialize in transactional IP matters such as franchising, licensing and transfers. Our experience covers Patents, Trademarks, Utility Models, Domain names, Copyrights & other related rights, Designs, Plant Variety, Geographical Indication, etc.

Our litigation & dispute resolution experience in the country is unparalleled and includes oppositions, infringement seizures / hearings, passing-off and unfair competition matters, domain name disputes, and franchising and licensing disputes. We also represents clients in the Media, Sports, and Entertainment industry in varied aspects such as advertising, corporate transactions, dispute resolution, Regulatory & Compliances.

We provide legal and advisory services on Banking and Finance, Capital Markets, Commercial Contracts, Corporate and commercial practice, Corporate Finance, Global Mobility & Corporate Immigration, Insurance, Intellectual Property & Innovation, Investments, Labour & Employment, Litigation  & Alternative Dispute Resolution, Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures,  Private equity, Project finance,  Public-Private Partnerships, Restructuring, and Tax.

We advise clients on a wide range of corporate/commercial matters and transactions in Africa, especially member countries of the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law (OHADA).

Our clients are leading companies in the following industries – Agribusiness,  Consumer Goods & Retail; Financial Institutions, Fintech, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Hospitality, gaming & Leisure, Luxury, Fashion & Beauty, Media, Sports & Entertainment, Natural Resources, Real Estate & Property, Small & Medium Sized Enterprises, Technology & Innovation, Telecommunications, and Transport.


Claudine Mukerabirori

Leaders in Law endorses Claudine Mukerabirori as our exclusively recommended Intellectual Property Law expert in Burundi. If you wish to get in touch with Claudine, please use the contact information provided above.

Claudine Mukerabirori is an associate at Rubeya & Co-Advocates. Claudine joined the firm in 2008 and advises on intellectual property, litigation, transport and insurance law.

She is well versed in (public) administrative procedures through her involvement in matters of international adoption and has proven expertise in immigration law.

Claudine is the able to advise clients who speak Italian.


  • LLB, Université Lumière de Bujumbura


  • Burundi Bar Association
  • East African Law Society


  • Advising clients in obtaining visas and work permits.
  • Brand registration for various Kenyan, German, Swiss and Chinese clients.
  • Advising a nonprofit organisation on summary dismissal procedures.
  • Advising an NGO with over 300 staff members on the management of its medical insurance policies.


  • La particularité de la conception africaine des Droits de l’Homme: cas de la Charte Africaine des Droits de l’Homme et des Peuples, 2008.

Training Attended

  • Formation on cross border legal practice in the EAC region.


  • French
  • English
  • Italian
  • Kirundi

Firm Overview:

Rubeya & Co-Advocates is a Burundian law firm with an overriding goal to work alongside our clients as a trusted adviser, providing the support they need to thrive in this dynamic economic environment throughout Burundi since November 2001.

Rubeya & Co-Advocates is a member of DLA Piper Africa, an alliance of independent law firms in Africa, a network that benefits from the expertise of DLA Piper Global by sharing knowledge, learning and training leading to the development of the legal profession in Africa.

Rubeya & Co-Advocates includes ten lawyers: five partners, five associates, and eight support staff members. The team works together in a highly integrated manner to leverage expertise and experience for clients’ benefit.

As a result, our lawyers are involved in many of the most influential commercial ventures and are known for providing clients with pioneering solutions to the toughest legal challenges.


Rodrigo Bermudez

Leaders in Law endorses Rodrigo Bermudez as our exclusively recommended Intellectual Property Law expert in Bolivia. If you wish to get in touch with Rodrigo, please use the contact information provided above.

He studied in the French Bolivian College, nowadays called Lycee Alicde D’orbigny. He obtained the Bolivian Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities of Bolivia, as well as the French Bachelor´s Degree, in 1988. He obtained the indicated French Bachelor’s Degree, in the Section A-2 (Philosophy – Letters – Languages), with Mention of Excellence. Likewise, during the last three years of College, he studied the intensively French Courses named: Nancy I, Nancy II and Nancy III, being approved and obtained the three, also with Mention of Excellence. With the obtained Diplomas corresponding to the said 3 Courses, Rodrigo Bermúdez Durán-Burgos, he is authorized to be Teacher of French, in any country of the world.

