How Can Your Lawyer Help You With Workers’ Claims In Gold Coast City?

An employer is responsible for ensuring safe and secure working conditions. The infrastructure should be worker-friendly and intended to minimise risk or injury. You should go to work without risk of injury or damage.

But that is not what the data shows. According to the available information, Gold Coast City has an average of 5,754 accepted non-fatal claims annually, constituting about 8% of Queensland’s total applications. The return to work finalisation rate stands at 94.3% in Gold Coast City and 94% in the Queensland scheme.

You should contact one of the leading Gold Coast law firms if you have faced an injury while working in Gold Coast City. Your lawyer will ensure you receive the compensation you deserve, besides assisting you with WorkCover Insurance claims.

Contracting an injury, illness, or permanent disability from a work-related injury can be traumatising, highly stressful, and involve high financial costs. You might have to pay a substantial amount for treatment, recovery, and related expenses.

What are some reasons for contacting a lawyer to get workers’ compensation, and how can they help you?

Types of workers’ compensation laws

The workers’ compensation scheme in Gold Coast City and Queensland includes an Act and a Regulation, which are the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003 and the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Regulation 2014.

They define the rules related to compensation, rehabilitation, damages, costs, and managing insurance. The employer is responsible for ensuring workers against work-related injuries by providing them with WorkCover accident insurance.

The 2003 Compensation Act provides income support when you cannot work, covers permanent impairment costs, and pays for your treatment, recovery, and related expenses.

Submitting a claim

You must call your lawyer as early as possible after your injury. They will help you create a report of your injury describing the circumstances and nature of your injury. Once you have prepared the document, it is better to submit it to your employer without losing time.

When you submit the claim, the insurer will consider various factors before reaching a decision. For example, did you make it within the specified time, were you working for the employer at their workplace when the injury occurred, and are you a worker in the company?

It is also essential to submit the application to the WorkCover Queensland Website as soon as possible. However, the maximum time is six months from the date of the injury. If you want to take the matter to Court or lodge a Notice of Claim for Damages, the maximum time limit is three years.

For detailed insights into how your lawyer can assist you with workers’ claims in Gold Coast City, read here.

Types of injuries open to compensation

According to the City of Gold Coast and Queensland’s work laws, injuries that qualify for this claim include neck, spinal, back, head injury, brain condition, hand, finger, soft tissue, scarring, burns, and psychological trauma.

Injuries can happen in any industry, despite the chances of them occurring being low. As per the available data, the high-risk industries in Gold Coast City include construction (7,673), manufacturing (10,284), and retail trade (5,597). Even though the figures are rough estimates, they provide an overall idea about industries associated with injuries.

How long does the process take?

Once your lawyer files the Notice of Claim for Damages, you and the other party will attend a compulsory settlement conference within nine months for an out-of-court settlement. If the meeting is unsuccessful, you must attend another one within six to 12 months.

Your lawyer will represent you in these conferences, deal with the other party’s arguments, and carry out negotiations to ensure you receive sufficient compensation from the negligent party.

You should contact one of the leading Gold Coast law firms to receive adequate compensation after a work-related injury. The process is complicated and stressful, but having an experienced lawyer will make things straightforward.