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Effective Tips How to Write a Law Essay

If you are a law student, you have probably already faced the question of how to write a law essay. This is not an easy task as essay requirements often vary. In addition, you need to clearly state your position and support it with arguments.

The essay writing process requires students to:

  • the ability to select and analyze information;
  • highlight cause-and-effect relationships and arguments;
  • support each thesis with relevant examples;
  • formulate reasonable conclusions.

Students should use legal terminology for a clear and competent statement of their position. It is also necessary to master the scientific style of the language and correctly design the work. In addition, in the process of creating an essay, students get a unique chance to show their creative abilities, apply existing theoretical knowledge in practice, and express critical comments about what they have read. The essay is a degree of preparation for independent research work.

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The Structure of Law Essay

Like any other work, a legal essay should consist of at least 3 parts: an introduction, the main part, and conclusions.

  1. Introduction

Define the problem and formulate the topic of the essay. Be concise. A well-written introduction encourages the reader to be interested and read the entire work. The introduction can contain a statement of the problem and its essence, a rhetorical question, a quote, etc. In the introduction, it is very important to formulate a special emotional mood and bring the reader to the problem under consideration.

  1. Body

In the main part, it is expedient to present different points of view on a certain problem, to turn to the history of its research. The main body most often consists of several subsections, each of which contains three components: thesis (judgment that is proved), justification (arguments used to prove the thesis), and sub-conclusions (partial answer to the main question).

The argument can be built in the following sequence:

  • assertion;
  • explanation;
  • examples;
  • final judgment;
  • conclusions

Arguments are judgments that are expressed so that the reader is convinced of the truth of a certain point of view. In particular, arguments can be various life situations, opinions of scientists, certain facts, statistical estimates, evidence, etc.

  1. Conclusion

The conclusions combine all the conclusions that were made on each thesis presented in the main part. The reader must reach a logical conclusion based on the arguments presented in the work. Quite often, conclusions restate the problem and conclude.

The purpose of the introductory part of the essay is to interest the reader. The purpose of the conclusions is to add integrity to the overall picture, leave the essay in the reader’s memory and make him think. To build a logical essay text, you need:

  • record theses;
  • select several arguments for each thesis;
  • build theses in a logical sequence: one thought should flow from another.

Thanks to such actions, the author will have a detailed plan. It remains to write the text – and the essay will be almost ready.

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