Mohamedou Malal Barry

Leaders in Law endorses Mohamedou Malal Barry as our exclusively recommended Business Law expert in Senegal. If you wish to get in touch with Mohamedou please use the contact information provided above.

Member of the Bar Association of Senegal for more than 25 years, Mohamedou Malal BARRY is a veteran of the law that does not neglect any litigant.
After 3 years of Internship and 10 years of collaboration with the law firm Cheikh FALL, he moved to his own firm in 2004. Meticulous, honest and loyal, Mohamedou Malal BARRY is a specialist in land and commercial law. He nevertheless pleads the whole jurisdiction.

Located at 38, Avenue Malick SY in Dakar, The law firm assists you in both counseling and litigation.

We support you not only in defining your goals but also in developing and executing the best legal or judicial strategy to achieve them.

Business Law

Specialized primarily in business law, the firm Mohamedou Malal BARRY is a fully independent and leading law firm involved in the main areas of business law. We assist our clients in defining their objectives and we advise them on the legal structure best suited to their needs. We also handle all litigation related to the business activity of the company.

The law firm regularly intervenes in the following areas:

  • Constitution of civil and commercial companies, groups, associations and subsidiaries
  • Pacts of partners and shareholders
  • Transactions related to share capital and recapitalization
  • Fundraising
  • Criminal law of business affairs
  • Bond contracts
  • tax system
  • Dissolutions and liquidations
  • Legal Audits
  • General litigation of company law and conflict between partners


Richard Deeb

Leaders in Law endorses Richard Deeb as our exclusively recommended Business Law expert in Qatar. If you wish to get in touch with Richard please use the contact information provided above.

Mr. Richard Deeb is a managing partner, able to work in English French and Arabic, with very good experience in Middle East, Africa and Asia. Able to work on own initiative and as part of a team. Dedicated to handle any litigation, arbitration, mediation advising and drafting any agreements or any other legal documents.

Richard Deeb has a very good experience in business law, corporate law, companies, joint venture acquisition and especially in real-estate and Intellectual property and trademark law.

Richard Deeb has gained both the Jurislex Best Award and the Corporate INTL award as one of the leading Corporate and Commercial lawyers, He was also been recognized by Jurislex Global network as Key Individual and the best practice Lawyer for hospitality and commercial.

He has represented clients in complex commercial litigation, with a focus on Corporate, Commercial and IP Aspect.

He is an advocate and arbitration law specialist. He works extensively across the Middle East, acting for governments and international corporations on complex commercial disputes under a variety of civil and common law systems.

Richard regularly advises clients across various industries on their commercial aspect compliance, policies and programs. Richard practice focused mainly on Joint venture, Commercial, Due diligence, corporate, Finance and intellectual property.

Richard is skilled in drafting expert legal opinions on complex issues and in support of both international and domestic arbitrations. Richard also regularly advises on various areas of law including litigious risks and avoidance. Richard also has experience in enforcement of foreign and domestic awards.

Richard career includes multiple representations of clients in complex commercial disputes and in commercial arbitration and has advised on multiple cross border transaction that have exceed 3.9 billion US$.

In addition to organizing and speaking at conferences, Richard is also acting as a board member of the Lebanese Institute of Market study and in charge of all the regulatory compliance and legal matter.


  • Master 2 In Law University of Limoges (France)- Faculty of Law
  • Master 1 In Law – Lebanese University Francophone Branch – Faculty of Law and Political Science.
  • Member of the law bar in Lebanon.
  • Member if the International Law Bar
  • Member of the Intellectual Property association
  • Member of the Human rights Committee in the Law bar in Lebanon.
  • Member of the International Union of lawyers, worldwide organization.
  • Member of the international Franchise lawyer association.
  • Member of Jurislex exclusive Network and recognized as one of the leading corporate and commercial lawyers.


