New Member – Kathy Alexander Theodotou joins as the Civil Law Expert in Cyprus

Leaders in Law, the leading platform in its field, is delighted to welcome Kathy Alexander Theodotou as our exclusively recommended & endorsed Civil Law expert in Cyprus.

Kathy Alexander Theodotou is Principal of K Alexandrou Theodotou. She has great experience in Litigation, Commercial Litigation and other areas. She has distinguished herself in prominent cases of bilateral jurisdiction and is an expert on property in Cyprus, currently dealing with a number of cases relating to Purchase Agreements for properties in Cyprus.

Kathy Alexander Theodotou was born in Cyprus where she completed her secondary education. She studied in Athens, Ghent and London and she has distinguished herself as a researcher having obtained 2 PhDs with Distinction. Her father was a barrister of distinction.

She has written a report on the Multiple Fibre Agreement and its relationship with GATT and European External Trade with special reference to small clothing industry in London.

She is a registered member of the Nicosia Bar.

Katherine is also an artist and she distinguished herself in painting competitions. She has written two books on Classical Greek Literature of the Third Century BC and she travels extensively. She enlightens the community on law and for this reason she organises community seminars to inform the public on several areas of law. Her hard work and experience has been noted in several newspaper articles in Cyprus.

She founded the European Institute Cyprus in Nicosia, together with Prof. Marc Maresceau, Professor of

European Law at Ghent University. She has organised many events in Athens and Nicosia with prominent speakers including Prof. Snyder (Eur. Institute, Florence), Judge Willis, Prof. G. Vermeulen (Dept.Criminal Law,Univ. Ghent) and Prof.Lord Wallace(LSE).

Katherine has been very active as a Human Rights activist in Iraq during the war. She has stayed there for over three months working voluntarily to protect the rights of arrested persons and others. She works for the self-determination and Human Rights of the Kurds.