Roy Eiguren

New Member – Roy Eiguren joins as the Administrative Law Expert in the USA, Idaho.

Leaders in Law, the leading platform in its field, is delighted to welcome Roy Eiguren as our exclusively recommended & endorsed Administrative Law expert in the USA, Idaho.

Roy Eiguren’s decades of experience have earned him a reputation as one of Idaho’s premier advocates of issues before federal, state and local decision makers. As founder of Eiguren Merrill Public Policy, he has an unsurpassed record of successful public issues management, lobbying, regulatory coordination and public policy law outcomes.

The Idaho Year book describes him as “a lobbyist extraordinaire…respected for his wise counsel…[and] a powerful behind the scenes player.” Roy is widely recognized to have stronger ties and connections, and better insight into the upper reaches’ government, than most who are employed in it. He regularly represents clients as a lawyer and lobbyist before departments and agencies of the state and federal governments.

Roy’s expertise in public policy and law is extensive. He has drafted and lobbied for new legislation and amendments to existing laws or proposals and has regularly testified before legislative and administrative committees on his private clients’ behalf. He has organized large coalitions for the successful lobbying and passage of major legislation. Roy Eiguren has also served as liaison between state and international governments to work out mutually beneficial trade and cultural agreements. Further, he has regularly represented private clients in a wide variety of administrative proceedings, including rulemaking and adjudicatory proceedings before various federal and state administrative agencies.

Firm Description:

Eiguren Merrill Public Policy offers deep understanding of Idaho institutions, communities throughout the state, and the interaction between business and government. We are seasoned experts in guiding our clients to achieve significant outcomes by conceiving and implementing comprehensive strategies.

The cornerstone of our work is government engagement. We provide guidance and serve as effective advocates with the Governor, state elected officials, state boards, departments, agencies, industry, advocacy groups, the Idaho Legislature and the Idaho Congressional Delegation. We have had unparalleled success over decades with the enactment of legislation and in achieving results in administrative rule making proceedings, procurements and regulatory initiatives.