Attorney at Law, titled in Universidad Católica Boliviana – San Pablo in 1996, after the defense of the Thesis of Degree entitled: The Technology Transfer Through License of Know-How. Juridical Analysis. Mr. Dr. Paulo Rodrigo Bermúdez Durán-Burgos, obtained a Master on Business Law, granted by the Universidad Andina “Simón Bolívar”, after the presentation of the qualified work: The Conciliation and the Arbitration in Cases of Opposition Inside Copyrights”.

Likewise, Mr. Dr. Paulo Rodrigo Bermúdez Durán-Burgos, realized diverse courses relative to the Commercial and Business Law, inside which it is necessary to emphasize the Course of Bank Contracts (Escuela De Negocios – Los Andes” – La Paz – Bolivia). Of equal form, he was present at many Seminars and Congresses relative to his principal specialty: The Industrial Property.

From 1990, he was employed at B., Bermúdez & Bermúdez, first as legal assistant as for Industrial Property procedures and, from 1996, associate and as Industrial Property Agent. He got out, entering also in the Public Area, as Legal Adviser in the Mercantile Registry of Bolivia (1995-1996) and in the International Trade Ministry of Bolivia (1998). He is a member of the Bolivian Industrial Property Association, of the Official Spanish Chamber of Trade and Industry in Bolivia and of the French – Bolivian Chamber of Trade. Also he is a member of
the Bar Association of La Paz.


  • Spanish
  • English
  • French

Firm Description:

B., BERMÚDEZ & BERMÚDEZ – SC – LAW OFFICES, our law firm, is a Law Firm founded in La Paz – Bolivia, in May 1968, by D. Germán Bermúdez y Tórrez. Our firm, which has a strong tradition and great prestige throughout Bolivia and the region, seeks to defend just positions through the application of universal legal principles and tools, on the basis of the provision of personalised and transparent services in which the depth of analysis, intellectual honesty, innovation and academic rigour are emphasised, in order to ensure an effective and sustainable protection of the interests of customers.

The firm B., BERMÚDEZ & BERMÚDEZ – SC – LAW OFFICES, provides comprehensive legal advice to natural and legal persons, both Bolivian and foreign, with a high degree of specialization in the two branches of Intellectual Property: In Industrial Property Law (Registration of Trademarks, Patents, Industrial Designs, Utility Models, Technology Transfer Contracts, Licensing Contracts, and others) as well as in Copyright.

Likewise, our firm works and has extensive experience in commercial, civil, tax, intellectual property, labor, private international law, international commercial arbitration and administrative law in the regulated sectors of telecommunications, transport, electricity, gas and oil, mining and financial services. B., BERMÚDEZ & BERMÚDEZ – SC – LAW OFFICES, is a reference in the representation and advice of clients, in terms of the structuring, implementation and protection of their investments in Bolivia, mergers and acquisitions of companies and in the protection of their interests and rights through conflict prevention strategies, negotiations and litigation in civil, commercial, administrative, tax and constitutional matters.

Thanks to his extensive international experience, he is part of several networks of professional lawyers around the world, which allows him to offer his clients, both national and foreign, the necessary legal and logistical support to develop their businesses and protect their interests in Bolivia, as well as abroad.

We are a firm of lawyers and counselors dedicated to Private Law, with special emphasis on Industrial Property (Patents and Trademarks). The firm was founded by our Chief Law Attorney, Dr. Germán Bermúdez Tórrez. For the last 40 years, we have offered serious and efficient legal service to our foreign and national clients, both enterprises and individuals. We offer a staff of lawyers, who speak English, French and Spanish fluently. For the last 40 years, our Law Firm has successfully provided serious and prompt service. Our modern office management techniques and computer systems enable us to advise our clients and correspondents abroad, efficiently
and effectively.

Our firm maintains an important portfolio of national and international clients, to whom it provides comprehensive counseling in all matters related to Private Law, specifically on Industrial Property: Trademarks, Patents, Utility Models, Industrial Designs and Copyrights. Our Law Firm counts on young counselors with some years of experience. Also, our Law Offices utilize consultants from different disciplines, to provide the client a comprehensive and appropriate service.

Practice Areas

  • Civil Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Industrial Property (Trade Marks, Patents, Industrial Designs, Utility Models, Unfair Competition, Trade Mark Agents)
  • Copyright Law
  • Banking Law
  • Mining and Petroleum Law
  • International Private Law
  • Technology Transfer Contracts
  • Franchise Licensing
  • Constitution of Mercantile Societies.

