Goodwin ups London NQ pay to £147k — second rise this year

US law firm Goodwin has upped the salaries of its newly qualified (NQ) lawyers in London for the second time this year.

The outfit’s freshly minted juniors have been handed a 7% pay increase, taking salaries from an already impressive £137,500, to an eye-watering £147,000. The extra cash comes just months after Goodwin upped NQ pay by 10% to £137,500 in February.

And unlike some US firms, it’s understood the revised six-figure sum is not pegged to the dollar and is therefore protected against currency fluctuations.

Trainee salaries currently sit at £46,000 in year one and £50,000 in year two, although these rates are expected to be reviewed later this year.

A host of US firms have upped their cash offerings in recent months as they look to assert their dominance on the UK legal market.