Yoav Klein
Name: Yoav Klein
Firm Name: Oren-Klein Law Firm
Jurisdiction: Israel
Practice Area: Corporate Law

Telephone: +972-77-5591986
Fax: +972-153-77-5591986
Email: yoav@okg-law.com

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Professional Biography:

Yoav Klein’s main practice is commercial and corporate law, with an emphasis on commercial transactions, venture capital financing and Start-ups.

Mr. Klein consults to High-Tech and Bio-Tech companies in all stages, from pre-incorporation planning to venture capital financing to mergers and acquisitions. In addition, Yoav consults commercial corporations in their day-to-day activities.

Before founding the firm, Yoav worked in the High-Tech department of the prestigious law firms of GKH.

Yoav is a member of the Israeli Bar Association.


College of Management, Israel, LL.B; honors

Oren-Klein Law Firm:

Oren-Klein Law Firm is a boutique law firm in the field of Litigation, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Entrepreneurship, High-Tech and Bio-Tech and Intellectual Property.

The firm consults and provides legal services to a large range of clients in the business and corporate field. We consult to leading corporations and experienced business men and investors as well as inexperienced entrepreneurs and new corporations.

Our firm also manages the ‘Stat-Up‘ and ‘Companies’ Bankruptcy and Liquidation‘ forums at LawGuide.co.il , in which we answer questions in these fields.

We believe that legal consultation in the business field should include more than review and drafting of documents. Therefore, while reviewing a transaction or a possible lawsuit, our firm is combining business and strategic thinking in the working process with its clients – aiming to achieve the best solution for the specific needs of each client.

We act in the same care and sensitivity to the need of each client when we consider the fees for each possible solution and service we offer, without compromising on a high level of services and professionalism.