Khalid Bin Khalifa Al-Attiya

Leaders in Law endorses Khalid Bin Khalifa Al-Attiya as our exclusively recommended Commercial Law expert in Qatar. If you wish to get in touch with Khalid please use the contact information provided above.

Born: Doha, Qatar, 1961.

Admitted: 1998, Qatar.

Education: University of Beirut (L.L.B. 1998).

Languages: Arabic and English.

Practice Areas: Litigation, Commercial Law, Sha’riya Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law.

Firm Description

Founded in 1995, Khalid Alattiya legal Consultant and Attorney, is now one of Qatar’s highly recognized and prestigious law firms. Due to this 1o years experience and with an extended team of 10 Middle east and European experts, we are able to offer to our local and international clients a full range of legal services.

Khalid Al-Attiya Legal Consultants & Attorneys is one of the long-term established law firms in Qatar, which specializes in legal representation and provides the best consultation services in the State of Qatar.
Khalid Al-Attiya law office also includes distinctive staff and teamwork, which consists of specialized consultants with a wide range of expertise in the legal field.

The office relies on three main principles while providing legal advice for clients: efficiency, professionalization and credibility. That’s why our clients trust us and always feel confident in receiving the best uncompromised legal services.

The firm was founded in 1995 by H.E. Dr. Khalid Bin Mohammed Al-Attiya (Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense of Qatar). Our founder placed the cornerstone to consolidate the pillars of the firm through selecting a team of recognized lawyers, broadly knowledgeable, in addition to being with a well-built and excellent reputation for their innovative solutions of complex legal issues and are well known within the legal field. For these reasons, the firm has built an outstanding reputation of excellence and gained the trust of its clients.

These reasons are the base upon which Khalid al-Attiya law firm became well known, and its excellent reputation has perceived it both locally, within the Arab region, and internationally. On the other hand, we cannot deny the administration team’s contribution to the firm’s success, as they always aim to achieve the vision and goals of the law firm with ambition and hard work while maintaining the essence of teamwork.

We also confirm that, the firm’s success and outstanding reputation were achieved through excessively hard work since the day it had been established. It is built by a team of excellent lawyers and consultants that have exceeded high expectations and illustrated their knowledge within the whole spectrum of the legal services. They have gained the full confidence of our clients by showing their extensive experience of dispute resolutions and their high skills in negotiating settlements. Our lawyers had shown their legal intelligence before the judges and established a reputation of excellence in their practical experience. Moreover, our administrative team always have ambition with attracting well-qualified lawyers and consultants to ensure providing the highest quality of legal services for our clients. In addition to the usual role of the administration in managing and taking control of the firm, besides taking part in solving the situational issues in the right time, creating perfect atmosphere for efficient work and handling the efficient coordination between the firm, the consultants, and the clients in an effective way to handle any updates and deal with them distinctively.

Khalid Al Attiya Legal Consultants & Attorneys clients are the forefront and center of the law firm. They are fully aware and confident in the fact that at Khalid Al Attiya Legal Consultants & Attorneys, they will always be provided with unparalleled service and excellent legal representation. We also aim to achieve the best goals possible that align with clients’ needs and make sure that we have gained their satisfaction in the outcomes. For these reasons and more, Khalid Al-attiya law firm has been established as one of the best locally and internationally well-established law firms.


Gael Tchouba

Leaders in Law endorses Gael Tchouba as our exclusively recommended Commercial Law expert in Cameroon. If you wish to get in touch with Gael please use the contact information provided above.

Managing Partner of Citadel Law Firm, Gael is a Barrister & Solicitor before the Supreme court of Cameroon and Nigeria. He obtained his LL.B at the prestigious Anglo-Saxon University of Buea, attended the most revered Nigerian Law School (Abuja) where he did his Bar Professional Training course (BL) and later on obtained an LLM in Business Law at the University of Douala, Cameroon.

In his professional capacity, he has over 08 years’ experience as a lawyer and has worked in some of Douala’s top tier corporate and commercial law firms.