Around the world, we have a lot of clients. Also, we have professional relationships with Law Offices – Patent Attorneys – Trademark Agents around the world.


The mission of «B., BERMÚDEZ & BERMÚDEZ – SC – LAW OFFICES”, is to provide legal counseling in a timely, personalized and comprehensive manner in order to cover its clients’ needs and global requirements in the legal area, proposing strategies and legal solutions that provide security to their businesses and protect their interests.

The firm is focused in preemptive counseling in order to avoid contingencies, resulting in the reduction of costs and minimizing the possibility of arbitration or judicial solutions.

We provide services to companies, whether commercial or not, as well as individuals in general and non-profit organizations.


The firm’s vision is to remain as a benchmark firm in the rendering of legal services, both at the local and national level, recognized by its excellence and promptness in the work provided and fulfilling the highest ethical standards of the profession.

Our Offer

  • The possibility of assisting our clients in diverse areas of the law providing a comprehensive service.
  • A team of over 20 highly specialized lawyers, with broad experience y the Bolivian legal market.
  • Serious, responsible, time-effective and personalized advise.

Our Goals

  • To offer the optimum solution to our clients, exploring different scenarious while looking after their interests and always acting under the highest ethical standards.
  • To detect eventual contintengies and mitigate them; in other words, anticipate possible problems that may result in extensive in time and expensive.


Martín Bensadon

Leaders in Law endorses Martín Bensadon as our exclusively recommended Intellectual Property Law expert in Argentina. If you wish to get in touch with Martín please use the contact information provided above.

Martín Bensadon joined Marval O’Farrell Mairal in 1991 and has been a partner of the firm since 1998. He specializes in industrial property and more particularly in patent law, having advised many national and foreign firms in this area.

He graduated as a lawyer from the Universidad de Buenos Aires in 1991 and obtained a Master in Laws at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1996. In the same year he also worked as a foreign associate in the law firm of Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering.

He has participated in seminars on industrial property and has written various articles on subjects related to his area of specialty in national and international publications as well as a book on Argentine Patent Law.

He used to be a postgraduate Professor of Industrial Property at the Universidad Católica Argentina and the Universidad de Palermo while he currently teaches at the Universidad Austral and Universidad de San Andrés. He was a Guest Researcher of the Max Planck Institute for Intellectual Property, Competition and Tax Law and a Visiting Scholar at The George Washington University Law School.

At present he is a member of the Asociación Argentina de Agentes de la Propiedad Industrial, the Asociación Interamericana para la Protección de la Propiedad Industrial, the Association Internationale pour la Protection de la Propriété Industrielle (AIPPI), the Fédération Internationale des Conseils en Propriété Industrielle (FICPI), American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) and the Colegio de Abogados de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.

Practice Areas


  • Spanish
  • English

Firm Description:

Founded in 1923, Marval O’Farrell Mairal is the largest law firm in Argentina. A market leader at both local and Latin American levels, the firm has been providing sophisticated, high quality advice to international and local clients for 90 years. The firm comprises over 300 lawyers and has wide experience of international business issues and the complexities of cross-border transactions.

Our unmatched strength allows us to react quickly and to simultaneously handle large, complex and time-consuming transactions without compromising on quality. All our teams are led directly by highly experienced partners and carefully tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. We have a strong focus on high-end corporate and finance transactions and the largest, most active litigation and arbitration practice in Argentina.

Our leading intellectual property department provides a comprehensive service and has unrivalled experience; the firm was originally founded as an intellectual property office. We are also a market leader in a wide range of other key practice areas including tax, fintechlabor and employment, competition/antitrust, energy and natural resources, administrative and public law, insurance and reinsurance, telecommunications and broadcasting as well as real estate and construction.

We are the Argentine member of Lex Mundi, the world’s leading association of independent law firms, comprising more than 160 members. We also have an office in New York, providing invaluable support on US transactions. With a long history of advising multinational companies and international institutions, we have a unique understanding of the Argentine market and how to help our clients achieve their goals. Marval O’Farrell Mairal has a 90-year track record of being prepared to respond to any challenge, both in the country and in complex cross-border transactions.


Miki Goto

Leaders in Law endorses Miki Goto as our exclusively recommended Intellectual Property Law expert in Japan. If you wish to get in touch with Miki please use the contact information provided above.

