How Can an Attorney Help With Your Car Accident Claim?

A car accident can result in injuries, property damage, and other types of issues that would require you to file a claim to get compensation for your economic and noneconomic damages. Serious car accidents can even result in severe injuries or a fatality, making the case more complex. A car accident attorney can guide you through each step of the claim. Here are a few ways a car attorney can help you.

Gather Evidence to Establish Liability 

An attorney can gather evidence to support your claim. One of the most important stages of a claim is establishing liability. It can be challenging to establish liability in cases that involve multiple parties or have expenses that are difficult to prove, such as lost earning potential or long-term disability. The insurance companies require solid evidence to help establish the liability for the case. The lawyer can help you gather the necessary evidence, including witnesses or expert testimony, to establish liability for the accident.

If there were any surveillance cameras nearby, your attorney would talk to the homeowners or businesses in the area to obtain surveillance footage that shows how the accident occurred. In addition, your lawyer can get a copy of the police report, which is typically important evidence for car accident claims. The police report includes details about the accident.

Gather Evidence of Damages 

If you got treated for injuries, you would be required to submit evidence for that. According to car accident lawyers at Ogg, Murphy & Perkosky, P.C., If you are not able to verify your medical expenses, your personal injury claim could be denied. While you focus on recovering from the accident, the lawyer can help gather such evidence to strengthen your case.

The lawyer can also help you gather evidence of your lost wages, such as collecting your most recent pay stubs or a note from your employer to submit to the insurance company. If you incurred additional expenses such as prescription medicine, vehicle or house modifications, or rental vehicle expenses, your lawyer would help you collect evidence of such costs to submit to the insurance company to obtain full and fair compensation. If you were at fault for the accident and need to pay, the lawyer can help minimize your payout.

Handle Negotiations With the Insurance Company and Defense Attorney 

Without advice from legal counsel, you can get tricked into accepting an early settlement offer by the insurance company. It is common for insurance companies to start with an unreasonably low offer. Getting reimbursement for your damages as early as possible can tempt you to accept the first offer. However, with the guidance of an experienced attorney, you can avoid such common pitfalls of dealing with an insurance company.

You might also need guidance on how much compensation you deserve for the accident. Keep in mind that you may be entitled to noneconomic expenses, such as compensation for your pain and suffering. Your lawyer can keep you informed about the status of the negotiations and use their negotiation skills and experience to maximize your compensation. They can also advise you on when to settle and when to take the case to trial.

File a Lawsuit and Present Your Case in Court 

Insurance claims can often be time-consuming and frustrating mainly because insurance adjusters use different bad faith tactics to reduce the payout. For example, they can delay the procedure to frustrate the claimant into accepting a low offer. It is also possible that your case reaches a fair settlement through negotiations without proceeding to trial. However, your lawyer can take your case to trial if the negotiations with the insurance company are unsuccessful or your claim is denied.