He is an emerging lawyer with experience in corporate, commercial, regulatory and litigation fields.

He has assisted local and foreign clients across a full range of transactional practices and has hands-on experience on OHADA law practice and procedures.

His boardroom practice encapsulates corporate and commercial transactions, commercial disputes, business advisory, incorporation of companies, liaison offices, regulatory compliance, corporate due diligence, debt recovery, immigration, employment issues, litigation services, legal translation.

Thanks to CITADEL LAW FIRM, he has been able to advice major players in the public procurement sector, media, telecoms, fintech, gambling, as well as handled commercial transactions in other jurisdiction precisely in Niger Republic and Ivory Coast.

He is a pro bono research consultant to the World Bank Group’s Doing Business Project.

Firm Description

Citadel Law Firm is an emerging law firm in Cameroon comprising of a team of innovative and cutting-edge lawyers and paralegals with a passion in law.

We focus on providing excellent and pragmatic legal services/ representation to local and international clients within our core areas of expertise at a cost effective rate whilst maintaining a high level of professionalism and legal ethics.

As a young firm with international experience, we have both the agility and technical knowhow to use our legal expertise as a launch pad and innovatively tackle clients’ legal challenges or business transactions.

What we offer

The fulcrum of our practice is centered on Doing Business in Cameroon.

The spectrum of our legal services encapsulates an array of practice areas which is, but is not limited to: Corporate and Commercial law, Investment law, Immigration law, Employment law, Intellectual property, Conveyancing and property transactions, Debt recovery, Securities, Merger and Acquisition transactions, Corporate compliance and regulatory requirements (due diligence), Risk advisory services, Foreign direct investment, Corporate governance, Company secretarial services, Legal drafting and Translation services (French-English/English-French), Litigation and dispute resolution.

Our professionalism and assiduousness as an emerging firm, has enabled us successfully advise and assist major players in various industries; towit: Public procurement sector, Consumer goods, Hospitality (hotel), Health care, Broadcasting, Gambling sector, Mining sector, Fintech (e-money); just to name a few.

With Cameroon being a signatory to the OHADA TREATY ( Unified Business law practice applicable in 17 African countries), we have a mastery of  practice and procedures of OHADA Laws together with both the civil and common law legal systems applicable in Cameroon.

Our modest office is situate at the heart of the metropolitan city of Douala, economic capital of Cameroon and major business hub of Central Africa and CEMAC Region.



Meir (Michel) Arad

Leaders in Law endorses Meir (Michel) Arad as our exclusively recommended Commercial Law expert in Israel. If you wish to get in touch with Meir (Michel) please use the contact information provided above.

A co-founder of the firm and its legal Managing Partner, Adv. Arad leads the firm’s litigation and corporate/commercial practice and in addition oversees all the legal work carried out by the firm. Adv. Arad has interdisciplinary knowledge and experience of more than 20 years in various fields of commercial and corporate practice, including commercial agreements, shareholder agreements, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and partnerships, as well as other commercial agreements such as distribution, franchising, licensing and agency. Adv. Arad also manages the firm’s litigation practice. He represents many leading international companies both in corporate matters and commercial litigation cases, and is valued for his ability to study in depth each industry he deals with, including its business elements, and for getting the deal done with minimal fuss.

Adv. Arad is a graduate of the Faculty of Law of the University of East London in London, UK and the International Law Faculty of Utrecht University in the Netherlands.

Firm Description

Arad Luxenburg is a unique boutique law firm focusing on corporate and commercial law, which provides its clients with first-rate professional services in a friendly environment.

Forget about the fuss of the large law firms and multiple lawyers charging large sums for multiple hours, we assure our clients personal attention, and the best and most efficient legal services, all in a cost-effective manner.

We have earned a reputation for getting the deal done.

Our strengths are in taking a creative and original approach to complicated commercial, business and legal issues and possessing both intimate knowledge of local markets and a clear understanding of global business.

