Avisen Legal Welcomes Alex Frescoln for Summer 2021 Clerkship

Avisen Legal Welcomes Alex Frescoln for Summer 2021 Clerk

Alex Frescoln is a third-year law student at the University of St. Thomas School of Law in Minneapolis. Alex graduated from the University of Iowa (Go Hawks!) in 2011. Before attending law school, Alex worked as a cash commodity trader for three years and then joined Minneapolis-based Puris in 2014 as a Business Development Manager. At Puris, Alex developed domestic and international markets for multiple Organic and Non-GMO product lines to help Puris scale up from an idea into a robust multi-plant business.

Alex’s goal is to mesh his developing legal skills with his extensive knowledge of the sustainable agriculture and green investment markets to someday assist innovative companies get to market. Alex has a passion for financial markets, BBQ, and Hawkeye Football.