  • Managing the Firm and acting for and advising for foreign investors and international conglomerates for all the corporate matter and businesses matter in the Middle East including but not limited to advising on the startups, incorporation structures, implications of available legal structures (e.g. ownership, financing and employment), foreign investment regulations, related transactions and establishment of branches and across various sectors such as telecommunication, retail, industrial, media and technology and other regulatory matters.
  • Handling corporate litigation including arbitration or other kind of conflict resolution.
  • Advising on banking and finance deal of 3,4 Billion US$ for the construction of an entertainment city.
  • Advising on one of the leading Joint Venture in the automotive industry and handling one of the major ICC arbitration that have exceed 300 Million US$.
  • Advising on mega construction and mixed used project of hotels and malls for 6 Billion US$.
  • Establishing one of the biggest Joint Venture in the Field of Gaz and oil between Oman and Qatar 250 Million US$ .
  • Handling the restructuring of the group form a LLC to a Holding Group and arrange for all the due diligence for an Initial Public Offering.
  • Arbitration case in front of the DIFC for 180 Million Dollars.
  • Advising on arbitration case for one of leading technology company on the breach with one of their major distributor for the value of 400 Million US$.
  • Negotiation, and mediation for a conflict with an international company in the field of Gas and oil.
  • Advising on a financing project of 1.2 billion US $
  • Arbitration case in front of the Qatar chamber of Commerce for 6.5 Million Dollars.
  • Extensive experience in Licensing, franchising and distribution, transfer, acquisition and sale, sales representation and agency agreements teaming, joint venture and other commercial alliance agreements, relationships and outsourcing arrangements.
  • Advising on finance deal with a UK leading bank over 100 Million Dollars.
  • Advising on Corporate matter (joint Venture) related to one of the biggest international automotive company.
  • Advising on Major agency and distribution agreements for Multinational companies especially in the sector of Gas and oil, furniture, real-estate, cement, Iron, safety, battery, heavy equipment, automotive finance, investment…
  • Negotiation, and mediation for a conflict with an international company in the field of Gas and oil.
  • Drafting, reviewing, advising on major business and construction contract .
  • Advising on finance deal with a UK leading bank over 100 Million Dollars.
  • Establishing a Joint venture with one of the biggest company in the field of gas and oil.
  • Representing all the legal case in front of the court as well the arbitration in front of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and International Chamber of Commerce.
  • Handling all the construction contract and all the real estate matter of a leading construction company in the middle east.
  • Advising on agreements with regard of cross-borders multinational transaction (in finance, investment and real-estate)
  • Working with one of Major global technology group regarding a joint venture company in the Middle East.
  • Handling one of the biggest joint venture in the Middle East related in the field of heavy equipment with a pioneer multinational company.
  • Handling various legal case of multinational companies.
  • Handling one of the biggest acquisition deal of a multinational company.


  • Arabic: Native language.
  • English: very good (Spoken, Read, and Written).
  •  French : very good (Spoken, Read, and Written).

Research, Articles and Publication

  • Politic and Diplomatic immunity
  • Intellectual property and trademark law.
  • Article about the real states law in Lebanon.
  • Persons of International and environment law
  • Conventions and treaties of environment law.
  • Protection of the littoral and the environment (international and comparative law)
  •  Many other articles related to sociology and philosophy.

Firm Description

D&C Legal Services operates through various, separate and distinct legal entities which are all specialized in their own legal field, and each legally qualified within its own local jurisdiction.

Our lawyers has handled thousands of cases and legal opinions in many legal fields and our group has evolved to become one of the leading firm with a cross-border experience and a diversified team of specialized and qualified lawyers each one within his own local jurisdiction. This organized teamwork enables us to consistently deliver the best results for our clients based on the specialization and the local experience of each of our lawyer.

D&C Legal Services renders a comprehensive array of legal services to businesses and individuals and our lawyers are determined to introduce higher standards of legal service in order to give the clients a renewed experience of satisfaction. D&C Legal Services understands the clients need for strategic legal services and provide useful solutions to their business matters.

We strive to maintain our reputation for excellence and are aware of the importance of dedicating special attention to ensure that the qualifications of our lawyers and support staff are always of the highest standards, and that we always adopt best international practice.

D&C Legal Services  provides a wide range of legal services in many fields, such as: incorporation and foreign investment, banking and finance, international trade and customs, maritime law, insurance & reinsurance, tax law, labor law, franchise and licensing, corporate, arbitration, intellectual property and real estate.

D&C Legal Services is constituted of a team of various and distinct lawyers who are all specialized in their own legal field, and qualified within their own local jurisdictions, the matter that ensures to our clients premium and specialized legal services provided by qualified and well experienced lawyers each based on his own legal specialization and within his own local jurisdiction.

Our extensive lawyers experience in law domain and our full understanding of the market put us in the best position to advise our client for the appropriate form of their business and to provide them with the premium solution to eliminate any legal obstacle.

At D&C Legal Services we spare no efforts in order to meet our client’s expectations and to develop our client database ranging from the smallest private businesses to the biggest multinational foreign company in the world of business and trade.