Miki Goto is a partner in the intellectual property group at Anderson Mori & Tomotsune. He has an exceptional background as a Japanese lawyer with an academic background in both science and engineering, and professional experience working in the intellectual property department of a major electronics company.

Mr Goto’s practice covers a wide range of complex intellectual property matters, including disputes concerning patents, licensing, trade secrets and trademarks, as well as technology-related antitrust claims. He also has broad experience in technology, content, branding and other IP development; licensing and partnering transactions; portfolio management; and IP due diligence.

Mr Goto is active in several professional societies including the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI), where he serves as vice chair of the standing committee on trade secrets.

In addition to being admitted to the bar in Japan (2008) and the state of New York (2014), he passed the Japanese patent attorney exam in 2003. Mr Goto graduated from Kyoto University (BSc, 2000), the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Engineering (MEng, 2002), Kobe University Graduate School of Law (JD, 2007) and Stanford Law School (LLM, 2013).

Firm Description

Anderson Mori & Tomotsune is a full-service law firm formed by the winning combination of three leading law firms in Japan: Anderson Mori, one of the largest international firms in Japan which was best known for serving overseas companies doing business in Japan since the early 1950s; Tomotsune & Kimura, particularly well known for its expertise in international finance transactions; and Bingham Sakai Mimura Aizawa, a premier international insolvency/restructuring and crisis-management firm.

Our combined firm provides an extraordinarily powerful value proposition. Housing all of these synergistic practices under one roof, and further growing our resources, we are able to serve a multinational client base on inbound, outbound and domestic projects by providing expert, timely and cost-efficient advice across a full range of legal issues, and in the largest, most complex, cross-sector transactions.

We are proud of our long tradition of serving the international business and legal communities, and of our reputation as one of the largest full-service law firms in Japan. Our combined expertise enables us to deliver comprehensive advice on virtually all legal issues that may arise from a corporate transaction, including those related to M&A; finance; capital markets and restructuring/insolvency; and litigation/arbitration. The majority of our lawyers are bilingual and experienced in communicating, drafting and negotiating across borders and around the globe. We welcome the opportunity to work closely with clients and channel our resources towards our goal of achieving more together.

We are headquartered in Tokyo with branch offices in Osaka and Nagoya. Outside Japan, we have offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok. We also have associated firms in Hong Kong, Jakarta and Singapore.

Anderson Mori & Tomotsune is among the largest and most diversified law firms in Japan offering full corporate services. Our flexible operational structure enables us to provide our corporate clients with effective and time-sensitive solutions to legal issues of any kind. We are pleased to serve Japanese companies as well as foreign companies doing business in Japan. In response to the increasingly complex and varied legal needs of our clients, we have grown significantly, augmenting both the breadth and depth of expertise of our practice.

Corporate: corporate and commercial transactions; corporate governance; shareholders’ meetings and relationships with shareholders; shareholder activism; corporate disputes; support for start-ups; and establishing a business presence in Japan.

M&A: M&A/business restructuring; joint ventures; business alliances; venture capital; private equity/funds; hostile takeovers; and cross-border M&A.

Corporate crisis management: internal investigations; third-party committee and other outside investigations; improper accounting; food/product/environmental-related accidents; breaches of anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws and regulations; white-collar crimes; leakage of personal information; leaking of commercial secrets; whistleblowing; anti-social forces; shareholder/derivative lawsuits; corporate scandal-related securities; and other civil litigation.

Capital markets

Finance and financial institutions: banking; financial regulation; derivatives; asset management and investment funds; structured finance; real estate finance; acquisition finance; project finance; asset finance; PPP/PFI/concession; insurance; fintech; and financial and securities dispute resolution.

Real estate: real estate transactions, investment, finance and dispute resolution; and REITs.

Labour and employment: disputes; unions; dealing with regulators; harassment; severance; corporate restructuring-related matters; working conditions including salary; retirement allowance and pension; employee health and safety (including mental health); executive issues (board members and auditors); non-regular employment; drafting and review of work rules and employment contracts; social insurance and labour insurance; immigration; and compliance.

Intellectual property/life sciences/TMT: IP disputes; IP licensing and transactions; patent prosecution; trademark/design prosecution; copyright and entertainment; healthcare; pharmaceuticals; and IT and telecoms law and regulation.

Competition/Antitrust: International cartels and leniency; merger control; dominance and other unilateral conduct; interplay of IP and competition law; distribution; litigation; and compliance.

