New Management Board and Partners at RKKW

The new year brought promotions at RKKW – Kwasnicki, Wrobel & Partners – Jaroslaw Szewczyk and Karol Szymanski became new managing partners, and Marcin Jasinski and Piotr Letolc joined as partners.

As of December 1st 2021, Jaroslaw Szewczyk and Karol Szymanski have become the new managing partners of RKKW – Kwasnicki, Wrobel & Partners, while the founders of the firm, Radoslaw Kwasnicki and Krzysztof Wrobel, have taken up their newly-created positions as senior partners.

One of the first outcomes of these changes will be that the founders of the firm will focus on key projects, strategic planning and the firm’s most important clients. The senior partners will continue to exercise general supervision over the firm’s operations and will be actively involved in the development of the ongoing social and cultural projects for which RKKW is well known.

The new managing partners will perform duties related to the day-to-day management of the firm and its organic growth as an entity offering comprehensive legal advice to business and entrepreneurs, mainly in the areas of corporate law, corporate disputes, PE/VC transactions, mergers and acquisitions and private client matters. RKKW plans to continue the strategy of building a specialized law firm providing top-quality legal services based on an individual approach to the client, while systematically increasing the areas of support offered.

Jaroslaw Szewczyk is a PhD in law and an advocate. He specializes in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), private equity transactions, competition law, restructuring law, financial regulations, and capital market law, including services for entities in the FinTech sector. He has worked for private equity funds, public and private companies, including the information technology (IT), telecommunications, finance, media and biotechnology sectors. Within the law firm, he is responsible for developing transactional (M&A, PE/VC), regulatory and criminal (White Collar & Compliance) practices.

Karol Szymanski specializes in litigation proceedings, including corporate disputes, advisory services for private clients, services for public companies and other capital market entities. He represents parties in civil and commercial litigation. He deals with mediation and negotiation of complex business settlements. He has worked for companies with State Treasury shareholding, investment funds, individuals and private companies. He advises on public market transactions, both hostile and friendly takeovers. He has participated in several restructuring projects related to changing the functioning patterns of complex capital groups in which public companies held significant positions. Within the law firm, he is responsible for the development of the litigation practice (corporate, infrastructure and investment disputes), corporate law, support for capital market entities and the private client area.

In addition, as of January 1st 2022, Marcin Jasinski, attorney-at-law, and Piotr Letolc, advocate, have joined RKKW as new partners. The internal promotion of these lawyers crowns their long-standing cooperation with RKKW and underlines the importance of the departments they directly supervise.

Marcin Jasinski is responsible for all real estate projects, both in the transactional (M&A) and project areas, including extensive infrastructure investments. He also deals with the service of French-speaking clients as a head of the law firm’s French Desk.

Piotr Letolc, on the other hand, is responsible for reorganization processes related to changes in the structures of commercial companies and capital groups formed by them and also manages corporate services for the firm’s clients.

RKKW is a Polish law firm cooperating permanently with nearly 70 lawyers, specializing in widely understood commercial law. RKKW’s clients include some of the largest domestic companies, including those with capital commitment from the State Treasury, as well as affluent individuals and institutional investors.