Dr. Philip Haellmigk, LL.M.

Leaders in Law endorses Dr. Philip Haellmigk as our exclusively recommended Export Control Law and Trade Law expert in Germany. If you wish to get in touch with Dr. Haellmigk please use the contact information provided above.

Attorney at law (Germany)

Solicitor (England and Wales)

Licencié en Droit (France)

Dr. Haellmigk is the founding partner of HAELLMIGK and heads the firm. He has practised foreign trade and export control law for more than 10 years. Dr. Haellmigk is a leading expert on export control, embargoes/sanctions and other export compliance matters. Dr. Haellmigk is particularly well regarded for his very strong capabilities in the advice on EU and international sanctions regimes. 

Philip is admitted both as a German lawyer and as a solicitor (England and Wales). Further, he holds a degree in French law (Licence en Droit). Besides his academic training in Germany and England, Philip first studied violin and the piano. He then studied law in Germany, France Switzerland, the United States, England and Scotland. After his postgraduate studies in Scotland, where he focused on comparative law, he was awarded a LL.M. degree. He also holds a PhD in comparative law.

Philip is a frequent contributor to legal journals, handbooks and newspapers. He is a highly-sought-after speaker on export control matters. Philip is also a lecturer at international business schools where he teaches international business and contract law.

Philip is fluent in English, French and German. He also speaks Spanish and Italian and has basic knowledge in Mandarin.

Firm description

HAELLMIGK is a leading boutique law firm in Germany for export compliance matters. HAELLMIGK focuses on providing legal services in the areas export control, embargos/sanctions, compliance, commercial matter and all other regulatory aspects of trade. 

Its legal services include:

– Advice on EU and national export controls

– Advice on US export controls

– Support in the classification of goods, representation before the authorities in relation to information requests

– Advice on shipments within and outside of the European Union

– Advice on trade restrictions due to current embargos/sanctions

– Support in customs laws issues: customs simplifications, Authorised Economic Operator (AEO), customs audit

– Carrying out internal export control audits: analysis of sensitive shipments, assessment of classification lists, analysis of process instruction

– Support in the organisation and setup of internal export control compliance processes (Internal Compliance Programme): preparation of procedure instructions, implementation of working procedures, setup of an export control management

– Advice on the appointment of persons responsible for export and export control

– Support in the integration of export control compliance software, IT solutions for export control

– Preparation of voluntary disclosures of export control law infringements, representation before the authorities

– Foreign trade audits: preparation of companies, communication with the auditing authorities

– Representing companies and the management board in criminal and administrative proceedings

– Contractual advice: review of export and supply agreements, agreements with subcontractors and logistics companies, Incoterms, CISG

– German and English seminars for the management, senior staff, export and logistics departments