Steve Huyghe
Name: Steve Huyghe
Firm Name: CORE International Consulting, LLC
Jurisdiction: USA - Georgia
Practice Area: International Construction Expert Witness

Telephone: +1 678.385.3344
Fax: +1 770.551.2776

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Professional Biography:

Steven Huyghe draws international endorsements for his deep expertise in the global construction sector, project advisory services, and his wide-ranging experience as a testifying expert

Mr Huyghe is the founder and chairman of CORE International Consulting, LLC, based in Atlanta, Georgia. Mr Huyghe is an internationally recognised expert and testifier with extensive experience in dispute resolution, project advisory services, contractor due diligence, construction management, and is acknowledged as a leader in assisting owners, contractors, designers and counsel with large domestic and international projects in distress or litigation. Presently, he works with contractors and owners to assess large scale construction projects and provide expert project advisory services to ensure great outcomes.

As a past Class A General Contractor, Mr Huyghe began constructing projects in the late 1960s and built oil refineries, chemical and steel plants, wastewater and water treatment facilities, and large- scale infrastructure and commercial construction projects. As a “hands-on” contractor, his time was spent onsite dealing with all construction matters, particularly labour, construction and means, and delays/disruption issues.

Mr Huyghe is actively involved with the monitoring, analysis, and facilitation of onsite settlements, litigation and management of major construction projects, including EPC contracts involving energy, refineries, gas, petrochemical, water and wastewater, industrial processing, infrastructure, tunnelling and high-rise construction. His project advisory methodology helps project owners and contractors in the pre-development stages through the entire course of construction, mitigating delays and disruptions, and managing project costs.

Highly regarded for his work in claims, dispute resolution, litigation, arbitration and expert testimony, Mr Huyghe’s ability to determine and then demonstrate the impacts of delay, disruption, lost labour productivity, and/or changes to work, and then to establish resulting damages, is well known. He has provided testimony on delay, disruption, labour productivity, construction means and methods including manpower, and resource evaluations, and in a variety of domestic and international venues. Mr Huyghe has authored several articles on construction, which can be found on

Mr. Huyghe often lectures and conducts training programs for contractors, municipalities and owners on a variety of construction management topics. He has spoken at numerous seminars and conferences and is an established author of articles published in various construction-related publications. His expert services have been required for large international construction projects in locations including Kuwait, India, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Dubai, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Guam, Puerto Rico, Lebanon, Trinidad, the U.S., Europe, Canada and the UK. He has given evidence in ICC Arbitrations, International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), Dubai International Arbitration Centre (DIAC), U.S. State and Federal Courts, U.S. Boards of Contract Appeals, and numerous mediations.

Mr. Huyghe is a practicing member of RICS and the Academy of Experts.


• Programming Expert Witness

• Quantum Expert Witness

• Labor Productivity

• Claims Preparation and Defense

• Project Management

• General Contracting Construction

• Oversight Resources Evaluations

• Dispute Resolution

• Mediator/Facilitator


• Member of Academy of Experts

• Member of Royal Institution of

• Chartered Surveyors

• Society of Construction Law (Hong Kong)

• Association of International Law

• Class A Licensed General Contractor (inactive)

• Association of General Contractors

• American Bar Association/ Associate – Member

• American Society of Cost Engineers

• American Segmental Bridge – Institute

• Construction Management – Association of America

• Mechanical Contractors – Association of America

Prior Experience

Activities generally included:

• Construction of infrastructure projects, industrial process facilities, power plants, mining operations, oil, steel, chemical, and environmental projects. He successfully rose through the ranks, working as a Draftsman, Field Layout Engineer, Project Engineer, Estimator, CPM department lead, Superintendent, Project Manager and Construction Manager.

• As President of a large construction company, he was responsible for construction operations, including estimating, programming, contract negotiations, labor negotiations, and all field operations.

• Provided leadership and direction to project teams and to clients as Chief Executive Officer and Partner of a large construction management firm.

• Achieved international recognition in the construction sector for providing Project Advisory Services and for providing expert witness services pertaining to resource allocations, labor productivity, schedule analysis, delay, disruption and impact evaluation, quantum, construction contracts, project management and project costs.

• Has analyzed, evaluated and/or testified to major international environmental, renewable energy, infrastructure, and industrial construction projects and facilitated the settlement of ongoing disputes.

• Lectured and hosted seminars, and provided training to owners, contractors, universities and clients on topics such as programming, construction management, and dispute resolution and claims mitigation.

Expert Witness/Advisor

Provision of Expert Advice or acting as Independent Expert Witness on major construction project disputes. Matters generally included establishment of extensions of time, prolongation, delay and disruption, resources and contractor due diligence, construction means and methods, quantum.

