Rodrigo Bermudez
Name: Rodrigo Bermudez
Firm Name: B Bermúdez & Bermúdez SC Law Offices
Jurisdiction: Bolivia
Practice Area: Intellectual Property Law

Telephone: (591) 705.75357
Fax: (591-2) 271.04.59

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Professional Biography:

Leaders in Law endorses Rodrigo Bermudez as our exclusively recommended Intellectual Property Law expert in Bolivia. If you wish to get in touch with Rodrigo, please use the contact information provided above.

He studied in the French Bolivian College, nowadays called Lycee Alicde D’orbigny. He obtained the Bolivian Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities of Bolivia, as well as the French Bachelor´s Degree, in 1988. He obtained the indicated French Bachelor’s Degree, in the Section A-2 (Philosophy – Letters – Languages), with Mention of Excellence. Likewise, during the last three years of College, he studied the intensively French Courses named: Nancy I, Nancy II and Nancy III, being approved and obtained the three, also with Mention of Excellence. With the obtained Diplomas corresponding to the said 3 Courses, Rodrigo Bermúdez Durán-Burgos, he is authorized to be Teacher of French, in any country of the world.

Attorney at Law, titled in Universidad Católica Boliviana – San Pablo in 1996, after the defense of the Thesis of Degree entitled: The Technology Transfer Through License of Know-How. Juridical Analysis. Mr. Dr. Paulo Rodrigo Bermúdez Durán-Burgos, obtained a Master on Business Law, granted by the Universidad Andina “Simón Bolívar”, after the presentation of the qualified work: The Conciliation and the Arbitration in Cases of Opposition Inside Copyrights”.

Likewise, Mr. Dr. Paulo Rodrigo Bermúdez Durán-Burgos, realized diverse courses relative to the Commercial and Business Law, inside which it is necessary to emphasize the Course of Bank Contracts (Escuela De Negocios – Los Andes” – La Paz – Bolivia). Of equal form, he was present at many Seminars and Congresses relative to his principal specialty: The Industrial Property.

From 1990, he was employed at B., Bermúdez & Bermúdez, first as legal assistant as for Industrial Property procedures and, from 1996, associate and as Industrial Property Agent. He got out, entering also in the Public Area, as Legal Adviser in the Mercantile Registry of Bolivia (1995-1996) and in the International Trade Ministry of Bolivia (1998). He is a member of the Bolivian Industrial Property Association, of the Official Spanish Chamber of Trade and Industry in Bolivia and of the French – Bolivian Chamber of Trade. Also he is a member of
the Bar Association of La Paz.


  • Spanish
  • English
  • French

Firm Description:

B., BERMÚDEZ & BERMÚDEZ – SC – LAW OFFICES, our law firm, is a Law Firm founded in La Paz – Bolivia, in May 1968, by D. Germán Bermúdez y Tórrez. Our firm, which has a strong tradition and great prestige throughout Bolivia and the region, seeks to defend just positions through the application of universal legal principles and tools, on the basis of the provision of personalised and transparent services in which the depth of analysis, intellectual honesty, innovation and academic rigour are emphasised, in order to ensure an effective and sustainable protection of the interests of customers.

The firm B., BERMÚDEZ & BERMÚDEZ – SC – LAW OFFICES, provides comprehensive legal advice to natural and legal persons, both Bolivian and foreign, with a high degree of specialization in the two branches of Intellectual Property: In Industrial Property Law (Registration of Trademarks, Patents, Industrial Designs, Utility Models, Technology Transfer Contracts, Licensing Contracts, and others) as well as in Copyright.

Likewise, our firm works and has extensive experience in commercial, civil, tax, intellectual property, labor, private international law, international commercial arbitration and administrative law in the regulated sectors of telecommunications, transport, electricity, gas and oil, mining and financial services. B., BERMÚDEZ & BERMÚDEZ – SC – LAW OFFICES, is a reference in the representation and advice of clients, in terms of the structuring, implementation and protection of their investments in Bolivia, mergers and acquisitions of companies and in the protection of their interests and rights through conflict prevention strategies, negotiations and litigation in civil, commercial, administrative, tax and constitutional matters.

Thanks to his extensive international experience, he is part of several networks of professional lawyers around the world, which allows him to offer his clients, both national and foreign, the necessary legal and logistical support to develop their businesses and protect their interests in Bolivia, as well as abroad.

We are a firm of lawyers and counselors dedicated to Private Law, with special emphasis on Industrial Property (Patents and Trademarks). The firm was founded by our Chief Law Attorney, Dr. Germán Bermúdez Tórrez. For the last 40 years, we have offered serious and efficient legal service to our foreign and national clients, both enterprises and individuals. We offer a staff of lawyers, who speak English, French and Spanish fluently. For the last 40 years, our Law Firm has successfully provided serious and prompt service. Our modern office management techniques and computer systems enable us to advise our clients and correspondents abroad, efficiently
and effectively.

Our firm maintains an important portfolio of national and international clients, to whom it provides comprehensive counseling in all matters related to Private Law, specifically on Industrial Property: Trademarks, Patents, Utility Models, Industrial Designs and Copyrights. Our Law Firm counts on young counselors with some years of experience. Also, our Law Offices utilize consultants from different disciplines, to provide the client a comprehensive and appropriate service.

Practice Areas

  • Civil Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Industrial Property (Trade Marks, Patents, Industrial Designs, Utility Models, Unfair Competition, Trade Mark Agents)
  • Copyright Law
  • Banking Law
  • Mining and Petroleum Law
  • International Private Law
  • Technology Transfer Contracts
  • Franchise Licensing
  • Constitution of Mercantile Societies.

Around the world, we have a lot of clients. Also, we have professional relationships with Law Offices – Patent Attorneys – Trademark Agents around the world.


The mission of «B., BERMÚDEZ & BERMÚDEZ – SC – LAW OFFICES”, is to provide legal counseling in a timely, personalized and comprehensive manner in order to cover its clients’ needs and global requirements in the legal area, proposing strategies and legal solutions that provide security to their businesses and protect their interests.

The firm is focused in preemptive counseling in order to avoid contingencies, resulting in the reduction of costs and minimizing the possibility of arbitration or judicial solutions.

We provide services to companies, whether commercial or not, as well as individuals in general and non-profit organizations.


The firm’s vision is to remain as a benchmark firm in the rendering of legal services, both at the local and national level, recognized by its excellence and promptness in the work provided and fulfilling the highest ethical standards of the profession.

Our Offer

  • The possibility of assisting our clients in diverse areas of the law providing a comprehensive service.
  • A team of over 20 highly specialized lawyers, with broad experience y the Bolivian legal market.
  • Serious, responsible, time-effective and personalized advise.

Our Goals

  • To offer the optimum solution to our clients, exploring different scenarious while looking after their interests and always acting under the highest ethical standards.
  • To detect eventual contintengies and mitigate them; in other words, anticipate possible problems that may result in extensive in time and expensive.