Best Bail Bonds in Clayton County: What to Expect

As per daily news, there is a sharp increase in DUI cases in Clayton County. Some of them are the defendant’s fault, while others remain unproven.

Regardless of whether one is at fault or not, when the person is arrested, they will have to stay in the Clayton County jail for a determined period. They will be released only after the court hearing if they are proved innocent. But if you want to get out of jail before the hearing, you will have to pay the bail amount.

In every case, a particular bail amount is decided by the court. If the bail amount is paid, the accused can walk out of jail. However, they will have to appear in court on a given date.

However, in most cases, one of the biggest issues faced by the defendant is the arrangement of the bail amount. Not everyone can have cash ready to pay for the bail.

Instead of going around borrowing the bail amount, your loved ones can contact the agency for the best bail bonds in Clayton County.

Who Are Bail Bond Agencies?

When the defendant’s family or friends cannot pay for the bail amount, they can contact a bail bondsman or a bail bond company. These companies help pay the bail amount to the court. They provide surety bonds to their client in return for a fee and collateral to mitigate the risk.

How Do They Function?

When the company is contacted for a surety bond agreement, they will pay the bail amount instead of the defendant.

The bail bond company will pay the whole amount to the court, after which the court will release the defendant from the Clayton County jail. They act as an insurer and guarantee the defendant’s appearance on the day of the court hearing.

When the defendant appears in court, the amount is refunded to the bail bond company. But, if the defendant fails to appear in court, the bail bondsman will keep the collateral signed by the defendant.

However, the court tends to give a certain grace period after absenteeism shown by the accused. The bond agency will try to contact and reach the defendant during this period. If the accused fails to appear, bounty hunters are given the task to find them, and the court also releases an arrest warrant against the accused.

Cost Of Bail Bonds

When you hire any service, you will have to pay a certain fee to the service provider. In this case, the bail bond agency is the service provider. You will have to pay a certain fee, which is decided by the case type, bail amount, and risk factor.

Most bail bond companies take a fee as a percentage of the bail amount. For security, they may or may not ask for collateral. In simple cases, companies do not ask for collateral. But, in complex cases, they will ask for collateral which can be any property with the same or more value than the bail amount.

In the case of Clayton County, GA, the cap on the bail bond agency fee is 12% and 15%. When the bail amount is less than $10,000, the fee should be less or equal 12%. But, in case of a bail amount higher than $10,000, the fee percentage is more than 12% but less than 15%.

Why Are They Helpful?

The bail amount of some instances in Clayton County can be pretty high. Without any doubt, many people tend to face problems while arranging such an amount in less time. Also, most lenders and banks fail to lend any amount for bail amounts.

In such a time, when a family member is trying their best to bring their loved one out of jail, bail bond agencies can be beneficial.

Here are some benefits of hiring a bail bondsman for the best bail bonds in Clayton County:

  1. You can save a lot of time by hiring a bail bond agent. You will not have to waste time arranging the bail amount. Instead, you can hire them, and your loved ones will be home in no time.
  2. They have experience in handling different types of cases and bail processes. It helps the defendant understand the process and be prepared for the court.
  3. Bail bond agents help find the defendant if they fail to appear in court. They use bounty hunters to track the defendant to avoid forfeiture of the bail bond.
  4. You can save your reputation by not asking for money from others.

Bail bond agencies of Clayton County can help you meet the bail requirements and get your loved ones out of jail in less time. They will also help understand the legal procedures and help deal with the bail process.