Selections of projects are provided below:

• Smithland Hydro-Electric Project, Paducah Kentucky

• Guatemala Hydro-Electric Project, Guatemala

• Route 91 Highway Connector Project, Corona CA

• Polyethylene Train 1, 2, 4 Project (Approx. contract value 250 million USD) Jubail, Saudi Arabia

• HP-LDPE Train 3 Project (Approx. contract value 200 million USD) Jubail, Saudi Arabia

• Chem 1 Chlorine and Brine Project (Approx. contract value 200 million USD) Jubail, Saudi Arabia

• Chem 2 Isocyanates ISO Project (Approx. contract value 1,000 million USD with ISS portion) Jubail, Saudi Arabia

• Chem 2 Isocyanates Shared System ISS Project (Approx. contract value 1,000 million USD with ISO portion) Jubail, Saudi Arabia

• Chem 3 Propylene Oxide Unit Project (Approx. contract value 880 million USD) Jubail, Saudi Arabia

• Chem 3 TR Project (Approx. contract value 160 million USD) Jubail, Saudi Arabia

• Main Site Tank Farm Project (Approx. contract value 200 million USD) Jubail, Saudi Arabia

• Cryogenic Tank Farm Project (Approx. contract value 150 million USD) Jubail, Saudi Arabia

• Port Tank Facilities Project (Approx. contract value 200 million USD) Jubail, Saudi Arabia

• Waste Treatment Project (Approx. contract value 95 million USD) Jubail, Saudi Arabia

• Interconnecting Facilities Project (Approx. contract value 240 million USD) Jubail, Saudi Arabia

• Offplot Pipeline Project (Approx. contract value 90 million USD) Jubail, Saudi Arabia

• SDL Buildings Project (Approx. contract value 100 million USD) Jubail, Saudi Arabia

• Steam Generation Unit Project (Approx. contract value 40 million USD) Jubail, Saudi Arabia

• Packaging Center Project (Approx. contract value 180 million USD) Jubail, Saudi Arabia

• Aromatics Project (Approx. contract value 200 million USD) Jubail, Saudi Arabia

• Utilities, Power and Infrastructure UPI Project (Approx. contract value 200 million USD) Jubail, Saudi Arabia

• Escravos Gas Project – Chevron Nigeria Limited

• Chemical Plant – Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia

• Pulp & Paper Plant – Uruguay

• Solar Field CSTPP – Renewable Energy – Mumbai, India

• Solar Field – Renewable Energy – Brisbane, Australia

• Dusit Thani Hotel – Guam

• Taikoo Hui – Hotel/Retail/Office Center – Guangzhou, China

• Gheco One – Power Plant – Rayong, Thailand

• Cirebon Coal-Fired Power Plant – Cirebon, Indonesia

• Sheko Quarry – Hong Kong

• LaI Chi Kok Elevated Highway/Viaduct – Hong Kong

• Arab Highway – Lebanon

• Jumeirah Lakes Towers Development – Dubai, UAE

• Cadereyta Refinery – Mexico

• Royal Palm Resort – Guam

• Tren Urbano Light Rail – San Juan, Puerto Rico

• Santa Ynez Oil Treatment Facility – Santa Barbara, California

• Atlantic Avenue Water Pollution Control Plant – Thunder Bay, Ontario

• MacDill AFB Co-Generation Plants (2) – Tampa, Florida

• Southeast Resource Recovery Power Plant – Long Beach, California

• NAS Steel Mill-Melting Shop – Ghent, Kentucky

• Eastside Reservoir Earthen Dam– Winchester, California

• Atlanta-Fulton County Water Treatment Plant Expansion, Phase II – Atlanta, Georgia

• Hyperion Wastewater Treatment Plant, Digesters – Los Angeles, California

• Jonathan W. Rogers Water Treatment Plant – El Paso, Texas

• Long Beach Water Treatment Plant – Long Beach, California

• Quincy Sludge Processing Facilities – Boston, Massachusetts

• S.A. Healy Water Treatment – El Paso, Texas

• T.Z. Osborne Wastewater Treatment Plant – Greensboro, North Carolina

• Upper Occoquan Sewage Project – Fairfax City, Virginia

• Disney Concert Hall – Los Angeles, California

• Guest Quarters Hotel – Santa Monica, California

• Palms Condominium – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

• Ritz Carlton Huntington Hotel – Pasadena, California

• National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Laboratory – Colorado

• Detroit Veterans Administration Medical Center – Detroit, Michigan

• Norris Cancer Research Center, As-Built – Los Angeles, California

• Slavkin Laboratory, Phase II, University of South California – Los Angeles, California

• Central Jail – Los Angeles, California

• Lynwood Regional Justice Center, Jensen – Lynwood, California

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