We offer our clients invaluable assistance with all their local and international business dealings and transactions, providing strategic and tactical advice throughout negotiations.  We also help clients identify exciting new business opportunities.

Our clients include some of the most successful business people and corporations in Israel.  They range from national and multinational corporations, to financial institutions, low-tech and high-tech industries, private corporations and individual entrepreneurs and investors.

We pride ourselves on providing excellence, while retaining a home-firm feel. Our staff consists of talented, hardworking, and experienced professionals who aim to help clients achieve all their objectives with a minimum of fuss.

The firm’s lawyers graduated in Israel, the United Kingdom and Netherlands with advanced degrees in international, commercial and corporate law.  All our lawyers are members of the Israeli bar.

Our combination of warm personal relationships, top-notch legal expertise, sound business advice, and proven entrepreneurial skills, enable us to give our clients a superior edge in the world of business.

Our goal is to exceed your expectations.


Sigurbjorn Thorbergsson

Leaders in Law endorses Sigurbjorn Thorbergsson as our exclusively recommended Commercial Law expert in Iceland. If you wish to get in touch with Sigurbjorn please use the contact information provided above.

Cand. Jur from University of Iceland 1991;

District Court Attorney 1994;

Member of the Icelandic Bar Association since 1994;

Founding partner of TH & L Law Firm in 1997;

General Manager of TCM Innheimta ehf. (TCM Iceland) in 1997;

Member of the Icelandic Antitrust Council 2001–2006;

General Secretary of TCM Group 2005–2007;

Admitted to the Supreme Court of Iceland 2009;

Managing Director TCM Group 2009–2013;

Treasurer TCM Group 2013-2015.

Honorary director TCM Group since 2015 

Firm Description

Thorbergsson & Loftsdottir law firm was established in 1997 and has since then specialized in creditors rights, commercial law and commercial litigation.  The law firm is a shareholder in TCM Group International and provides international debt collection in collaboration with it´s global partners.


Pavol Mlej

Leaders in Law endorses Pavol Mlej as our exclusively recommended Commercial Law expert in the Czech Republic. If you wish to get in touch with Pavol please use the contact information provided above.

I studied at the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague, from which I graduated in 2007. During the course of my studies, I spent a year studying at the Turku Law School in Finland with a focus on international law, human rights and legal comparative science.

I have been active in advocacy since 2007 and during the course of my work I have acquired a wide range of experience from leading Czech and international law offices.
I have worked as an independent attorney-at-law since 2014. I provide legal services to natural persons, small and medium-sized enterprises and large companies. My clients include domestic and international subjects. If required, I will be happy to send references for the legal services which I have provided.
I provide legal services in Czech, Slovak, English and German.
What I do
I provide legal services in the Czech and Slovak Republics. I mainly focus on private law, in particular concerning civil, commercial and real estate law, and family law. In addition to the aforementioned areas, I also work on cases involving compensation for damages, the recovery of receivables and insolvency proceedings and I participate in legal audit projects involving both corporations and real estate in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. If necessary I also work closely with specialists in criminal law, immigration law, taxation and accountancy, but also with renowned experts on the sale and rental of real estate.
When working, I place an emphasis not only on a high level of quality and expertise, but also on confidentiality, a human approach and friendly and fair conduct. I always opt for solutions which are not only the best for the client from a legal point of view, but are also the most effective from the point of view of costs. I also proceed in the same manner when invoicing legal services, where the client always knows in advance what the final price for the legal services will be.
The legal areas where I provide legal services
  • civil law
  • commercial law
  • corporate law
  • the administration and recovery of receivables
  • legal representation in arbitration proceedings
  • employment law
  • insolvency law
  • real estate rights
  • family law
  • criminal law
  • administrative law
  • e-commerce
  • personal data protection /GDPR
  • the custody of documents and monies
  • the administration of Slovak electronic mailboxes


Manuel Yglesias Mora

Leaders in Law endorses Manuel Yglesias Mora as our exclusively recommended Commercial Law expert in Costa Rica. If you wish to get in touch with Manuel please use the contact information provided above.

