Verónica Meza Aguirre
Name: Veronica Meza Aguirre
Firm Name: Puente & Asociados
Jurisdiction: Ecuador
Practice Area: Corporate Law

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Professional Biography:

Graduated in social and public sciences, graduated in law from the Central University.

Examples of the former’s responsibilities:

  • Legislative services at Audit commission to the National Congress and political control: H.Carlos González.
  • Legal assistant at Recoin Abogados.
  • Legal assistante at TAX SUPPORT.
  • Head of a legal department at Izquierdo & Sepúlveda Abogados.
  • Junior legal advisor at Arizaga & Company Abogados.
  • Head of the corporate department at Puente & Asociados.

Puente & Asociados:

Our team of experts will be in charge of establishing and registering your company or organization, as well as providing with advice on corporate management as needed.

  1. Formation of companies
  2. Fusions

III. Scission

  1. Increases and decreases of capital

– Reform of company laws, change of corporate purpose

– Transformation of companies

– Transfer of shares and sales of shares

– Purchase of shares and assets

  1. Operations carried out by foreign companies in Ecuador

– Intervention

  1. Inactivity, dissolution, liquidation of companies

VII. Obligation for companies with foreign shareholders