Notice of Establishment of “AMT Metaverse Legal Study Group”

We are pleased to inform you that AMT Law Firm have decided to establish the “AMT Metaverse Legal Study Group”.

Due to the prolonged Korona-ka, the use of “virtual space” including “metaverse” has rapidly penetrated, and “virtual space business” is attracting worldwide attention as a new economic zone. On the other hand, the legal aspect of the “virtual space business” is finally at the stage where the need for full-scale examination is being recognized.

Based on this situation, AMT will continue to organize and examine legal issues related to “virtual space business” from various perspectives such as the Intellectual Property Law, Data Protection Law, Electronic Commerce Law, Financial Regulation Law, and Tax Law. They have set up this study group, which is composed of lawyers specializing in each field, across fields.

In the future, they plan to hold a study meeting for each theme about once a month, with the first meeting on Thursday, April 7, 2022.
The results of this study group will be widely announced through seminars hosted by their office and various media.

AMT Metaverse Legal Study Group
Ken Kawai / Shunsuke Aoki / Takeshi Nagataki / Takashi Nakazaki / Hiroshi Shimoo / Inoue Inoue / Rinsuke Kazama / Miko Nakamura / Yuko Triangle / Takugo Tsunoda /Hiroki Tsue