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How Common Are Car Accidents in Indianapolis?

Indianapolis car accidents are dangerous and sometimes fatal. According to the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, throughout the entire state of Indiana, there were 964 traffic deaths in 2022, up from 900 in 2021.

Preventing Indianapolis car accidents requires knowledge of driving risk and using prevention techniques. An Indianapolis car accident lawyer can also be helpful if you’ve been involved in a car accident in Indianapolis. Read on to explore the statistics, causes, and preventive measures related to car accidents in Indianapolis.

Indianapolis Car Accident Data

Car accidents have grown into a pervasive issue in Indianapolis. Car crashes pose a significant health risk to drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. In 2022, Indiana marked a 10-year high with a fatality rate of 14.1 per 100,000 of the state’s population in fatal car collisions.

Indianapolis car accidents have been steadily increasing since its five-year low of 12.0 per 100,000 in 2019. Further analyzing the data, Marion County, which includes Indianapolis, reported the largest number of people involved in collisions at 65,616 and the highest number of traffic fatalities at 145. Since 2020, there has been a noticeable increase in auto accident rates in Indianapolis, and this correlates with national trends.

In 2022, Indianapolis experienced a significant rise in traffic-related pedestrian fatalities, with 21 pedestrian deaths compared to 11 in the previous year. Indianapolis experienced 42 bicyclist crashes and 3,739 hit-and-run incidents that same year. Motor vehicle accidents are a growing problem for road travelers in Indianapolis.

Indianapolis Accident Patterns

Over the past twenty years, May and July have been the most dangerous months for driving in Indianapolis. More accidents occur on weekends and the most dangerous times are Sunday evenings and Monday mornings, which both have higher rates of fatal accidents.
Common Types of Indianapolis Car Accidents in Indianapolis
By understanding the most common types of car accidents, drivers can identify risk factors and implement safety measures that can prevent them from occurring. Indianapolis crash victims fall prey to the following accidents:

● Rear-end collisions
● T-bone crashes
● Rollovers
● Head-on collisions

Accidents get exacerbated by driving behaviors like speeding, distracted driving, and other factors like unfavorable weather conditions.

Indianapolis Accident Causes

Speeding is a major cause of accidents nationwide as well as the leading cause of accidents in Indianapolis. About 20,000 speeding-related accidents were recorded in 2019. Speeding increases the likelihood of an accident and may intensify the severity of the incident.
Drunk driving, distracted driving, phone use, eating, and in-car distractions also significantly contribute to high accident rates. These practices can be considered reckless and impair a driver’s ability to react.

Indianapolis Car Accident Legal Assistance

If you’ve been injured in a car accident that led to injuries at no fault of your own, then you may be entitled to compensation under Indiana law. Securing legal representation can be crucial in successfully recovering that compensation. Indianapolis personal injury lawyers specialize in guiding accident victims through the complexities of car insurance claims and legal processes.

Practicing Defensive Driving in Indianapolis

Defensive drivers use a proactive approach to reduce the risk of accidents. Defensive driving techniques include maintaining safe following distances, practicing awareness of the potential hazards in your surroundings, observing traffic laws, and minimizing distractions.

Indianapolis drivers are encouraged to embrace defensive driving tactics for safety on the road, however, accidents can still occur. Indianapolis car accidents are a major concern and the fix requires a multi-faceted approach. Drivers who stay informed on risks and practice safe defensive driving can help safeguard their communities. When accidents occur, experienced Indianapolis legal and community support can help residents recover what they’ve lost.