David Bennett

Leaders in Law endorses David Bennett as our exclusively recommended Asset Recovery Services expert in Hong Kong. If you wish to get in touch with David please use the contact information provided above.

David Bennett has led Grant Thornton’s restructuring and insolvency team in Hong Kong and China since 2014.

David’s experience is extensive, and involves leading restructurings and the taking of insolvency appointments. David also takes directorships where this is a more appropriate role, or where the matter is a dispute and not insolvency-related. David has taken directorships in Hong Kong, BVI, Israel, the Netherlands and Germany, including being appointed by the High Court as an independent director of a trading company which was the subject to allegations of misfeasance and fraud.

David has been appointed as a liquidator in multiple jurisdictions including the UK, Hong Kong, Cayman Islands, BVI and Bermuda. Furthermore, David has worked on insolvency and restructuring matters in Hong Kong and China, the US, Europe, India, Vietnam and Indonesia. He has dealt with matters involving numerous other jurisdictions including Malaysia, Taiwan, Cambodia, Macao and many others.

His experience involves investigations into corporate fraud in insolvency related matters and covers numerous sectors. His more recent involvement in fraud investigation in insolvency related matters has focussed on technology, retail and manufacturing.

David joined Grant Thornton in 2010 in the UK before transferring to Hong Kong to set up the restructuring and insolvency team. David qualified as an accountant at PwC in the UK where he worked for c 16 years. Whilst he has principally worked in the restructuring and insolvency space, he also spent several years working in lead advisory corporate finance working on valuations, MBOs and strategic advice.

Firm Description

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Matt Richardson

I joined Grant Thornton BVI in 2017, having previously spent eight of the last nine years in the British Virgin Islands where I established and ran the office of a global firm specialising in contentious insolvency and asset recovery.

I have extensive experience in corporate recovery services, primarily in contentious cross-border insolvency and fraud involving international litigation, fraud investigation, asset tracing and realisation of complex and liquid assets. I have undertaken work in a variety of industries, including financial services, offshore banking, real estate, shipping, financial institutions, mining, oil & gas and telecommunications.

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