D&C Legal Services is an association of a highly professional and qualified team of lawyers, attorneys and law firms who are able to work in several languages allowing us to communicate easily with international clients.


Alcides Castillo

Leaders in Law endorses Alcides Castillo as our exclusively recommended Business Law expert in Panama. If you wish to get in touch with Alcides please use the contact information provided above.

Alcides Castillo (Founder partner) to ACabogadopty, is a professional with high level   experience on various themes of Law.

He aims to provide the best advice to his clients

He is graduate to the University of Panama, obtaining a Degree in Law and Political  Science.

Adviser on various themes of  Law and currently specializes in the field of entrepreneurs, helping them in creating business and operating licenses in Panama.

Firm Description

Panama offers it`s nationals and foreigners, interesting facilities that allow them to enjoy an excellent quality of life.

Security, employment, economy and our cultural diversity, make Panama a very attractive tourist and commercial country.

ACabogadopty had its beginnings in 2010, since then we have been dedicated to expanding and strengthening our services in various areas of Law. Providing personalized and reliable attention to our customers.


Lucie Blažková

Leaders in Law endorses Lucie Blažková as our exclusively recommended Business Law expert in Czech Republic. If you wish to get in touch with Lucie please use the contact information provided above.

I provide legal services and professional counseling to individuals, companies and companies, specializing in civil, commercial, family and criminal law. I represent clients before the courts, arbitrators or administrative authorities, and I try to always negotiate the most favorable terms with the counterparties, I make the drafting of business contracts and other official documents. Emphasis is placed on individual approach to the client, on mutual trust. I always tell the client how to handle his case and provide him with the necessary explanations and documentation in time for the consideration of other procedures.

Conciliation consultation

Fast, cheap and effective dispute resolution: an agreement without the cost of legal proceedings, without lengthy proceedings and without nervous strain.

Civil Law

Civil law is the most extensive legal branch of the Czech legal order. The basic source of civil law is the new Civil Code, which is divided into the area of ​​family law, absolute property rights and relative property rights. The new Civil Code has brought about a great deal of changes and refinements, including, for example, the possibilities of dealing with property, the possibilities of inheritance, the regulation of family relations, the exercise of property rights, the status of animals, and the citizens more extensive in dealing with their former civil code . The most common legal act in civil law is a contract or agreement concluded in various forms.

Business Law

I provide legal services in setting up business companies, whether they are limited partnerships, public companies, limited liability companies, joint stock companies or cooperatives.

Family law

The family will always play an important role in society because the issue of family-legal relations practically affects each of us. The special position of the family lies in the fact that it shapes the personality of a person, his character, and a family of other social relationships. All legal relationships governed by family law are based on the main purpose of achieving the child’s well-being. Family law further regulates matrimonial relationships. Family law is a relatively separate legal branch, but it is in relation to civil law.

Criminal Law

In the field of criminal law, I offer counseling in criminal proceedings, their elaboration, and legal representation of injured parties in criminal proceedings, including claims for damages.

Offense proceedings

I represent clients in the offense proceedings. An offense is classified as a culpable act under the Offense Act and distinguishes between an administrative offense and a criminal offense. Infringement proceedings are dealt with where the social danger is lower than the criminal offense.


Mediation is an effective way of resolving disputes. The mediator works as a third party, who helps both sides to come to an agreement – a compromise in their case. This process is very effective and much faster and cheaper than when a case is taken to court.  Mediation is designed for those who do not want to break the business, family or other realtionships for good.

Mediation is a flexible solution in a whole range of situations such as:

  • contract or any business disputes
  • consumer disputes
  • family disputes
  • neighbourhood disputes

The role of the mediator is to help parties reach a solution to their problem and to arrive at a mediation agreement that both parties are happy to accept and that is binding for both of them equally. Mediators avoid taking sides, making judgements or giving guidance. They are simply responsible for developing effective communications and building consensus between the parties.

Mediation is a voluntary confidential process where the information discussed are not disclosed to any party outside the mediation hearing. If parties are unable to reach agreement, they can still go to court. In this case the details about the mediation proces and the information included will not be used at a court hearing, the mediator can not serve as a witness.


Harris Gomez

Harris is the Managing Partner of Harris Gomez Group. Harris has over 20 years of legal and business experience between Australia and Latin America. In 2001, he founded the Harris Gomez Group and was the first Australian Law firm to have an office in Latin America.

