Name: Wang Zhengyang
Firm Name: JunZeJun Law Offices
Jurisdiction: China
Practice Area: Arbitration Law

Telephone: +86-21-6106 0889
Fax: +86-21-6106 0890

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Professional Biography:

Leaders in Law endorses Wang Zhengyang as our exclusively recommended Arbitration Law expert in China. If you wish to get in touch with Wang please use the contact information provided above.

Mr. Wang Zhengyang specializes in the areas of litigation, arbitration, and foreign investment. He has profound knowledge of Chinese law and more than 30 years of legal practice experience, including 5 years in Court.

In the field of civil and commercial affairs, Mr. Wang has provided high-quality advisory services and litigation & arbitration legal services for many state-owned and private enterprises in the fields of finance, oil and gas, construction and real estate, manufacturing, logistics, and trading. In the criminal field, Mr. Wang has successfully defended many companies and individuals in major and complex criminal cases involving loan fraud, illegal business operation, contract fraud, and bribery. Mr. Wang also actively provides criminal compliance training services for corporate customers, member companies of the chamber of commerce, member companies of the industry association, to help companies prevent criminal legal risks. Furthermore, Mr. Wang also specializes in foreign legal services. He has successfully defended foreign-funded enterprises and individuals involved in intellectual property infringement disputes, labour disputes, shareholder disputes, contract disputes, debt recovery disputes, illegal personal detention, contract fraud, illegal possession of drugs, etc.


  • Chinese(Mandarin)
  • English

Practice Areas

Investment and M&A

Foreign Investment, Foreign Trade and WTO

Dispute Resolution

Working Experience and Education Background

Mr. Wang joined Beijing JunZeJun Law Offices in 2006. Before that, Mr. Wang worked as an attorney and a partner of a law firm in Guangdong for almost ten years. Before Mr. Wang entered into private practice area, he worked at People’s Court for five years, presiding hearings and making judgments of more than 150 civil and commercial cases.

Mr. Wang graduated from South-West Politics and Law University, and got his LLB. In 1995, Mr. Wang received his LLM from Peking University. In 2005. Mr. Wang received his second LLM from Victoria University (Wellington New Zealand).

Professional Affiliations

  • Shanghai Sichuan Chamber of Commerce    Vice chairman
  • The Law Commission of Shanghai Sichuan Chamber of Commerce    Director
  • Shanghai Chamber of International Commerce    Vice chairman

Awards and Honors

  •  Mr. Wang Zhengyang was elected as ALB 2014 Client Choice Top 20 lawyers in China of Asia Legal Business.
  • Mr. Wang Zhengyang also won the “Commercial Arbitration – Lawyer of the Year – China” in the Lawyer Monthly Legal Award 2016.
  • Mr. Wang Zhengyang has won the “Leading Advisor Awards 2020: Leading Commercial Disputes Litigation and Arbitration Lawyer of the Year – China in the Acquisition International”.

Firm Description:

JunZeJun Law Offices (“JunZeJun”) was founded in 1995 with its headquarters in Beijing. It is one of the earliest partnership law firms in China, as well as one of the largest, well-recognized law firms in China.

JunZeJun has so far established fourteen branch offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Nanjing, Chengdu, Changsha, Changchun, Zhuhai, Haikou, Kunming, Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou and Hong Kong (which is in association with Nixon Peabody CWL). JunZeJun has a team comprised of about 130 partners and 800 professionals in total, who graduated from top law schools and have excellent professional skills and rich working experience

JunZeJun’s lawyers are proud of their expertise and competitive edges in the fields of finance, capital markets, equity investment, dispute resolution, infrastructure and utilities, foreign trade and WTO, enterprise liquidation and bankruptcy, real estate and construction, and intellectual property rights.

By deepening specialisation and centralizing resources, JunZeJun is able to provide clients of different cultural and industrial backgrounds with cost-efficient and tailored legal services. JunZeJun’s lawyers have been widely praised by clients for providing high quality, solution-oriented, creative and value-added services.

JunZeJun has a broad and solid client base including over a hundred major Chinese and international financial institutions, dozens of Fortune 500 companies, a large number of state-owned enterprises, listed companies as well as well-known private enterprises. JunZeJun also provides legal services to government agencies, international organisations, industry associations and the likes.

JunZeJun has long been an active participant in various legislative and regulatory activities in respect of financial markets. JunZeJun’s sustained depth of research capabilities and good reputation in academic area has won it wide recognition and respect among regulatory bodies and financial industries.

JunZeJun’s lawyers have also played an active role in formulating industry standards for financial and capital markets, and provided professional training for the relevant markets.

JunZeJun has demonstrated its ongoing commitment to public service by actively encouraging its lawyers to engage in pro bono work.