Academic Title

Law School Graduate, Law Faculty, University of Costa Rica (Universidad de Costa Rica), with an emphasis in Tax Law.

Tax Specialist, Costa Rica Institute of Technology (Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica)

Public Notary

Current activities (most relevant)

Tax and Corporate Lawyer at Mora, Yglesias y Asociados.

Founder and President of the Board of Directors at Fundación Leamos, a foundation dedicated to promote reading habits.

Member of the Committee of Constitutional Law of the Law School Bar Association.


As a seventh generation lawyer in my family business, I have dedicated my efforts in enhancing and improving the reach and scope of our law firm.

Firm Description

Founded in 1939, Mora Yglesias & Associates has proved to be a solid firm of high ethical standards and a commitment of service to our customers.

We have attorneys of great experience and knowledge of both the local and global context, who have consistently provided legal services of quality to the tenor of a globalized economy. Furthermore, we have amassed legal, social and political-strategic alliances that prepare us for any challenge and distinguish us from our competitors.

Our law firm is a pioneer in the development of international law firm networks.

Areas of Practice

Our years in the legal business determine the essence of our success, based on knowledge, experience and service. Our commitment is to be diligent, always maintaining direct contact with our clients. This provides a closer client/attorney relationship that results in efficiency towards the goals of our clients. We actively participate in workshops, seminars and our senior attorneys are well-known professors of our most prestigious Law Schools.

Our team counts with attorneys of experience and knowledge of the local and global circumstances prepared to provide high-quality legal services in a globalized and service-oriented economy.


In our firm, we speak Spanish and English. Some speak German, Italian and French.



Régis has extensive experience in business law and in particular in OHADA law.

He has worked for several years with the SCP of lawyers TOU and SOME, a business law firm, where he assisted major national and multinational companies in the structuring and securing of their investments in Burkina Faso.

He develops particular expertise in the fields of mining, energy and hydrocarbons, as well as on financial issues and restructuring operations.

Regis BONKOUNGOU also practices litigation in Burkina Faso courts.

Firm Overview:

Founded by Master Bertin Kiénou, Master Stéphane M. I. Ouédraogo and Master Régis E. W. Bonkoungou, Sari Conseils is an independent international business law firm based in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Sari Consulting offers clients of companies and individuals high-level expertise in business law and corporate taxation in both consulting and litigation.

With the recognised expertise of its lawyers, the firm provides optimal legal solutions to secure the activities, operations and interests of a demanding clientele.

Mboki Chilisa

Mboki Chilisa is our exclusively recommended Commercial Law expert in Botswana on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Mboki directly using the contact details listed above.

Mboki is the proprietor of the firm, having acquired same from Peter Collins in 2012 after being Peter’s professional assistant for the previous 6 years. Mboki has been an attorney of the High Court of Botswana for the past 12 years. His practice areas include Employment Law, Commercial and Property Law as well as Administrative and Constitutional Law.

Mboki specialises in Employment Law and has represented large corporations and trade unions in many ground-breaking cases. These include contentious briefs such as the 2011 public sector strike; the case in respect of the right of civil servants to vote in political primary elections and the appeal by the President of the Republic of Botswana, Attorney General and others against NALCGPWU in respect of the constitutionality of Section 4 of the Court of Appeal Act relating to judges’ conditions of contract.

Mboki Chilisa provides advice to corporates on restructuring and redundancy exercises, disciplinary proceedings and all aspects of employments law. He is the first-choice attorney in Gaborone where employment law is concerned and has earned that reputation through many successful results in all the Botswana courts.

Firm Overview:

Collins Chilisa Consultants is a vibrant, mid-sized law firm that provides tailored legal advice to clients both in Botswana and those seeking to enter the Botswana market. Our broad client base includes large and small businesses, government parastatals, major banks and corporates, not-for-profit organisations and private clients. Our professionalism, combined with our friendly and energetic approach, has made Collins Chilisa Consultants a trusted legal advisor to many of Botswana’s diverse organisations, both big and small.

