Start-Up Regulation in the Netherlands

The Netherlands – sometimes called Holland – is often called “The gateway to Europe” due to its modern harbour, Rotterdam, which connects the North Sea to rivers flowing from Germany, Switzerland and France. The airport Schiphol is a major hub. The level of technology in the Netherlands is high, as are the living conditions of its inhabitants. There are international schools, and many of the local people also speak English.

A residence permit for a “start-up” gives ambitious starters a year to commence an innovative company in the Netherlands.

The candidate has to fulfil certain conditions:

  • Collaboration with a reliable and experienced facilitator;
  • The product or the service is innovative;
  • The start-up entrepreneur has a (step-by-step) plan in order to move from idea to business;
  • The start-up entrepreneur and the facilitator are both registered in the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce;
  • There are sufficient financial means (resources) to be able to reside and live in the Netherlands.

Your product is regarded as innovative when:

  • The product or service is new to the Netherlands; and/or
  • It involves new technology for production, distribution or marketing; and/or
  • It involves an innovative organisational procedure and method.

We can help you find a facilitator and assist you in the immigration process.

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