ATLAS CONSULTING Wins 8 Top Awards At The Accounting Awards 2022

Yet another year Atlas Consulting stood out by winning 8 awards at the Accounting Awards (ceremony).

Specifically, Atlas Consulting won:

  1. PLATINUM AWARD – Best Tax Accounting & Consulting Company, in the Category Regional Accounting Firm
  2. GOLD AWARD – Best Tax Accounting & Consulting Company in Thessaloniki, in the Category Thessaloniki – Regional Accounting Firms.
  3. GOLD AWARD – Best Tax Accounting & Consulting Ambassador of Greece abroad, in the Category Participation in International Activities & Enterprises.
  4. GOLD AWARD – Best Market Entry & Tax Consulting Expert in Greece, in the Category Consulting ServicesSILVER AWARD – Best Accounting Services Firm in Greece, in the Category Accounting Services.
  5. SILVER AWARD – Best Tax Services & Consulting Company in Greece, in the Category Tax Services.
  6. SILVER AWARD – Leading Tax Accounting & Consulting Firm in Greece, in the Category Providing Successful Services Abroad.
  7. Overall, this remarkable excellence ended with the conferment of the prestigious WINNER AWARD for ATLAS CONSULTING as the Consulting Company of the Year!

On the occasion of this great success at the Accounting Awards 2022, the founding members of ATLAS CONSULTING, Mr. Giorgos G. Kalfas CEO & General Manager and Mrs. Sousana Patsoumi Kalfa, Chief Business Officer, wanted to express their great thrill, declaring:

G.K.: We would like to thank the coordinators of this successful event, as it is very important for our field.

We wish you the best for the upcoming events, keeping this dynamic for many years to come.

From our part, we will continue to do our best for our people to be here again next year for our clients, our partners, our field and our co-workers to whom we are truly thankful, since they are the reason we are here today.


S.K: It’s a great honor to be here today with Atlas Consulting team.

10 days ago, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of our company, which make us one of the oldest most long-lived companies of our field.

Particularly I remember my father, who established this business, wearing those sleeve protectors that accountants used to wear.

However, the area of expertise since then has evolved considerably.

I just want to thank God for this honor of being here with you all and contributing to the upgrading of our field of work, my parents for their values and principles and finally, my fabulous team, which in spite of these difficult times they are distinguished for their ethics and the scientific knowledge. Thank you very much.

A few words about ATLAS CONSULTING

A.TL.AS  Consulting, our brand name derives from acronyms framing the range our provided services, Α for Accounting, ΤL for Taxation Law, ΑS for Administration Specialists.

Is a second-generation Company and a senior company in the providing of Tax-Accounting and Consulting services.

With the history of 5 decades in Thessaloniki, a branch in Athens and partners in all its domestic, we operate as a One Stop Business Center.

Having the human factor as a core of our work, we provide high quality and of great value solutions & services in SMEs, Private Clients and international business in Greece and abroad we attend holistically and humanly in modern business and taxpayers needs.