How to Find a Good Immigration Lawyer for Your Case

Fulfilling your lifelong dream of emigrating to the United States may have you losing sleep trying to figure out how to go about obtaining the visa you need without doing anything that may jeopardize your immigration process. If that is your case, Extraordinary Immigration PLLC wants to point out to you the importance of having the right immigration lawyer fighting for your rights. After all, what you are about to get may make all the difference in how your life unfolds and the future you can expect to have.

Finding the perfect immigration lawyer for your case may be an intimidating task. You need someone you can trust and who will keep you in the loop every step of the way. To get your search started, here are some ideas.

Get Recommendations

There is nothing that will give you greater peace of mind when it comes to an immigration lawyer than knowing people who have gotten successful results when working with this legal professional. Talk to people you know and get some names. If that does not get you good results, you may have to rely on online search results. If so, take the time to read both good and bad reviews and study them closely. Some bad reviews may not be about the lawyer but about a legal battle that was too complicated to win. You may also want to visit your state’s bar association website to look for some referrals.

Make a List

Once you have gathered a small number of potential names, make a list and go through each of their websites. Verify that they have experience with cases like yours and read the content of their site. They may show that they have worked with people from your country or are seeking the same type of visa. If you need help in your native tongue, look to see if they offer legal help in your language. This may make for better communication between you and them.

Schedule Appointments

Call the lawyers on your list and request an initial consultation. Before scheduling it, ask how much they would charge for this first meeting and consider whether this is a fee you can afford. Many lawyers will offer you a free consultation to hear about your case.

Make sure to look for a lawyer that has offices close to where you live. The only reason why you may want to work with a lawyer from another state would be if your case was particularly unusual or complicated and nobody nearby has the experience you need.

Prepare for the Meeting

The initial consultation will likely not be too long so be prepared for the meeting. You may want to have a list of questions ready to make sure every minute of this meeting counts. Ask them how long they have been practicing immigration law, how many cases they handle per year, whether they would be handling your case personally or handing it over to someone else, how frequently they like to communicate with their clients, and anything else that may be relevant to your case. Before the meeting, prepare a file with all pertinent documents your lawyer may need to see. Finally, do not forget to talk about fees, you do not want to be surprised by how much they charge at the end.

Select an Attorney

Once you have met with all the potential lawyers on your list,  discard those who do not seem to match what you are looking for. Based on the information you have, trust your gut and go with the lawyer who gave you the best impression.