Benefits of Obtaining a Legal Gaming License in Anjouan

The Autonomous Island of Anjouan is the official name of the Comoros Member State that includes Anjouan. It offers a good regulatory climate for online gaming and serves as a center for gambling firms. Businesses may operate online gaming sites under the jurisdiction of Anjouan Gaming License.

The Anjouan Gaming license and its advantages

1. Efficient and effortless

Getting a gaming license in Anjouan is simplest and fastest. Its simple processes and inexpensive upkeep allow you to test your product before applying to a stricter licensing jurisdiction.

2. An all-inclusive license

There are several types of licenses in different jurisdictions, and they all depend on the games you provide. A few of them have additional gaming licenses for other kinds of games. No, that is not the case when you have an Anjouan gambling license.

One online gaming license covers all iGaming. From game creators and publishers to operators and games like gambling, eSports, live gaming, online bingo, poker, and casinos are covered. Additionally, it targets publishers, software developers, and game suppliers.

3. Convenient and affordable

Anjouan has the world’s easiest gaming license application. Decisions depend on how promptly and precisely applicants submit documentation. Furthermore, documentation should be current and validated wherever possible. The process will take three to four weeks, not including the time needed to get the appropriate papers. This makes the Anjouan excellent for time-pressed entrepreneurs that want to launch their firms quickly.

Anjouan may be cost-effective. Both upfront and continuing maintenance costs are reasonable.

4. Exclusion of gambling taxes

Licensees in Anjouan are exempt from paying the GGR tax on their gross gaming income. Compared to many other jurisdictions, this one has a completely flat gaming tax.

5. Accommodating to new businesses

Online gaming startups may apply for an Anjouan gaming license. Without expensive applications, taxes, and fees, you may test your idea, grow a clientele, and reinvest. This allows the organization to securely enter new games, sectors, and places.

Anjouan gaming licenses provide research, development, and testing without high costs.

Comparing the Curacao Gaming License with Anjouan Edition

Curacao and Anjouan are major gaming license countries. Regulations differ across the countries.

  • Time frame

On average, Curacao gambling licenses take longer than Anjouan. Curacao licenses might take around 2 months to get due to long inspection and approval processes. The average casino license application in Anjouan takes a few weeks.

  • Famous people

Online gambling businesses have long preferred Curacao as a license-holding country due to its vast number of enterprises. It is a recognized online gaming country. Online gaming licenses from Anjouan are becoming more popular among startups and businesses seeking low costs. However, Curacao is more known.

  • Financial Outlay

After the new restrictions, Anjouan gaming licenses will be cheaper than Curacao ones. Application, yearly, and compliance costs are higher in Curacao. Entrepreneurs on a budget may welcome Anjouan’s cheaper license option.

  • Criteria and proof

Documentation and requirements change across these licenses. Curacao requires detailed financial records and business strategies, as well as a local presence. Although less rigorous, Anjouan requires police approval, passport copies, and utility bills.

  • License-obtaining stages

Curacao gambling licenses include multiple steps. Examples include filing paperwork, completing legal literacy exams, and observing local laws. Anjouan applications need documents and an eligibility and compliance test, unlike Curacao.

How InteliumLaw can assist you in obtaining a gambling license in Anjouan

Starting with the preliminary stages and continuing all the way to the finish, the attorneys at InteliumLaw will walk you through the process of getting an Anjouan gaming license.