Clifford Chance’s Simon Davis wins Law Society presidential election

Senior Clifford Chance litigator Simon Davis will become president of the Law Society in 2019 after winning its latest election.

He will take office as deputy vice president in July, before becoming vice president in 2018 and president the year after.

Davis is a Clifford Chance lifer, joining the firm in 1982, qualifying in 1984 and making partner 10 years latter. He was the firm’s recruitment partner between 1995 and 2000, and spent two years as president of the London Solicitors Litigation Association.

In 2014, he was asked by the Financial Conduct Authority to lead an investigation after the body leaked an announcement of a pension market probe to the Telegraph newspaper in April, wiping billions off the value of life insurers.

Last year, he was instructed to investigate allegations of bullying in the Conservative party which found that senior party officials were unaware of bullying of junior members, taking on the job.

Davis said: “It is a great privilege to have been elected to represent the profession. I intend to represent the Law Society’s broad spread of members as I represent my clients – finding out and resolving the challenges they face, permitting our members in turn to devote their energies to representing the clients who depend on them.”

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