Name: Steven Wilhelm
Firm Name: Steven H. Wilhelm, A.P.C.
Jurisdiction: USA - California
Practice Area: Trusts & Estates Law

Telephone: 619-239-0687
Fax: 619-239-4219

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Professional Biography:

Leaders in Law endorses Steve Wilhelm as our exclusively recommended Trusts & Estates Law expert in USA, California. If you wish to get in touch with Steve please use the contact information provided above.

Practice Areas

  • Contract Review, Preparation and Negotiation
  • Litigation in State or Federal Court
  • Patent, Copyright, and Trademark Issues
  • Partnership Contract Creation and Review
  • Corporation, S-Corp, and LLC Creation
  • Lease Review and Creation
  • Real Estate Matters and Issues
  • Limited Partnership Contracts
  • Basic Employment and Labor Law Issues
  • Turnarounds, Financial, and Tax Issues
  • Startup, New Venture, and IP Issues
  • Angel and Venture Capital Agreements and Negotiations
  • Trusts, Estate, and Related Tax Issues
  • Damage Control and Reputation Management
  • Opening, Expanding, or Franchising Your Operation

San Diego’s Trusted Business Advisor

Whether you are the CEO of a multinational corporation or running a small family business, you face the same business and legal challenges. Regardless of the size of your company or your revenue, your decisions and actions will always have an impact on the future of your business. The Law Offices of Steve Wilhelm is San Diego’s trusted business law firm. Offering a wealth of business expertise and a legal depth to handle all of your needs, we combine big firm resources with the personal attention and affordability of a boutique firm to offer you the best legal guidance for your business.

We help ensure you make the right moves and achieve exceptional results. Our firm has substantial experience serving both small business and larger corporate clients, from simple incorporation to mergers and acquisitions.

Helping you to stay within the lines

We help ensure you make the right moves and achieve exceptional results. Our firm has a substantial experience best San Diego Business Advisor, serving both small business and larger corporate clients, from simple incorporation to mergers and acquisitions.

  • Formation of corporations – limited liability companies (LLC), formation of limited liability partnerships (LLP), formation of general and limited partnerships, and assorted joint ventures and other associations and combinations.
  • Corporate governance issues, including annual meetings, resolutions, record keeping, and other requirements to limit personal liability.
  • Contract negotiation, drafting, and review.
  • Employment Law Issues and Resolution.
  • Business disputes and business litigation, including partnership disputes and shareholder disputes and other similar issues.
  • Stock option plans, stock purchase plans, and other employment incentives.
  • Promissory notes, security agreements, and other loan transactions.
  • Financing issues and Resolution.

Our lawyers have substantial expertise in business organization, tax law, employment law, commercial real estate, financing, and intellectual property law. Our attorneys provide transactional services as well as strategic advice for almost any legal issue a business may encounter.

The world of business is always changing. Our business lawyers read the updates and changes to the law, and combine a wealth of experience and knowledge of the most recent issue and developments as they relate to obtaining solutions for the client. Also, we have an extensive network of specialists in all areas of the law to include on your team, no matter what the legal issue. We are much more than just a law firm; we are a partner in your success. We represent your best interests to build and protect your business dreams.

What sets our firm apart from other attorneys who practice in the same areas?

Dogged Tenacity-We bring to the practice of law the same dogged tenacity that the owner of the firm, Steven H. Wilhelm, used in order to achieve ranking in the top two in the world in his sporting events prior to entering into the practice of law. This same drive and determination referenced is used and applied to secure the best possible results for our clients.

Our approach is passionate on our client’s behalf, yet rational through the use of the power of positive mental attitude towards achieving the best possible result in what is often times some of the most negative factual settings that a client will have to deal with in the client’s entire lifetime.

Awareness and Corresponding Preparation – We bring into our representation an awareness from many years of experience (going on 39, presently) that there is always someone else out there smarter, faster, quicker, more articulate, better at arguing, or more dogged and/or more tenacious than you are, and we use an approach that demands the kind of preparation to meet and deal with that exact opponent on each and every assignment.

We provide a customized representation at pricing that our competition, whether they be big firms, middle size firms or small firms, cannot match.