Tax: tax planning and structuring; litigation and dispute resolution; and international taxation.

Energy and natural resources

Dispute resolution: resolution of disputes relating to IP, labour and employment, product liability, finance and securities, administrative, franchise, real estate, Companies Act, estates and business succession, consumer matters, insurance, IT, trade secrets, tax and pharmaceuticals; general commercial litigation; international litigation and cross-border disputes; alternative dispute resolution; litigation related to tax, competition, and energy and natural resources; civil litigation (including corporate scandal securities matters; and international arbitration.

Restructuring/insolvency and bankruptcy: creditor representations; sponsor/buyer representations; debtor representations; management representations; cross-border restructurings; financial institution insolvencies; court appointments; financial transactions; bankruptcy related litigation; and liquidations.

International trade

International practice: Asia; Australia; the US; the EU; Central and South America; Middle East; Russia; Africa; and other jurisdictions.

Number of attorneys: Approximately 540

Number of partners: 158

Number of offices: 10 (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok, Jakarta)

Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese (Mandarin)


Clarice Chen

Leaders in Law endorses Clarice Chen as our exclusively recommended Intellectual Property Law expert in Taiwan. If you wish to get in touch with Clarice, please use the contact information provided above.

Clarice (Tsui-Hua) Chen is the managing director of Sigma IPR. Before starting her own career in 2005, Chen worked for the largest international law firm in Taiwan for about 15 years, and was the Principal of the Patent and Technology Department of said firm. Chen excels in not only patent and trademark prosecution matters, but also the offense and defense of patent and trademark rights as well the litigation involving patent/trademark rights. She has been engaged in international IP practice since 1990, especially in patent and trademark matter. Chen has lectured for local and national organizations in Taiwan on various intellectual property topics.

In Taiwan, there are only a handful of IP firms equipped with a full-fledged chemical/biochemical team, among which the chemical/biochemical team of Sigma IPR has particularly been recognized as the most responsive, detail-orientated and disciplined. The technical fields covered by the unique chemical/biotech team include, but are not limited to, chemistry, chemical engineering, material science, polymer, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, agricultural, life science and biotechnology. In addition to the chemical/biotech team, Sigma IPR is also equipped with staff skilled in handling patent cases related to mechanics, electrics, Al, etc.

Practice Areas

  • Patent Prosecution
  • Patent Invalidation
  • Patent Infringement Analysis
  • Litigation
  • Trademark Registration
  • Trademark opposition, invalidation and revocation
  • Intellectual Property Law


  • B.S. and M.S. in Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University
  • LL.M., Shih-Hsin University
  • Research in Intellectual Property (IPSI & ALI), Franklin Pierce Law Center


  • Patent Attorney / Member of Taiwan Patent Attorneys Association (TWPAA)
  • Trademark Agent/ Member of Taiwan Trademark Association
  • Member of Asian Patent Attorney Association (APAA)
  • Member of AIPPI
  • Registered Professional Industrial Engineer in Environmental Engineering


