Leading States with the Most Car Accidents in 2022

Almost 200,000 automobiles are involved in fatal accidents each year in California. Resources like the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) predict these numbers will rise in the coming years.

Other States with Leading Car Accidents


Texas had 4489 deaths resulting from car crashes, an increase of 15.22% from 2020, at 3896. The rise is projected to continue in 2022.


Florida is also in the category of the leading states in car accidents. The number of people who died was 3484. This is from an increase of 15.6% in 2020 compared to 14:7% in 2019.

What to Do When You Are Involved in a Car Accident

Check for Injuries

First, stay calm and do not panic. If you are in an accident, check to see if you have any injuries. If you do, call emergency services and follow their instructions.    If someone else is involved in the accident, find out if they are okay or need medical attention.

Call 911 if needed. If involved in a collision with another vehicle, get your car registration information and contact information (name, phone number, and the insurance company), so you can give it to the other driver’s insurance company when they arrive on the scene.

If you don’t have your car registration with you, tell the officer as soon as possible. Collect your belongings and take photos of everything before anything gets moved or taken away. If another person is in the accident and unconscious or unable to communicate, ensure they don’t move until emergency personnel arrives.

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Move to a Safe Location

Suppose you can move as far away from the collision as possible. You must stay where emergency responders will be able to find you. If you can’t get out of the vehicle, ask for help from first responders. Stay calm, but be alert and aware of what is happening around you.

Call 911 and tell them exactly where you are. Use landmarks to describe your location if you aren’t sure.

Call the Police

The most important thing you should do after getting into an accident is to call the police. The reason for calling the police is so that they can document the accident and take care of any paperwork that needs to filing.

The other driver may want to call their insurance company as well. If you are the one who called, get all the necessary information about your vehicle for when the police arrive. Make sure you have the following:

  • Registration information
  • License plate number, and
  • Vehicle identification number, please give.


Car accidents are unavoidable, but there are measures you can take to ensure your safety if you do get into one.

  1. Always check for injuries
  2. Get to a safe location, preferably away from the scene of the accident.
  3. Call for help by dialing the police on their official toll-free number. (If you are in the US, it’s 911).

To prepare for the possibility of a car accident, familiarize yourself with the 2022 Florida statutes in order to understand some of the laws.

The Role of a Car Accident Lawyer

A skilled car accident lawyer in Topeka or your area can help you navigate the complex legal process following an accident, serving as your legal advocate. They ensure your rights are protected and secure fair compensation for your injuries and damages.

They like police reports, witness statements, and medical records to build a strong case. They assess the full extent of your damages for appropriate compensation.

Throughout the process, they provide expert legal advice, explain your rights and options, and help you make informed decisions. If negotiation fails, they’re prepared to go to court, advocating for you before a judge and jury to seek maximum compensation under the law. Having a skilled car accident lawyer provides peace of mind because someone is fighting for your best interests by holding the at-fault accountable.


States with high car accident rates should invest in infrastructure, enforce traffic laws, promote safe driving practices, improve driver education, support technology solutions, enhance emergency response, collaborate with stakeholders, and monitor progress. These measures include improving road design, increasing enforcement, educating drivers, and deploying technology like advanced driver assistance systems. Collaboration with various stakeholders is crucial. Continuous monitoring of accident data and evaluation of interventions are necessary to ensure effectiveness. This multifaceted approach aims to reduce accidents, save lives, and prevent injuries in states with the highest car accident rates.