Harris has been the President of the Australia Chile Chamber of Commerce as well as the Australia Peru Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He was also a Director of the Australian Latin American Business Council for a number of years.

In Australia, Harris was the Principal Partner of Lyon Law Firm specialising in Property, Finance, Commercial Litigation and International Law with Latin America & Spain. In 2014 he opened a Harris Gómez Group office in Sydney, which will continue to strengthen business relations between Australia and Latin America.

Harris specialises in setting up Australian and Latin American businesses and providing support to both regions. His expertise is focused on common law and Latin American cross-border issues in areas including mining and energy, corporate matters, employment, taxation, intellectual property and business ventures. His understanding of both the Australian and Latin American legal and business cultures makes him a priceless link between the two regions.

Yannil Belbachir

Yannil is the managing director and coordinates all the teams’ work since the firm (LAW FRIM) foundation.

Although Yannil has been developing a strong experience in a broad spectrum of business law, he mainly acts in public contracts, in particular, EPC contracts related to the construction and the oil and gas industries.

He works alongside with major international contractors and procurers from the negotiation stage up to the project delivery, addressing risks to time.

Yannil graduated in international law from the University of Nice and in American contracts and international legal practice from the Loyola Marymount Law School based in Los Angeles.

Yannil regularly speaks at major events worldwide including summits and international conferences on various legal subjects including those related to the oil and gas and infrastructure industries.

Languages: French, Arabic, Italian, English, Spanish and basic Portuguese.

Firm Description

Fares Group is an International law firm based overseas and specialized in assisting 360° foreign investments and projects execution worldwide.

 Indeed, our multilingual and multidisciplinary team is able to help companies in achieving their goals with the constant concern to mitigate their risks thanks to a solid experience in the business law and its knowledge of the local administration.
Fares Group Law Firm is recognized for the quality of its services, its dynamic ground approach and its flexible and transparent fees.
At Fares Group, we focus on:
– Providing our clients with unique legal services with a particular focus on North African countries and emergent markets
– Bringing a creative, ground and business-aware approach to all of our work, however complex-fostering and developing our working relationships with leading law firms across the world
– Maintaining a sense of perspective: our clients are best served if an element of warmth and humor is in the mix.

For more information, please visit our website


Mark V. Dougall

University of Belgrano, School of Law (1980); Georgetown University, Washington, International Law Institute, (U.S.A.), 1982; New York University, School of Law, Inter-American Law Institute; Master’s Degree in Comparative Law (MCJ), 1983; Internships in New York (U.S.A.) (Whitman & Ransom) and London (England) (Beachcroft & Stanleys 1983/84); Escuela Superior de Economía y Administración de Empresas (E.S.E.A.D.E); Master’s Degree in Economics and Business Administration (MBA) (with Honors), 1989; current member of the Board of Governors of St. George’s College, the British Hospital and B.A.B.S. (British and American Benevolent Society). Member of the Bar Association of the City of Buenos Aires, Club de Abogados de Empresas, and the Bar Association of Buenos Aires.

Firm Description

Dougall Abogados was founded in 1970 by Vernon Roy Dougall, a well-known attorney-at-law in Buenos Aires and many other cities of Argentina. He was advisor to several embassies, in particular, the Embassy of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, where he served as legal Advisor to the Ambassador and was awarded an Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 1977 by Queen Elizabeth II and the award of Commander of the British Empire (CBE) in 1997 for his services. Later he was appointed Jamaica’s Honorary Consul in the Republic of Argentina. The Firm continued to expand its services under the management of Vernon Dougall until his death in 2004. His son Mark succeeded him in the business and since then he has been leading the law firm. Dougall Abogados is a law firm with a long-standing professional practice. Its main features are the vast advisory experience gained over the years and its complete commitment to client service.

Our main goal is to build a personal relationship with the client, since we believe that it is the one thing that will enable us to deliver the quality of service we want to provide. Many of our clients were or are currently from overseas –they are predominantly British and American-; this experience has allowed us to be prepared and ready to provide services to any client interested in investing or doing business in Argentina.

Dougall Abogados is one of the law firms recommended by the Embassies of Australia, Canada, United States, Norway and United Kingdom and it is included in their lists of law firms offering services to national and international clients.
Dougall Abogados maintains a network of correspondents from renowned law firms, both at home and abroad (Brazil, USA, France, England, Switzerland, Germany, Paraguay and Uruguay), that provides us with the local support and assistance required to have a global coverage and to meet our clients’ needs.


