Name: Serafim Sotiriadis
Firm Name: Serafim Sotiriadis and Associates
Jurisdiction: Greece
Practice Area: Corporate Restructuring Law

Telephone: +30 210 3388822
Fax: +30 210 3388813

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Professional Biography:

The founder of the firm, and its inspiration, Serafim Sotiriadis, is one of Greece’s leading experts in the fields of Bankruptcy Law and Business Restructuring Law. Widely acknowledged as a trail blazer in his field, he has established himself as a one-of-a-kind personality in these areas and linked his name to some of the most important cases followed by Greek society at large. He is a regular plenary speaker at key conferences and colloquia on Business Reorganization Bank Loan Restructuring. That our firm is now one of those driving innovations in the legal sector is largely down to his efforts and expertise.

Our People

Our firm operates as an organic whole, with each section and department collaborating harmoniously with every other. Our people are extremely well-qualified and experienced lawyers, finance experts and business consultants with a profound and comprehensive knowledge of their respective fields. As a firm, we have an excellent working knowledge of English, French, Italian and Spanish. Equipped with an all-round knowledge of the law, our experts can offer sound integrated solutions and advice in legal and business issues covering Bankruptcy and Business Restructuring Law, Commercial, Civil, Corporate and Criminal Law, both in Greece and internationally.

Our Clients

Our clients include major banks, leading construction and commercial concerns, energy companies, clothing and furniture manufacturers, shipbuilders, investment groups, craft businesses and a number of investors and funds with a Greek presence. Due to the unique nature of our expertise, a number of lawyers and legal firms entrust their clients to us in cases relating to the areas in which we specialize.