  • Director of Patent Examination Practice Committee, Taiwan Patent Attorney Association
  • Lee & Li Attorneys-at-Law (1990-2005): Principal of Patent and Technology Department (2003-2004; passing review for Counselor in 2004)
  • Editor for Taiwan area of “Manual for the Handling of Applications for Patents, Designs and Trademarks throughout the World” (“The Brown Book”)
  • Educator assigned by the National Taiwan Intellectual Property Training Academy (TIPA) for delivering course “Practice of and Guidelines for Patent Application Procedures” to the instructors and advisors of TIPA
  • Educator assigned by the National Taiwan Intellectual Property Training Academy (TIPA) for delivering course “Practice of and Guidelines for Patent Application Procedures (Advanced)” to the instructors and advisors of TIPA)
  • Patent Counselor Assigned by Taiwan Intellectual Property Office for providing pro bono patent services
  • Speaker of “How to prepare and handle patent infringement litigation”, Chang Chun Group
  • Speaker of “Patent Protection of Biomedicals and Its Relationship to Clinical Trial”, China Medical University, Taiwan
  • Speaker of “Patent Protection of Novel Technology”, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
  • Speaker of “Patent Protection, Limitation and Extension,” 7th Pan Pacific Symposium on Stem Cells and Cancer Research (PPSSC)
  • Speaker of “Protection, Limitation and Infringement of Biotechnology Patent in Taiwan,” 6th Pan Pacific Symposium on Stem Cells and Cancer Research (PPSSC) in conjunction with the 1st Biotechnology Industry Forum of Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park
  • Speaker of “Patent Infringement and Design Around,” Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA (invited by Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry Technology and Development Center)
  • Speaker of “Principles of Patent Infringement Assessment, Design Around and Case Studies,” Ministry of Education (invited by China Medical University)
  • Speaker of “Introduction of Patent-Related Provisions,” Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA)
  • Speaker of “Patent Prosecution Practice and Procedures,” Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA)
  • Speaker of “Pharmaceutical Patents and Cases,” Roche Products Ltd., Taiwan
  • Speaker of “Patent Infringement Litigation,” Taipei Biotech Association
  • Speaker of “Patent Infringement and Related Examples Analysis,” Taipei Biotech Association
  • Speaker of “Patent Infringement Analysis,” Pharmaceutical Industry Technology and Development Center
  • Speaker of “Administrative Remedy Proceedings,” Chinese National Federation of Industries
  • Speaker of “Patent Invalidation Practice and Procedure and Related Administrative Remedy Proceedings,” Chinese National Federation of Industries
  • Speaker of “Practice of and Strategy for Invalidation Actions,” Chinese National Federation of Industries
  • Speaker of “Patent Prosecution Practice and Procedures,” Chinese National Federation of Industries
  • Advanced Patent Practice Training Seminar sponsored by Chinese Society of Inventions
  • Speaker of “Patent Law and Related Regulations,” China Industrial & Commercial Research Institute
  • Speaker of “Filing Patent Applications and Tips for Drafting Patent Specifications” Taiwan Economic Development & Research Academy
  • Speaker of “Patent Law and Methods and Practices for Enforcing Patent Rights,” China I
  • Speaker of “Successful Opposition and Cancellation Actions,” Tze-Chiang Foundation of Science & Technology
  • Speaker of “Patent Opposition/Cancellation Practice and Procedure and Related Administrative Remedy Proceedings,” Chinese National Federation of Industries
  • Speaker of “Procedures for Patent Administrative Remedy,” National Taiwan Intellectual Property Training Academy (TIPA)
  • Speaker of “Strategy of Filing Patent Worldwide,” National Chung-Hsing University Technology Transfer Center
  • Speaker of “Patent Examination Guidelines,” Feng-Chia University, Technology Transfer Center
  • Speaker of “Patent Systems and Related Provisions and Practices,” National Central University
  • Speaker of “Tips of New Patent Law,” Feng-Chia University, Technology Transfer Center
  • Speaker of “Technology and Patent-Related Provisions,” Yuan-Ze University, Executive Master of Business Administration
  • Speaker of “Introduction of Patent Law,” Kwan-Wu Institute of Technology
  • Speaker of “Introduction of Intellectual Property Rights,” Van-Nung Institute of Technology
  • Speaker of “How to prosecute patents quickly and cost-effectively at Taiwan’s IP office,” IP Forum 2009, Managing Intellectual Property


  • Patent Protection of Medical Use in Taiwan, January 2017, (http://www.corporatelivewire.com/CorporateLiveWireExpertGuides/IP2017/flipviewerxpress.html; password: 2017IP)
  • Textbook entitled “Practice of and Guidelines for Patent Application Procedures“ for TIPA (2005)
  • Textbook entitled “Practice of and Guidelines for Patent Application Procedures (Advanced)” for TIPA (2009)
  • Study on Patent Term Extension System (I), June 2008, Intellectual Property Right Journal (published by the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office)
  • Study on Patent Term Extension System (II), July 2008, Intellectual Property Right Journal (published by the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office)

Firm Description:

Sigma IPR, formerly Rich IP & Co., is devoted to providing excellent services to match our clients’ intellectual property rights needs.  Our team members have various technical backgrounds and are specialized in the prosecution of patent and trademark as well as the maintenance of the rights obtained therefrom.  The team can provide not only customized advice and services for research results in different fields, but also excellent services for interdisciplinary cases.

The Managing Director of Sigma IPR, Ms. Clarice Chen has devoted herself to the intellectual property field since 1990, handling many patent dispute cases and is familiar with the matters and skills related to patent disputes.  Significantly, Ms. Chen takes charge of the technical strategy for the cases she is involved with and has gained recognition from many clients.