Isaac Eilat, Adv.

Leaders in Law endorses Isaac Eilat as our exclusively recommended Debt Recovery Law & Cross-Border Litigation expert in Israel. If you wish to get in touch with Isaac, please use the contact information provided above.

Isaac Eilat has experience of over 38 years in local and international debt collection.

The firm is considered one of the leading firms in Israel in these fields, servicing the biggest commercial firms and Government Ministries.

Areas of Expertise

  • Local Debt Collection
  • International Debt Collection
  • Debt Recovery
  • Consumer and Commercial debts
  • Cross-Border Litigation
  • Judgement Domestication


International Organizations:

  • ACA
  • IACC
  • Fenca
  • ALQ
  • EOS
  • ECN
  • AEA
  • Israel Bar

Established in June 1985 as a firm catering exclusively for creditors’ rights, we have gradually evolved into a law firm specializing in Private International Law in all its aspects. We offer our clients speedy and reliable assistance and solutions to their overseas legal issues.

These issues may include among others: cross border litigation, International collection, enforcement of foreign judgments, preparation of international contracts and legal opinions.

All of these activities have common legal questions such as conflict of laws between different legal systems, determination of  the correct court that has jurisdiction over a conflict, questions of different claim  limitation periods, and other legal and procedural considerations.

Through our international network of experienced attorneys ,collection and Investigation agencies developed over the years we are a one stop shop to our clients for all their international requirements.

Firm Description:

International private law, in all its branches, is an independent legal field that requires those practicing it to possess a specific set of skills, knowledge and expertise. Globalization, while constantly opening new opportunities also presents new challenges.

Legal issues that are complicated enough within the boundaries of one country, become particularly complex when the client’s issues or interests lie overseas. The client meets problems caused by distance, language and culture differences, different legal systems including unfamiliar foreign laws and procedures. All these seem to be insurmountable.

Examples are numerous and varied: A commercial creditor wonders what is the best way to recover the debt from a debtor in a foreign country? where and how he should sue? are the efforts worth the costs? An attorney deliberates if the judgment he acquired in favour of his client will be recognized and enforced in the respondent’s country? While making an offer to a client overseas, an exporter wants to insert the best safeguards in the event of a breach of the agreement. An investor considering the purchase of property may wish to be aware of the prevalent legal atmosphere. Due to  our international partnerships  we offer solutions to all these problems and  many others in over 100 countries, diligently and professionally.

Personal contacts with our clients are very important to us. Many of our clients have been with us for over 30 years. In order to keep constant contact, furnish updates, consult together over ways and means we appoint an attorney for every client. Your case manager will know and understand your special requirements and work in close cooperation with you.

Our clear aim is keep our clients for long stretches of time. Rather than Immediate remuneration our goal is to build a long term relationship based on trust and continued success.Initial consultation for new clients is free. Our fees for collection work (outside court procedures) are success-based. We believe in keeping our employees satisfied and motivate them through generous incentive plans. (the average time an employee works with us is over 10 years) We also believe in giving back to the community by employing handicapped workers and do pro-bono work for animal rights organizations.

Our firm strives to offer the best and most helpful solutions to clients from all relevant fields.

International presence in over 100 countries some of which are as follows;