5 Tips To Remember After a Bicycle Accident: How To Get the Settlement You Deserve

Bicycle accidents often result in serious injuries and even fatalities. No matter how careful a cyclist is, accidents can happen due to numerous factors, like negligent drivers, poor road conditions, or defective bicycle parts. If you’re ever involved in a bike accident, consult the best bicycle accident law firm near you and get the settlement you deserve. In this blog post, we’ll outline five essential tips for every cyclist after experiencing an accident.

1. Seek Medical Help Immediately

The first thing you need to do is seek medical help immediately after an accident. Even if your injuries seem minor initially, you must get them evaluated by a medical professional because some injuries may not show immediate symptoms but could manifest later. More importantly, getting timely medical attention creates important documentation of your injuries, which will assist you with making your compensation claim.

2. Document The Scene of the Accident 

Make sure to document the scene of the accident thoroughly. Evidence must get preserved as soon as possible since anything could alter evidence leading up to when lawyers and insurance adjusters arrive on-site.

Take multiple photos from different angles showing all vehicles involved in their positions, along with any stop signs or traffic lights nearby. Also, make sure to capture skid marks or any relevant road conditions. This provides visual context for everyone who reviews case material later.

It’s also advisable to collect witness testimony from the spot. Get their contact information, as it could be critical if the case went to trial. Be respectful and seek consent before taking their testimony. Collect video testimony from on-lookers for the best impact on the case.

3.Keep a Record Of All Expenses and Damages

Keeping accurate records is essential when attempting to receive reimbursement for damages directly or indirectly resulting from an accident. Always keep receipts from services such as ambulance rides and any post-accident treatments. This includes prescription medicine and physiotherapy sessions. 

Documenting any damaged equipment or bike parts that need replacement following the crash is also important. An experienced personal injury attorney can aid you in recording everything correctly during the legal process for compensation. The underlying reason for collecting these details is to strengthen your case before a jury.

4. Do Not Speak To The Opposing Party’s Insurer Without a Lawyer

Only speak with the opposing party’s insurer after consulting your lawyer first. Their primary goal is to get you to settle early for an amount lower than they should be entitled to compensate for under road safety regulations.

They’re adept at using demeanor changes and complex wording that often victims aren’t aware of. You might accept far-lower amounts out of desperation or enact verbal agreements. Such an outcome can seriously damage your claim and settlement amount. 

5. Hire An Experienced Attorney

Personal injury cases are tough to deal with, and can be a devastating affair if not handled the right way. This is where competent legal aid can get you the restitution you deserve. Several crucial factors, like assessing liability, fault, and damages, must be overseen through a legal lens. From the email sent to insurers to the preparation for trial, each stage is paperwork-heavy and requires a detailed understanding of local laws. Personal injury lawyers near you are best placed to assess your case and provide a prospective snapshot of the settlement amount.

Once you’re on the path to recovery, consult with various legal professionals to understand how the process works in your jurisdiction. Ask detailed questions about your liabilities and their costs.


The legalities around bike accidents are tricky, given the nuances in the law. Your primary goal should be to tend to the injuries and get adequate medical care. Document every step, from the accident site to doctor visits. Keep detailed logs that will help your legal aid develop a solid case. Finally, reach out to an attorney before reaching out to insurers.