Name: Roberto Gilardino
Firm Name: Horizons Corporate Advisory
Jurisdiction: China
Practice Area: Investigations Services

Telephone: +86 21 5356 3400
Fax: +86 21 5356 3420

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Professional Biography:

Leaders in Law endorses Roberto Gilardino as our exclusively recommended Investigations Services expert in China. If you wish to get in touch with Roberto, please use the contact information provided above.

Roberto Gilardino is Regional Partner at Horizons, supervising the advisory’s activities in North Asia as well as additional countries (including Cyprus, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore).

From the Horizons lead office in the heart of Shanghai, Roberto directs the team in serving both inbound and outbound investments in China. With a multidisciplinary team, Horizons’ professionals tackle legal, accountancy and tax challenges from a local, national, and international perspective. Through this approach, cross-border investments are comprehensively safeguarded for the present and future.

Roberto and his team understand that misinterpreting cultural nuances can be significant dealbreakers in international transactions. As a result, Horizons leverages a worldwide team in over 40 jurisdictions to serve clients without language, geographical or cultural barriers. Namely, the Horizons’ team designate a local team in the country or region of investor to navigate them through unfamiliar jurisdictions. In the comfort of the client’s home country or region, Horizons delivers global results through local gateway and erase cultural and geographical obstacles.

Serving as a versatile leader, Roberto is equally able to tend to highly positioned clients and liaise with governmental entities. Unlike the traditional legal practice, Roberto and his team have positioned themselves to not just simply practice law. Professionals at Horizons understands real-world challenges, is committed to conveying legal doctrine with clarity and accessibility. In this manner, clients fully understand their options and legal tools, as well as their subsequent outcomes.

Prior to joining Horizons, Roberto served professionally in ministries, governmental bodies, and the private sector, primarily in China.

An Italian national, Roberto is fluent in Italian, English, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.

Firm Description:

The Advisory

Horizons provide global corporate solutions for investors to thrive in unfamiliar jurisdictions. Namely, our professionals formulate legal, accountancy, and finance frameworks to launch cross-border investments. From pre-investment to daily management and ultimately winding up, Horizons’ services enable businesses to operate with full compliance.

International Team

Equally, Horizons recognise that cultural differences between jurisdictions can act as significant deal-breakers in cross-border transactions. Especially under unfamiliar grounds, investors can face challenges in deciphering the varying regional, sociocultural, political, and religious differences that may be directly or indirectly at play in country-by-country legal systems and their unique processes. As a result, Horizons leverages an international team as one team to decipher cross-cultural corporate challenges and succeed in bridging the gaps for clients.

Working local to deliver global solutions

With over 40 years of experience in cross-border transactions, Horizons employ a localisation approach. Specifically, the international team spans over 40 countries and regions to serve clients in their local country or region. The local team act as the designated liaison point for clients and collaborate with the international offices to shape the correct corporate framework for their cross-border investments. Hence, Horizons works locally to deliver global solutions.