Golden Anniversary of Atlas Consulting

Over the past 50 Years we support entrepreneurship in Greece and abroad.

A small office in the center of Thessaloniki in 1972, was the beginning of Atlas Consulting from our founder & president Mr Kleanthi Patsoumi.

Factors for Mr Kleanthis’ and his family’s success, who continue his journey, have been the courage, optimism, persistence, hard work and of course their special ability to connect humanely and honestly with (their partners) people.

This special day we had the great pleasure and honor to have with us Mr Kleanthi Patsoumi who declared:

K.P: «Not even in my wildest dreams, I imagined this progress!… I started from a really small office about 10 sq. meters with a partner, and now we are in our new headquarters of 400 sq. meters and everyday new people join our team, resulting in 20 people throughout Greece. All in all, I am very delighted to see the third regeneration, my grand children to participate in this event. We promised each other that on the next 5-year celebration we would be here together! I wish all of you the best, May our relationship strengthen even more and keep us united for eternity».

 Then, for the 50th Anniversary of Atlas Consulting, Mr. Giorgos G. Kalfas CEO & General Manager announced that:

G.K: «This is a special day for Atlas Consulting, as many decades ago, our founder established this company and nowadays the second generation, we continue his vision, I believe successfully. An indication of that, is that we enjoy what we do! We have created a pleasant & friendly working environment, as work is part of our daily life. Our goal is to do whatever it takes to provide you an environment that will make you happy. Another indication of our successful work is the loyalty of our clientele. Their 2nd or 3rd management generation, still consider us as their relying partner. In conclusion, I would like to point out that this is a fateful year for Atlas Consulting. We began a successful journey, and we will follow this optimistic direction».

In addition, Mrs. Sousana Patsoumi Kalfa, Chief Business Officer noted:

S.K: «My first memories of A.TL.AS were from my father’s 2nd office, when I was still at the elementary school.  There, very often, he would bring us some invoices, where my younger sister and I, would file them alphabetically, calculate the numbers and we note the results. (Maybe) It was my destiny to follow this field. I really enjoyed being there, even during summer, I used to go to the office, sitting in his chair and speaking on the phone (with the cafeteria).

During the ’80s, I remember that he brought us the first pc and encouraged me to practice my English by talking to clients from the UK. Thus, he implanted his love for this job to us. As a result, we studied in Greece and abroad on this field. Years later in 1997, we officially started working in the company for 10 consecutive years, supporting the majority of the departments. However, despite the results of progress and prosperity, I felt unfulfilled because I wanted to upgrade the business to an international level. The formation of the plan started in 2007, when I met my life partner (Mr. Giorgos G. Kalfas current CEO & General Manager of Atlas Consulting) and the same year he joined our team. 

Soon, during an evening walk by the sea, we decided to implement our action plan. Keeping always our vision in our minds, with a lot of faith and hard work, we achieved till 2018 to grow a wide international network. So here we are today, in 2022, celebrating 50 years, half a century anniversary of Atlas Consulting together with the third generation of our family and of course all of you, our precious people. May we continue to grow together, now and forever. Best wishes to you.

At the same time, the new redesigned Atlas consulting logo was presented,

inspired by the colors of the Greek sunset.


Half a century now, we provide holistic solutions in Accounting Support, Legal Counselling, Tax-Law Consulting, full Business Development Consultancy in businesses or private-individual based in Greece or around the Globe!

Our inspiration was Atlas, the Greek mythology Hero that held the Earth on his shoulders. According to Greek etymology, Atlas is considered to be the person that has the audacity to simply-be-successful-in-doing-anything, is multitalented and potentially the one who supports others in achieving their goals.

Similarly, in Atlas Consulting, ‘’our Atlas ‘’ relieves every entrepreneur from the burden that he carries on his back. Undertaking to hold it for them, he spins it on his fingertip, providing financial prosperity and growth to his domestic and international clients.

A.TL.AS, our brand name derives from acronyms framing the range our provided services:

Α for Accounting, our most integrated Accounting Support and Legal Counselling

ΤL for Taxation Law, absolut Tax-Law Consulting

ΑS for Administration Specialists, a full Business Development Consultancy.

Our main fields of expertise are:

  • Company Establishment Services
  • Accounting – Reporting – Audit Services
  • Tax Services
  • Payroll & HR Services
  • VAT Compliance Services
  • Market Entry Services
  • Greek Residency – Golden Visa Services
  • Immigration Services & Residence Permits
  • Register Address Services
  • Financial Services
  • Business Administration Services
  • Business Development Services
  • Strategy & Operations Services
  • Online Tax & Business Consulting Services

One Stop Tax – Expatriate Solutions

With the valuable experience, knowledge and expertise of our people, we help our clients to protect their property, their financial resources and reduce the risks of exposure to fines, offences and to deal effectively with Greek bureaucracy.