Name: Victor M. Marroquin
Firm Name: Marroquin & Merino International Legal Advisors
Jurisdiction: Peru
Practice Area: Data Privacy, Insurance & Reinsurance Law

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Professional Biography:

Leaders in Law endorses Victor Marroquin as our exclusively recommended Data Privacy, Insurance and Reinsurance Law expert in Peru. If you wish to get in touch with Victor, please use the contact information provided above.

Practice Areas

Víctor M. Marroquín is a senior lawyer, highly specialized in corporate law, insurance and reinsurance, B2C and B2B electronic commerce, artificial intelligence, IT, venture capital, disruptive technologies in various industries, privacy regulation and data protection. , cybersecurity, comparative law, public and private international law, international taxes and tariffs, as well as in the resolution of disputes in litigation and complex arbitrations in Peru and internationally. He has advised the world’s leading high-tech companies, including Google, McAfee, Cisco Systems, Motorola and Polycom, where he has served as General Manager, external international legal advisor, as well as trusted legal representative.

Dr. Marroquín has worked at the IMF in Washington, DC, and at the world’s largest law firm, Baker & amp; McKenzie, at its global headquarters in Chicago. Currently, he represents Fortune 500 clients, acting as international legal advisor and trusted legal representative, in addition to leading international teams in various jurisdictions to carry out operations that require highly specialized members.

Víctor M. Marroquín continues the legacy of the Marroquín & Merino firm

Our Legacy

Under the leadership of Dr. Marroquín, the firm has counseled many indigent clients requiring legal advice, through the Chicago Voluntary Legal Services Foundation (CVLS) and the Chicago Legal Clinic for the Disabled, both of which have recognized these efforts with each other. awards. Additionally, the firm’s attorneys have advised a large number of low-income clients completely free of charge.

At the same time, Dr. Marroquín has advised the world’s leading reinsurers, such as CNA, Swiss Re, Lloyds, AIG, Transamerica, and other global insurers and reinsurers for many years.

The careful representation of Dr. Marroquín includes compliance and regulatory research to monitor and evaluate new registrations, such as ensuring that new, non-traditional and disruptive products from various industries comply with local legal standards, thus protecting them against potential liability. He has also advised clients in each jurisdiction regarding their international licensing and compliance obligations, such as compliance with the personal data protection laws of a large number of jurisdictions, including the European Union and the United States. , as well as Peru and other Latin American countries.

Finally, during the last 20 years, Dr. Marroquín has represented the Peruvian government as the main external advisor in EPC contracts valued at more than USD 2 billion, which required hard and innovative thinking, especially in the aspect financial, and, of course, complying with Peruvian law.

Likewise, Dr. Marroquín is widely known in international legal circles for having represented some of the most important companies in the world that operate in Peru and abroad, always acting as a trusted international external advisor and as a legal representative. This has been achieved thanks to God, always working hand in hand with colleagues and teams from various countries and multidisciplinary in nature.

Dr. Marroquín is especially recognized for being one of the first Peruvian attorneys to recognize that the best lawyers and experts from different professions needed to properly and successfully represent and advise a client cannot all work under the same roof or the same firm. Today, the dizzying digital transformation, artificial intelligence, and the tools provided by the new reality resulting from the global pandemic, have turned this disruptive philosophy of Dr. Marroquín into a reality that is more than current and evident, the one that helps him and for the Firm to advise clients globally, implementing its philosophy of practice, leading multidisciplinary teams with singular skill.

Finally, during the last 20 years, Dr. Marroquín has represented the Peruvian government as the main external advisor in EPC contracts valued at more than USD 2 billion, which required hard and innovative thinking, especially in the aspect financial, and, of course, compliance with Peruvian law.

Firm Description:

We are one of the most prominent corporate and high-tech law firms in Peru.

Founded in 1945 by Dr. Victor Francisco Marroquín Andía, a respected jurist and President of the Labor Court during his most brilliant years, the practice was taken over by his grandson, Dr. Victor M. Marroquín, who continued the growth of the legacy and legal skills inherited from his paternal grandfather.  Similarly, Dr. Victor M. Marroquín derived great political and literary inspiration from his maternal grandfather, Don Juan Miguel Merino Silva, an important politician and an apprentice landowner of great influence in the Senate of his time.

The Firm has accumulated more than 75 years of experience in providing high quality legal services to Fortune 500 companies in Peru, Europe, and Latin America. We have built our extensive reputation on experience in several important areas of law, including mergers and acquisitions, insurance, finance, insolvency, tax, complex civil litigation before both administrative authorities and the Judiciary, as well as before top-level arbitration institutions such as ICSID and UNCITRAL.

We have been recognized with the maximum and exclusive World Finance 100 Award for two consecutive years, 2011 and 2012, as well as the most outstanding firm in mergers and acquisitions in London for 5 consecutive years.