Avocat Mandataire Sportif and Agent Sportif

On 29 March 2023, the French Cour de cassation (civil chamber n°1 -FS-B n°21-25.335), on the ground of article 227-7 al. 1 of the Code du Sport, ruled that only a sports agent can be remunerated on the basis of being an intermediary between parties interested in the conclusion of a contract (either on a basis of a contract related to sport or training activity, or a labor contract related to a sport or training activity).

Is this the end of the Avocats Mandataires Sportifs regulated by the RIN (Réglement Intérieur National) and other related regulations such as the Réglement Intérieur du Barreau de Paris)?

Obviously not. The French Cour de cassation stated that the Avocats Mandataires Sportifs may, within their own regulations, remain players representatives in a context of the contracts listed in article 227-7 al. 1 of the Code du sport.

As such, the Avocat Mandataire Sportif may still represent the interests of players and clubs and may remain a first-choice interlocutor (given his background and knowledge).

Ludovic Timbal Duclaux de Martin, EIRL Me Ludovic Timbal Duclaux de Martin Avocat à la Cour – Barreau de Paris

Up to date 29 March 2023.