Shahrzad Shamim

Shahrzad Shamim is licensed by the Afghanistan Independent Bar Association to practice law in Afghanistan. She joined SHAJJAN & ASSOCIATES in 2014 as a junior associate. She was promoted to associate in 2015 and to senior associate in 2018. She is also an active member of International Chamber of Commerce Afghanistan and a registered arbitrator with ACDR.

Shamim is a specialized business lawyer. She provides legal counseling, regulatory advice and litigation support on complex legal issues to national and international businesses. She essentially advises clients on a variety of business-related areas including business licensing, joint venturing, business restructuring, business winding up and mergers. Her practice also involves structuring, negotiating and drafting various types of agreements including partnership agreements, shareholder agreements, telecommunication agreements, employment agreements, real estate purchase agreements, and other commercial agreements. Moreover, she advises clients on inbound and outbound tax implications of domestic companies, multi-national corporations and USG/NATO contractors. Shamim studied law at Kabul University and completed her LL.M. studies at Wake Forest University, where she specialized in Business Law. Apart from her practice as a business lawyer, she represents indigent clients in issues related to family law and human rights on pro-bono basis.

Firm Description

In Afghanistan provision of legal services trace back to as early as 1964 when the then Afghan Constitution for the first time stipulated the right to defense counsel. However, the profession suffered a setback in the years to come as the entire justice system was heavily affected by different phases of war from late 1970s to 1990s. Contrary to this backdrop, post-2001 with the advent of the international community, a vigorous campaign was initiated to improve the legal sector and strengthen the rule of law in Afghanistan. This has transformed the justice sector immensely and strengthened the legal institutions to a noteworthy level. SHAJJAN & ASSOCIATES remained an essential contributor to this campaign since it was founded.
SHAJJAN & ASSOCIATES was founded in 2011 by Saeeq Shajjan and registered under the laws of Afghanistan. Soon SHAJJAN & ASSOCIATES established itself as a ‘go-to law firm’ in Afghanistan. The firm’s scope of practice includes but is not limited to legal counseling, litigation, legislative drafting and legal capacity building. Additionally, provision of pro-bono legal services to the needy people is inherited as a core culture in each of our attorneys. Client service is our shared professional value. We believe that SHAJJAN & ASSOCIATES is not about us; it is about services to our clients. This attitude helped us to emerge as the ‘firm of choice’ in Afghanistan and beyond.


Ghassan Moghabghab

Managing Partner
Admitted to the Beirut Bar Association in 1975

At the Firm since 1978.
Ghassan was previously the Legal Advisor to the Ministry of Finance in Lebanon from 1983 to 1988, he was as well the personal legal advisor to President Camille Chamoun. He also headed the Legal Department of the National Lebanese Party (130 Lawyers) from 1988 to 2000. His main areas of practice are Arbitration & Litigation, Corporate and M&A, Energy as well as Private International Law.

DEA, Public Law, Universite Jean Moulin Lyon 3, France
LLB, Private Law, Universite Saint Joseph, Beirut, Lebanon
La Sagesse High School, Lebanon

Firm Description

Moghabghab & Associates is a global firm that was established in 1945.

Initially Chamoun & Moghabghab, the firm started when President Camille Chamoun and MP Naim Moghabghab formed a partnership in 1945. Ghassan N Moghabghab then re-established the
firm under its current name in 1978.

Headquartered today in Beirut Central District, Lebanon, we serve our clients globally wherever they are,
either directly or through our international partners. Our aim is to help companies and individuals solve
their most complex legal issues. We offer outstanding legal services and deliver results to our clients.

Moghabghab & Associates serves individuals, companies, governments and financial institutions. We are uniquely placed to help our clients resolve their most complex legal challenges wherever they are.

  • Intellectual Property & Technology
  • Regulatory & Government Affairs
  • Private Clients
  • Real Estate & Tax

Simon Stell

Simon Stell is the Managing Partner and responsible for leading the firm’s development, managing day to day operations and implementing the firm’s strategy

“Our aim is to deliver affordable accessible legal services focusing on the customer’s actual needs whether that customer be a large business, a professional practice, a family or an individual. We exist to make our customer’s lives easier so they can get on with what is really important to them. We make the complex simple. We cut out the jargon. We call it legal efficiency”

Simon is also responsible for operating and managing the firm’s online legal resource and the firm’s residential conveyancing law firm LCF Residential
Simon received the award of Yorkshire Lawyer of the Year at the Yorkshire Legal Awards 2016