Johan Sjiem Fat

Johan was born in Aruba on December 25, 1954. He was educated in the Netherlands and in the USA. He obtained a law degree (LLM in Dutch Law) from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands in 1977. In 1977, he was admitted to the Bar in Aruba and the Netherlands Antilles and joined the firm founded by his father Paul Valentijn Sjiem Fat. 
In 1980 he obtained a Master’s of Comparative Law Degree (MCL) from Georgetown University Law Center in Washington DC, where he concentrated in his studies on international law, tax law, commercial law and comparative law. He has practiced law in Aruba ever since. After working for 15 years with his father Paul Valentijn Sjiem Fat, the founder of the firm, he took over the firm when his father retired in 1992. Johan is also a member of the International Trademark Association. Johan was a member of the committee that drafted the Aruban Constitution and is a former President of the Aruba Bar Association.

Firm Description

Through the years the firm has evolved from a general practice firm to a firm with a strong commercial as well as a busy public sector practice. The firm handles civil law litigation and administrative law litigation, as well as commercial transactions and matters for both international clients as well as local entrepreneurs. An important part of our practice is in the hospitality industry. We represent various international hotels, casinos and timeshare operators active in Aruba. The work for these clients involves litigation, labor law, contract law, immigration law, business establishment, hotel and gaming regulations as well as financing transactions.

We also act for Aruban and international financial institutions doing business in Aruba and in international capital markets. Many of our clients use our services in the field of intellectual property (IP) matters. We have an experienced team of trademark administrators, who can assist you with trademark and patent registrations, while we also handle prosecutions and litigation in cases of trademark and copyright infringement.

We represent the Aruban government, its agencies and departments in matters ranging from civil and administrative law litigation, negotiations with foreign investors, regulation of the financial sector and reform of the pension system, to the realization of infrastructure projects with the Public Private Partnership (PPP) structure. Our lawyers are admitted to practice before the courts and in the jurisdictions of Aruba, Curacao, St Martin, and the BES-islands.

Burçak Sercan Sarıkaya

Leaders in Law endorses Burçak Sercan Sarıkaya as our exclusively recommended Commercial Law expert in Turkey. If you wish to get in touch with Burçak please use the contact information provided above.

Burçak Sercan Sarıkaya is the founding partner of Sarıkaya + Şahin and is a qualified lawyer admitted to the Istanbul Bar Association with experience in commercial litigation/contracts, cross-border transactions, maritime and admiralty disputes. He has notable experience in litigation and dispute resolution cases, breaches of contract and especially disputes where multinational companies are involved including but not limited to employment and labour law.


  • Atılım University Insitute of Social Sciences (Ph.D in Business Administration, present)
  • Bahçeşehir University Institute of Social Sciences (LL.M in Private Law – Full Scholarship)
  • Ankara University Faculty of Law (Law Diploma)

Memberships & Admissions

  • ELSA

Other Languages

  • English

Firm Description

Today, the impact of rapid changes in technology and economy is also manifested in the field of law. Therefore, these changes bring the necessity for dynamic, open-minded and professionally up-to-date lawyers more than ever. Sarıkaya + Şahin aims to respond to these necessities while enhancing its services to come along with the best possible solutions.

Sarıkaya + Şahin focuses on providing high level advice and expertise to its clients for their legal obstacles in various commercial areas in order to materialise their business strategies and assist them to achieve their goals. Sarıkaya + Şahin counsels clients of all types – individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses and start-ups and international and global entities.

By putting forward solution-oriented and interest efficient approaches, Sarıkaya + Şahin is dedicated to provide excellence in client service.

In matters of relations with administrative body and institutions, pursuing and concluding licence, authorization and permit procedures, Sarıkaya + Şahin collaborates with a Law Firm based in Ankara with 20 years of experience.